The Twisted shadows fall...((IC))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Lovely. Carnifex's primary intelligence thought to the rest. More fodder to throw around, I suppose. Not really a whole lot more that most of this lot appears to be good for. The towering Death Knight boarded the ship and began walking towards one of the larger clusters of people on the deck. Earlier, he had overheard the draenei and blood elves introducing themselves to each other: rather unusual, really, for members of the Horde and Alliance to be on friendly terms.

"So, Lineron and Reli. What brings a pair of Death Knights so far from the Plaguelands?" he rumbled in a voice like a rockslide. "Has the Ebon Blade finally taken an interest in something besides the Lich King? Or are you some of the Death Knights that have abandoned their former allegiance?" While that was going on, another shape appeared behind the newest arrival, Adrian: it was a form that he had, briefly, been acquainted with. That brief acquaintance had also been quite painful.

"Hello, Adrian Octavian." A smooth, mellifluous voice with a deeper, menacing echo spoke from behind the mercenary. A grinning pair of shadowy teeth appeared in the air, and flames rippled out from it. After a few seconds, Abaddon's form stood: a bald human male, his body composed of translucent shadow with flames shrouding the entire body. Intelligent, burnt-orange eyes looked at the marksman, while the enigmatic smile beneath it seemed to be grinning at some private joke. "It has been a while."
"The note was hazy on details. Do you know anything about what we are facing?", the ranger asked her. Peregrine’s mouth opened to reply in the negative, but before she could speak the words, the priestess in Argent Crusade garb called the group to order. What followed was a fairly predictable demonstration of power, an admonishment to work together, and finally direction to the boat that would take them further on the quest.

At the finish, as they filed through a phalanx of Vykrul towards the boat, Peregrine turned to Bryah with a wry smile, “I guess we’ll find out soon enough, although our leaders seem to be sketchy on the details.” She kept her grip on her shield tight and her hand rested easily on her sword hilt as she walked. No sense letting some Vykrul think she was an easy mark.

Eyeing the pair in Stormwind guard uniform, the human in mottled clothing drinking from a flask, and the dwarf and human woman also passing a flask back and forth, she returned her gaze to the ranger. “My hope is that we’re to infiltrate a tavern with those three” nodding towards the humans and dwarf, “and use those two to break up any brawls that occur”, indicating the guards. “I rather expect to be disappointed.” She half-chuckled at her own joke.

She continued in a more serious tone as they walked, “More to the point, “Project Midnight” has the sound of some maniac’s plan for destruction on a grand scale. Who that maniac is, what he plans, and how we stop them all seem to be open questions at the moment.”
As Bryah waited for Peregrine's response, a loud, fierce yell rang through the group, startling Bryah and scaring her animals. Hades cowered behind her legs and Blaze hovered so close to her shoulder that he could roost on it. Her eyes flew to the woman in the Argent Crusade armour. The woman's hand was inches from her weapon as if she had been reaching for it when something stopped her. Bryah followed the woman's line of sight. She was looking at a smaller elf, the height of a girl in her teens, but who held herself with the confidence of an adult who had full use of her abilities.

Bryah made a mental note to keep an eye on the small elf, wondering what other secrets she held. Her eyes widened as she saw a large male Vrykul burst through bushes and knelt before the girl. The male Vrykul was impressive in his height, but Bryah knew from bitter experience it was the female of the race that was the deadlier. She shuddered as she remembered walking through a mine where the men were used as slave labour...

The woman in the Argent armour started to speak, addressing the crowd of heroes in front of her. Bryah paid little attention to what the woman said until she introduced the girl. “… known as the Elven Witch, Krystala Dawnshadow. We've agreed to a truce to work together for this mission." Now why would there be a truce needed for this mission? Bryah's instincts honed through years of tracking fugitives, kicked in. The girl, Krystala, was definitely more than she appeared to be.

Hades edged closer to his mistress and she reached down to stroke his mane, whether giving or seeking comfort, even Bryah didn't know. Shinaria continued “You are all required to work together during this mission, for it will mean the fate of everyone in the world. I know it's hard, I know you might dislike something about another person, but suck it up. It's hard enough for me to trust this little Witch as it is." Again with the distrust. Why would an argent ally herself with her enemy?

