The Twisted shadows fall...((IC))

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The chain of light wrapped around Daenith's hand and she stifled a scream of pain. "You impudent little...." She could hardly even hear what the priest said to her because of the pain. Well besides calling her a Forsaken, which just made her start seething with rage. When it finally dissipated her eyes glowed green with fel energy. "I wi-" Daenith's mouth was immediately covered with her brothers hand.
"YES! Yes, my sister apologizes for her idiotic threats! There is no need for anymore of your chains, Crusader. I shall be keep a closer eye on her and make sure nothing else shall happen." Daenith wretched his hand away from her mouth then glared at her.
"A mother must always protect her children. And for the record, Holy Jailor." Daenith got up and pulled her cowl over her head. "I. Am. Not. Forsaken." Jaktip stuck his tongue out and the High Elf then Daenith turned away and sat down away from everybody else. Lineron rubbed his eyes in annoyance and listioned to there explanation of what will be on there destination.

'He can turn the maddest of fools even madder? If he wasn't so obviously evil I woul- Oh, who am I kidding. I would probably still make him into a puss-fill barely alive corpse that just won't die.' Then he started thinking about those Five Sirens of Darkness. 'Hmmm....could they be the screams I have been looking for? Meh, its more of a side project really. Less annoyance if we just kill them. There are plenty of screams out there anyway....' Lineron chuckled then looked around for his sister. She was sitting near the back of the ship sulking in self pity. Again. "Fel damn it...." He muttered then went to go walk next to her. He slid down and sat next to her with his arms crossed and a stern expression on his face while looking at the rest of the crew.

"You know of the things I missed most about being alive is having the ability to cry. Now its just....anger." Lineron sighed then put his arm around her shoulder.
"This isnt about you being undead. This is about arrogant fools who believe that the Light is the best path and anyone who doesn't follow them shouldn't be trusted. You can't blame them really. The Scourge and Burning Legion are prime examples of the darker forms of magic being misused. We just have to prove to...basically everyone that fel, unholy, and shadow magic are not to be feared. But embraced, like any other magic. And threatening them will not help the process. But in my book its okay to insult them as much as you can. Like back in Acherus. I found that Twilight Cultist hiding in a church, pretending to be a acolyte in training, over in Alliance territory. So when I went to go take him they defended him and kept on calling me Horde scum and a undead monstrosity. I told the guards to go through his rooms and they decided to humor me. Guess what they found?" Daenith raised a eyebrow to her brother.

"They found a pray book to the Old Gods written by Cho'Gall. They immediately let me go and allowed me to take the Twilight mutt back to Acherus. Before I left I discovered that the father running the church turned out to be the cultists father and thought he could 'redeem' his son for his sins." Lineron chuckled at the memory. "Damn fool....the suffering the Twilight Hammer have inflicted upon the world is irredeemable. Now its my job to make the cultists who are left suffer for a extremely long period of time. Hell, I even got a nickname back in Acherus." Daenith smirked at her brother's story.
"I suppose I can try and find amusement in hypocrites. But if anyone dares insult either you or Carinoth...." Her face grew stern as she looked at her brother. "The Twisting Nether hath no fury like a mother scorned." Lineron smiled insanely at her then squeezed her. Her face immediately turned slightly confused in thought. "What?" She raised her hand and put up two fingers.
"Two things. First, what was your nickname given to you? And second, what is with you and that Draenei?" Lineron quickly put on his best poker face after she asked the second question.
"Ah, well the name given to me was Lord Torture. Seeing as how some of my brothers and sisters have 'regal' sounding names, I found it appropriate. As for Erani....I like her tail. Lets just leave it at that." Daenith and Jaktip both snickered evilly then she patted his head.
"My little brother is having his second love." Lineron turned himself slowly towards her with a shocked face.
"Second love?" Daenith put a finger on her lips and snickered along with Jaktip.
"It is nothing brother. Simply foreshadowing future events." Lineron had a extremely confused face.


"Mommy?" Bonereaper said while sitting next too his master.

Kal turned his head at the sound of the woman, otherwise known as Peregrine, speaking to him. He'd really wish he had a more exact answer to her question, however, for he himself wasn't sure how long this 'truce' was going to last. For all he knew, Krystala would probably kill them all in front of her masters to try and redeem himself..but then again, she seemed serious about the whole mission. That both put him on edge, and a bit of comfort as well. At least she was on their side...

"If I could answer that question with out the fact that I myself don't know...then I would. However I believe the truce would end once the mission is over..." he narrowed his eyes as he too watched the 'girl' leave "...who knows...we even might have to kill her once we reach back to the castle again. But for now, I'd rather keep my eye on her and hope she doesn't screw us over at the last minute."

He glanced at the woman, eyeing her form up and down "So how did one like you get dragged into all of this? Impressive women like yourself obviously must have something else to do besides come here for what could be their last few moments of their life. Then again...probably nothing else that really beats that now that I think about it." He shrugs "I guess what I'm trying to say is why did you choose to come help my corrupted little sister?"


"They are well aware of what's happening in the outside world, Death Knight..." Krystala would say, levitating near a map with her right hand woman, Krishma "..they have me to thank for that. However, they do not seek such things, for they do not care. Northrend is their home, there is no changing that fact, and they have pledged their loyalty to me....mind you, not with out some decent proof of strength."

She looked up, grinning widely at the Draenei man "'s their ancestral leave it would be a shame to them. Even with the Lich King dead, there is still plenty game and entertainment here in Northrend that can be dealt with. And if do desire to go visit other lands, some come with me." It was then Krishma spoke, her eyes never moving from the map "With Krystala's help, we accomplished many things. For that, we have a good amount of faith in the Witch Child.." she glanced past the Draenei, two vrykul hauling up a large pot of soup for those above. She nodded "Regardless of you being a Death Knight...dinner is ready, though I don't know how much it'd do for you seeing as you're dead..."

"I've made sure the Vrykul are fair when they allow the others to eat. In exchange you and the rest don't cause a ruckus." Krystala said, her eyes returning to the map "I hope you're ready for what is to come, Death Knight....this Island will be a test for everyone...there is no one on this ship that is safe from the horrors that lay ahead...not even myself."


Shinaria glanced around the ship, happy to see that everyone was at least no arguing as she had advised them not to. Despite the last little fall out, everything seemed normal.

The sudden presence of fel finally reached her however as she turned to listen to a Sin'dorei man coming to speak with her. Yea, it was obvious he