Bryah heard the comment about not harassing the Vrykul and grinned to herself. As if she was going to do that. The Vrykul were a fierce and battle hardened race and she had no intentions of engaging one in battle. As for the alliance that were there, as long as they left her alone she had no problems in working with them.

She followed the small group, Peregrine walking beside her. “I guess we’ll find out soon enough, although our leaders seem to be sketchy on the details.” Bryah nodded, a frown on to her face. “Unfortunately, missions where I have been given very little information have turned out to be the most dangerous ones of all.” She looked at the groups pointed out by the other elf and smiled at her joke. “I suspect you're right, although infiltrating a tavern would be a lot more fun.”

Bryah continued walking, her thoughts on the dangers that would be faced on this mission. A sentiment that seemed to be echoed by her companion. “Project Midnight” has the sound of some maniac’s plan for destruction on a grand scale. Who that maniac is, what he plans, and how we stop them all seem to be open questions at the moment.”
“I don't like unanswered questions. The answers could get me killed.”

Payton listened to the woman who approached the group along with a young witch, a tall vrykul, along with a a regular man. He smirked as he eyed up the four who were on a truce. He thought to himself for a moment about being on truce. He then looked to his right, Alliance and Horde members all together again, fighting side-by-side. He smiled at the thought, tired of the war between the two factions.

He shook his head as they were headed for the boat that was going to be taking them all to the place this mission took place. He looked back at his friend, Cobe, to see what he was doing. He was just staring at the little girl that was known as a witch.


Natrix had been staring at the little girl ever since they appeared before the group of heroes. He sighed lightly, seeing his breath as he did so. He then heard about the truce the woman had with this little one. He raised a brow and shrugged at them. He thought to himself, "A truce? What would a woman and a young girl need a truce for? And why do they even need a truce?!? This is sketchy, I better keep my eyes peeled. That vrykul is also making me pretty nervous..." He saw the woman form holy chains and then turned them into spikes. He sighed, overhearing the truce he had to make with the Horde members. He was never a fan of the opposite faction, he heard a lot of bad things that were going on with them.

He shook his head and growled lightly, not liking how he had to trust them and they were expected to trust him and his fellow members of the Alliance. He thought to himself again, "So now we have to trust THEM? This is getting to be rather odd. What is with this truce? And what task is so hard for multiple heroes of both Alliance and Horde would need to work together to succeed?" He looked down as he began to walk towards the boat, stilling looking at the little witch.

"Dammit, I have a bad feelin' about this..." He spoke quietly to his close friend. He shook his head. "Better prepare yourself for living hell, during this kind of weather, maybe even colder." He spoke out to him. It was good to know that they were going into colder climates, since both guards had dressed very warm as soon as they realized they were going to Northrend. "Let's rock and roll..." They both said to each other as they walked onto the boat. Payton having more fun with this than Cobe.
Saelien smiled walking behind the cat "It's is a pleasure to meet you Master Stormfury." she showed the man a level of respect, she had no doubt he was significantly older than she, but in his shapeshift form it was near impossible to tell by just how much. As they walked one of the Blood Elves, who quickly made it clear she was in charge, called out to them and began to vaguely explain thier course of action. "Well I suppose that is our answer then, hopefully she will provide us with more information as to what this 'project Midnight' is." she said, both to herself and to Sammuroth.


Arthien inwardly groaned as the Holy Jailor began her speech Wonderful, simple wonderful we will be heading into even colder weather. "Ah, cheer up Ari, it could be worse, you be mean and have no friends." "Go away Cana, I have not the time nor the patience for you at the moment." Arhtien hissed through gritted teeth, she followed the group heading toward the ship that would be thier transport, attempting to ignore those around her, real or otherwise.
Extending his bear arm Krieg graciously took back his canteen and stored it away while he listen to this woman named Sorcies. He was a tad bit surprised that she was able to speak fluid dwarven, their was more to this woman than a hired blade or a wandering mercenary. Mastering a second language was no easy task, Krieg wondered how many other secrets this woman possessed.

Again he was surprised as swiftfeather allowed her to scratch the tender spots on his massive flank. Swiftfeather was notorious for being territorlial, having bitten a drunken sailor who had entered what swiftfeather had presumed was his personal space. As his friend cooed with pleasure Krieg responded, "I don' really have 'n opinion one way or 'nother, I have dry few grudges 'n te world lassy, I spent most of me see days in te highlands. Me and me family fought dragonmaw and drake alike, I have not been long from my home, roughly four years. As long as they do right by me and me anscestors, I shan't have no quarrel with em."

A squak of surprise from swiftfeather made Krieg snap his head to the left as a bald humanoid figure apparated onto the deck in front of the man with te flask, his very being screamed not of this world, which immediately put the wildhammer dwarf on edge. With eyes fixed on the being, and resting his right hand upping the grip of his stormhammer, Krieg concluded saying, "so Sorcies, what bring's a pass like ya, to a place like this?"
Sammuroth looked at the girl, "I am sure she will, though by the sounds of it I wonder just how much we can do on this mission, it sounds as though this mission is suited more towards Light wielders. Of course my assumption simply comes from the name, this Project Midnight, sounds like it involves some kind of dark magic, but I suppose time will tell I am sure they could always use a good fighter." He looked at Saelien with a bit of concern, "It sounds like it will be getting much colder where we are going, will you be warm enough, we don't need you becoming a popsicle on us, also you may call me Sammuroth, there is no need for the Master. Besides being called Master makes me feel old, and I don't need to feel any older than I am," he chuckled a bit at his joke. He became serious a moment later, " I hope you do not find this suggestion presumptious, but you can use me for warmth if you need to," his suggestion came out of simple concern, and nothing else.

He followed the rest of the troop onto the ship, completely ignoring the vrykul that surrounded them, he had fought plenty of them during the war with the Lich King, to him they were not a threat. His only concern at the moment was this Project Midnight, and gaining more information about it, once he boarded the boat he heard someone else voice his own question. For the first time he spoke up, "I too would like to know any information you have on what we are facing, undead, demons, something else. Whatever we are facing I assume, based on this projects name, that it will be paritcularly susceptible to the Light, however I would like to know how I need to fight. Knowing your enemy is the first step to victory, as they say," it was a simple question, but something told the cat that it would not be such a simple answer.
Cobe Natrix

The man in guard armor appoached Shinaria and bowed his head lightly. "I have a question about this whole task. Well a few questions actually...just wondered if you'd be kind enough to answer them. I share the questions of others. Like what we'd be fighting and such." He paused for a moment as he looked over at the small witch, then back to the Highbourne. "Why is it you require a truce to do this? Is it too strong for a jailor like yourself to handle? Or a better question... With the might of the Alliance or even the Horde, why does one faction require the other's trust to take on this challenge?"

Payton Lexington

Payton caught up to his friend as he sighed and shook his head. "Cobe, you need to relax a bit, at least until we get into fighting with some monsters.." He smiled lightly as he placed a hand on his friend's plated shoulder. He looked over at Shinaria, "Don't mind him, he's always the curious type is all. He can be a bit intimidating due to all the questions he asks." Cobe looked at Lexington with a somewhat irritated look. Payton chuckled at him as he pulled out a jug of mead, sipping from it. He offered it to Natrix, his friend sighed and nodded. "Maybe you're right." He spoke out, taking the jug and drinking the sweet mead down. "Still I wish for at least one of my questions to be answered.."
Bryah's ears perked up when she heard the guards asking about what they would be facing. "I would also like to know more about what we face. I understand that you may not want to scare us, but we're all seasoned heroes here. I find it is the unknown that has the most potential to be deadly."
Lineron listioned to the High Elf as she explained the ground rules of this little 'adventure'. 'Seems reasonable enough. As long as a certain SOMEONE doesn't start preaching, I guess I will be fine.'

“Let us be off, then?” Erani said to him while smiling at him.

Lineron smiled back at her. "I shall be behind you don't worry." Lineron glanced at Bonereaper who was starting to sniffle with the sadness of losing his new friend. "Bones, you shall see him again soon. Do not worry." Bonereaper looked up at his master with a small smile. "Indeed, now lets go. Daenith will probably meet us there." Lineron hopped up on to Suffering then looked at Bonereaper who was twiddling his thumbs. "No, just run behind him. Like always." He smirked at Bonereaper then motioned for Suffering to start following the group.

Apparently to get to the ship they were heading too they had to pass through a Vrykul village. He started sniffing the air and sensing there uneasiness around them. A shame what happened to them and why they turned to the Lich King. Almost brings a tear to Lineron's eye. Almost. Daenith was sitting on her horse next to the gangplank leading up to the deck of the ship and reading through her book. "Finally, you have arrived. Jaktip was getting annoying." The imp on her shoulder gave her a scowl then grumbled something in his demonic language. Daenith's face immediately grew shocked then scowled at him. "Why I ever chose to become a demonologist I will never now....and no. I doubt Fel Hunters would enjoy that." Daenith hopped off of her warhorse then started walking up towards the deck of the ship. Lineron smirked at her then opened a portal into the Shadowrealm. Suffering and Vengeance immediately trudged into it with loud whinnies. Lineron walked on to the deck of the ship and saw Daenith looking at the group members who have already arrived. "There is a demon inside of that cat." She pointed towards the druid stuck in cat form. Jaktip chuckled evilly. Lineron rolled his eyes then pulled her cowl down. She quickly tried covering her face. "What the fel was that for?!" She yelled at her brother. Lineron simply snickered evilly at her.
"Why is it that both you and Carinoth have a weird obsession with head wear? Seriously, whenever I take off his hat he gets all flustered and thinks he has somehow gone bald." He said, ending with a smirk. "Besides I think Erani and her family will be a bit more trusting if they see your face." Daenith glared at him then sighed.

"Fine. I will show my ugly undead face...." Lineron patted her back and smirked at her.
"Undeath isnt the end of the world, Daenith. It is a new chance to become a even greater person. Now then lets go make some new friends shall we?" Lineron clapped his hands happily and walked beside Erani with Daenith walking sluggishly behind him. "Now that, that is all of the way. I would like you to meet my sister, Daenith." Daenith slowly came up next to him with a bland look on her face.
"Charmed im sure." Daenith looked at Erani and slightly smirked. "Lin has told me many good things about you, girl." She looked at Rysill and even put on a slight smile. "And it is always good to be in the company of my brother's siblings." Finally, she faced Ascul and immediately scowled at him. "And you must be Ascul. Allow me to warn you, Light-wielder." She said "Light-wielder" with a sort of demonic voice. "I was told what you said to my brother and son. If you ever even THINK about doing anything like that while I am around I shall burn your very soul then give it to him to play with!" She said to Ascul with a slightly angered tone then pointed to Jaktip who was sitting on her shoulder waving and smiling evilly at him while licking his lips. Lineron visibly face palmed.
Shinaria stood there with Kal, listening to the questions asked. Scare them, of course she was not worried about scaring them, she was hoping that most of the questions would be best answered by the one who knew the most on the whole ordeal...which would be Krystala. She looked over at the Witch, watching as she levitated near the wheel, speaking to her two Vrykul 'henchmen', Krishman and Kronrick.

How could she be so care free in a time like this, where there was a chance that all of them probably wont come back alive at all. Of course, being insane probably helps with that, but it still confused the Priestess. Sighing, she returned her attention to those who were asking questions. She decided to answer the Guards first, seeing as it's probably what's on everybody's mind right now "As you can probably guess quite easily by now, the 'little girl' you see up there is not everything as she seems. She isn't a sweet little child that wants to play ball or dress up in her spare time...."

She glanced over to Kal "She's known as the Elven Witch for a a very good reason...however I think her brother her might be able to explain it better, Kal?" At the mention of his name, Kal'tharon nodded "Krystala Dawnshadow, my little sister...hundreds of years ago, I would take care of her and watch out for her. I'd beat up every bully that dared call her names because she was so...small, and fragile. She was kind and sweet hearted then, and every time we went down to the lake by our house, she'd always say how one day she and I will work together to be the greatest team that ever lived..."

He looked up at the small girl again, who was giving the order for the Vrykul to set sail, orders from Kronrick could have been heard over the rest of the bustling of the ship's crew "...then, I was told I was told I was able to study as a Paladin, and taken away from training. During those days, from what i hear, Krystala wanted to try so desperately to catch up with me, she began to study Shadow magic...and become good at it as well. Our father did not approve of us using such dark magic for such means, so he threw her into a dark room that one would keep a prisoner in weeks with little food and water."

Kal frowned, but still continued "That was the night that what I now figure was her masters that turned on the path of insanity...for weeks in that dark room with little light, all you could see was darkness...this was probably what broke her. It's not surprising either, a small child in such conditions would snap so easily...when word reached me, she had killed half of my family with help from others that were unknown. After that, she vanished, no one knew where she was or where she was hiding until two years ago when she appeared once more and started to rein havoc and chaos where she could. Mostly merc missions where powerful artifacts or treasure troves were involved."

He looked back towards the others, "What made her so terrifying and so infamously known as the fact that she hardly aged since then. She still looks like a child, however she is actually two hundred years old....and she's much powerful than back then. She then became known as the Elven Witch, the supposedly Insanity in the Form of flesh..."

Shinaria continued after he had finished "And that..." she looked back at the others "Is the reason why I called a truce between her and I. She helps me, I help her, and with the help of those who came - those being you - we can stop this 'Project Midnight' from happening." She sighs, shaking her head "I don't know how I was able to agree to it either...but when you're enemy rocks up on your door step, battered and bruised, asking for your's kind of hard not to worry on why they might be doing it in the first place."

She looked out over the horizon when the ship began to move "As for what we might be facing..."

"The answer to that question is obvious. Fear and Madness itself."

It was Krystala, which Shinaria gave a surprised look as she looked at the small Witch. She wasn't the only one; Kal'tharon looked over rather quickly at the sound of her voice. She crept up on them so quietly, it was almost...strange.

She wore a thick worg fur cloak, which she was just tieing around her neck and pulling around her "I guess it's time for me to is it?" she continued, the girl looking up at each member of the group, giving them all an insane grin.

Gizzle walked around the ship, a bottle of Kaja'Cola in his hands. He was wearing his usual tank top, and jeans, and the weather could not make him cold. When he did feel cold, he simply jumped up to his mech, which had boarded the ship as well, and simply covered the driver's view with a sheet of glass, and then turned on a mini-furnace in his machine, (It is very big). If that wasn't enough, he would work the furnace twice as fast. which made the black smoke coming out before twice as large. "Ahhh.." He said as he sat in the driver's seat, "Nothing like a good, hot day with a nice, cold drink." He sipped some of his drink then looked over onto the board, where the holy jailor was telling about the 'project', listening in.
Just before the girl could continue, her eyes flicked over to a forsaken woman threatening one of the Draenei. Knowing the rules Shinaria had set down, she nodded her head towards them, catching Shinaria's attention. The Jailor snarled "One moment..." Pushing pass a few of group members, her right hand extended out. Then, as if she were throwing something, a flash of light would have been seen and a chain appeared in her hand. With said chain, she'd lash out at the Undead woman, the chain wrapping around her wrist.

Attached to the undead's wrist, it wouldn't be removed so easily. As soon as it overlapped itself, the end of the chain would seem to attach to the overlapping chain. This is what made it a restraint, whether it be dead or alive things. "Clearly you weren't listening when I said 'No threatening other members of the group', Forsaken!" Shinaria said sternly "Consider this your final warning before I tie you to the mast for the rest of the journey. And if you presist after that....well let's just say that combining Holy magic to purify the necrotic magic that keeps you alive isn't exactly the most pleasent a few Scourge Death Knights will tell you if you meet them in the afterlife....I certainly hope it doesn't come to that. Make sure it doesn't happen again!"

With that, the chain would release and vanish, Shinaria turning and returning to her spot by the mast, nodding to Krystala to continue. Smirking, the Witch began to speak again "The two major figures we are going to be up against are my masters...Alizar and Alisa Darkwrath. They are nothing like you've face so far...and you could be the sweetest of sweet hearts..." she glanced over to Shinaria "...the coldest of Death Knights..." She glanced at Carnifex "...or the maddest of fools.." she glanced over to Lineron "...It doesn't matter. They will find a way to break you, and make you write in agony. Look over the horizon now..."

She strode past the group until she was half way to the head of the ship "You may not see anything now, but soon enough, you will see and island, this island is known as the Darkstar fact the symbol of the star and dagger was inspired by this isle, for the vrykul that lived there used it as their own crest..." she turned, pulling her cloak aside to reveal the symbol that was printed on the front of her suit "..and I still use it even today."

The Witch turned back towards the horizon, smirking "As I was saying...beside my masters, you then have one of their little groups known as the Five Sirens of Darkness. They are all female, and lead by Alisa. After that, you got the shadow mancers...and then you get down to their creations...which vary. The most common are the Shadow Jesters. If you know what a Jester is, you would know what they look like, if not, then they are what entertains your kings and your people...only these are deadly."

She raised her hands to pull off her gloves, where she'd begin to inspect her nails "They are made of wood, and a combination of shadow magic so they can take a decent number of hits. However, what they lack in durability, they make up with speed..they are faster than any elf that I've seen, and they use long blades enchanted with shadow. Made to bypass most enchants and armor." She glanced back at Carnifex "You'd probably last a while against them, but don't think you're invincible either..."

Returning her gaze to the horizon, Krystala frowned a little "They also seemed to have made a new kind of soldier as well...what they do, I've got no clue as of yet, all I can say is that when they hit, they hit hard, and they intend to hurt you very bad in one single for Project Midnight, so far all I can tell is it's that it's large, enough to stand as tall as Icecrown Citadel, or perhaps a bit bigger. Either way, it's something to consider...but be warned, once we reach this island...everything you knew, everything you've wont matter. It's do or die, live or be killed. The terrain is harsh and cruel, and is filled with the old and very angry on your guard constantly...both physically and mentally."

She'd remain silent for a few moments, letting what she said sink in before whirling around "Now after some decent convincing, the vrykul will make you dinner. They are used to eating a lot of food, and parts of an animal you wouldn't even consider even thinking of'd be surprise how NICE they actually are..I'll let your imagination conjure up the rest.." with that, she walked past the group and into a path way that led to the chambers below.

Shinaria watched her go, leaning over to Kal to whisper "What do you think so far?.."

Kal frowned "So far she seems serious...however I'd keep an eye on her either way."

Sorcies dropped her hand from Swiftfeather’s flank, the small hairs on the back of her neck stood up on end setting off alarms in her head. She glanced over at the large Deathknight who spoke, there was something about him didn’t feel right but she couldn’t put a finger on it. I’m sure Ravenholdt would be interested in this one she thought.

"so Sorcies, what bring's a pass like ya, to a place like this?"

She turned to Krieg with a smile; one thing she always liked about the Wildhammers was they could be trusted to speak their minds. “I suppose you could say I’m here out of curiosity, not my own mind you I’ve had more than my share of Northrend to last a lifetime.”
Continuing on “I just happened to be….. between jobs so to speak when I was contracted by a…. former employer who has a…. vested interest in this expedition.”

"I was told what you said to my brother and son. If you ever even THINK about doing anything like that while I am around I shall burn your very soul then give it to him to play with!"

Sorcies head snapped around when she heard the angry tone, her hands instinctively dropping to her daggers. Before she realized it she had already halfway drawn them, with a soft sigh she gently pushed them back into their sheathes as Shinaria deals with the problem. To nobody in particular “And so it begins before the boat even leaves the dock”.
Peregrine's ears twitched to the angry tone between the undead woman and the draenei. She turned to face the argument and watched as it was quickly settled by Shinaria. A human woman started to go for her weapons but stopped herself, muttering, "And so it begins before the boat even leaves the dock".

Peregrine laughed a mirthless laugh and replied, "You expected more? Perhaps we should all hold hands and dance a May festival dance, that will surely improve the spirit". Then, she continued more quietly, "My hope is that the stupid and incompetent can kill themselves off quickly without taking any of more reasonable or useful folk with them."

She turned and listened intently as the Argent Priestess and Elven Witch described what awaited them. If the cold, Vykrul, and infighting had put her in a bad mood, the tale of horrors that awaited them did not improve it. Bryah was right, they needed as much information as they could get.

After the speech was done and the witch on her way to the hold, Peregrine made her way to the Blood Knight, Kal'tharon. She leaned against the rail, with her back to the wind.

"Any word on when your truce with the witch ends?", eyeing the departing "girl". "I would hate to save the world and end up fried to a crisp by an ally of convenience." She smiled grimly, "You know what they say, there are old sellswords, and bold sellswords. But there are few old, bold sellswords.", her hand tracing a faint scar on her neck, as if by habit.
"So, Lineron and Reli. What brings a pair of Death Knights so far from the Plaguelands?" he rumbled in a voice like a rockslide. "Has the Ebon Blade finally taken an interest in something besides the Lich King? Or are you some of the Death Knights that have abandoned their former allegiance?"
Rysill sighed at being called ‘Reli’ by anyone other than Erani and Ascul, which she hated enough as it were. She didn’t correct him however. Judging by his composure, he was probably a much higher rank than she and she had no desire to be reminded of that much. “I am here by request of my idiot cousin to ensure she does not get herself killed on this little ‘adventure’ of hers.”

Erani sighed, being used to by now being addressed as such by Rysill. “Hello,” she said to the death knight. “I am her idiot cousin.”
Rysill was already growing irritable from being in such a crowded area. She loathed crowded places, especially within the company of Light-wielders. She swung her leg over and hopped off her deathcharger, motioning for Erani to get off. Black and purple energy began to materialize in her palm as she summoned a portal for Nightmare to return to the world of shadow until Rysill needed her again. She looked up only when an undead woman approached them and introduced herself. Erani might have been comfortable around the undead after being around Rysill for so long, but she still had a long and unpleasant history with demons. Just as most draenei did. She warily eyed the imp at Daenith’s shoulder, but did not want to be rude seeing as she was Lineron’s sister. She forced herself to resist the urge to snatch the creature off her shoulder and gut it alive. That would be most…unseemly. Rysill bowed her head slightly in greeting to the Forsaken woman when she addressed her, however did not speak a word. She was not one for conversation.
Then she turned to Ascul.

“I was told what you said to my brother and son. If you ever even THINK about doing anything like that while I am around I shall burn your very soul then give it to him to play with!"
Krista flew to Ascul’s side and let out an audible hissing sound at the imp. She might have been a hatchling, but she was still almost twice his size. Ascul stiffened and said, “Is that so? Vell, jou are velcome to try.” His Holy aura grew thick at that moment while he prepared his Light magic.
Erani stepped between them and said, “Ah, no gutting of our siblings, yes? I am sorry for vhat Ascul said however he is still my brother and I love him very much,... alive.”

Erani almost let out an audible sigh of relief when the Holy Jailor stepped in and ended their little spat with a warning. Ascul narrowed his eyes and turned away from the fel-wielder. He had had enough of this.
Erani watched him leave and said, “…I vill go vith him.”
Rysill nodded as Erani left with her brother. She cast her usual dull gaze at Daenith and spoke. “Please do not take this personally, but should anything happen between you and Ascul, Erani will step in. Should Erani step in I will have to as well. You would not like to get me involved. I am very… protective of that little idiot. With that in mind, I do hope we can set aside our differences for now. It was a pleasure, Miss Daenith.” With a quick bow, Rysill turned and left to join her kin.
Adrian sat quietly. Listening to the waves, he pulled his goggles down from his forehead and around his neck. Gently nursing his flask now, he listened to the various conversations, bickerings and the like. He had been around groups like this for too long to not know that it was a volatile combination. Sooner or later a fight would happen. People were too stubborn for it.

There were several death knights in this group. Maybe they knew his brother! He'd have to ask them about it during this trip. He liked talking about his older, deader brother. He smirked to himself a bit, when a form congregated in front of him. Looking up at this... apparition? He was struck with curiosity, rather than fear.

It spoke to him, knowing his name. "Hi there!" he said to the... ghost? His eyes shifted around, thinking a moment. Seeing this thing brought a tinge of painful memory up. But he couldn't place why. "Why do you seem so painfully familiar," he asked "My brain hurts now." he ended. Stroking his chin in a manner he felt to be classy, he raised a questioning eyebrow to the burning man.

The leadership of this expedition began speaking. Answering questions about the mission, their enemy, and what to expect. He grinned. He loved missions! He was unsure how he felt about the prospect of these mental trials, knowing his situation. He pursed his lips and took another drink of his flask. He'd cross that bridge when he got to it.
Catastrokon observed the young appearing elf, looking up to the horizon as she indicated. An island far north of Northrend proper. If her former masters were making a massive construct, it warrented destruction. Even though it would be a logistical nightmare, once it hit mainland, it had a lot to destroy. Well, they were going put a stop to it. Snatching Tombclimber from the rigging, he headed down into the hold.

Sitting on a barrel, he set the geist on the floor by his hooves, his sword by his side. He cared little for the disputes and chatter on the deck, it would only serve to annoy him and he wanted his focus intact. Tombclimber began to grumble, something about being hungry. The death knight smirked, knowing there would be plenty to for him to feast on later. His gaze settled on the vykrul, watching them work.

"Why do you remain in Northrend? In the years that followed the end of the Lich King, there has been much to fight. Enemies you could only dream of. Why remain here?"


Rhaluzzian watched, as he was prone to. Watch and remember. He needed know who to avoid and who to prod. He listened to the narrative the little girl gave, wondering how much of it was flair and how much of it was half truths. He was suspicious of her, this Witch. Fighting her masters? Not so simple.

But for now, she could keep her half truths. He slid off the rail and quietly approached the Holy Jailor, cautious manner letting him move silently until he cleared his throat.

"Before we get too busy with our bloody business, shouldn't we at least establish a level of trust with you little friend? There's a lot of reservations, I feel. The Argent Crusade took precautions with the warlocks, at first."

The cooling air did not bother him much now, the fel corruption and demon blood pumping in his veins keeping him warm. But that wouldn't help him much once they got to the destination. Hard to keep warm with a traitor's dagger in your back.
Bryah stood listening to Kal explain a little of Krystala's background and couldn't help feeling a twinge of sympathy for him. To lose half his family to his sister... Get a grip, you're here to do a job. Now is not the time to get maudlin.

She paid little attention to the petty argument, surprised that one hadn't started earlier but certain that Shinaria would step in. There was no way that such a challenge to the rules laid down earlier could be tolerated. Bryah struggled to suppress a smirk at the forsaken women's reaction to being used as practical demonstration.

Krystala continued, outlining the dangers that they would face. It sounded … difficult, perhaps almost impossible. It would take everyone pulling together for them to even have a chance at succeeding. That was going to be the harder task. The group was made up of horde and alliance, light wielders, shadow magic users and death knights, there was almost as many philosophies and ideas on battle as there were people on the boat. Bringing all the separate parts together to form a cohesive whole was not going to be an easy task and Bryah expected a lot more infighting before the group became a team.

Bryah moved to the side of the boat and turned to face the sea. By instinct, Hades took up a position behind her, facing the people on the deck, watching their every move. Blaze hovered near her shoulder, also facing the people. She let her thoughts drift along various lines, searching for a strategy that she could use when the time came.

She sighed. Her older sister would say she was crazy for going into a situation that was so different to anything she had faced before. Nothing in Bryah's life had prepared her for anything like this. She was a scout, a tracker, and although she was a decent marksman, her skills were better suited to situations where she could ambush her target and take them by surprise.

There was almost no chance that she could use those skills in this case. Although Krystala didn't describe the building, Bryah knew that it was likely to be a fortress of some type, possibly with parts of it underground. Her masters would either be at the very top, or at the very bottom of the fortress, meaning they would have to fight their way through to them. The building was likely to have narrow hallways that could serve as bottlenecks, slowing down any attackers and possibly even making it harder for any captives to escape. There would also be few, if any blind spots, so there would be little to no chance of setting up an ambush.

Of course this is all speculation, I could be completely off base. Gah! I should stop this. There's no sense in doing their job for them. Bryah took a few deep breaths of the sea air and deliberately forced her thoughts along other lines. She thought of Eversong Woods, it's beauty and sunshine, and so very far away from the land of ice and snow.
Sammuroth listened to Kal'tharon's explanation, about Krystala, her story also brought back painful memories for him, he had grown up much like Krystala, the only difference was the bullies in his life were his own mother, father, and brother. The only member of his family who had shown him love, and kindness had been his sister Moriana, after the Burning Legion came, Sammuroth had done what he felt was in the best interest of his people. To keep his family from aiding Azshara, he had taken his families lives, including his sister's this sin had followed him ever since. The guilt of that sin had almost broken his mind, after the war ended, it was only the druidic calling that had saved him from perhaps becoming like Krystala. The druid continued to listen to all explanations, including Krystala's, and it was after her explanation that another prescence made itself known.

"What a foolish opinion, obviously this little Witch has never been under the command of Archimonde, and Kil'Jaden, nothing her "masters" can do to us can compare to their punishments, and torture."

The druid sighed, It would be unwise to underestimate an enemies power, isn't that what caused your masters to be defeated.

The Voice chuckled, " Perhaps, but to us our defeat on Azeroth was a minor setback, with the dragons gone, how could you mortals possibly hope to combat us when we return."

Sammuroth pushed the Voice away, we will just have to see, the druid then turned to Saelien, "Well it sounds like this will be quite dangerous, though after hearing her story I pity Krystala Dawnshadow. One wrong misstep, and I could have been just like her, forgive me I seem to have gone off rambling again, I am sure you don't want to hear an old druid's tales about his life."

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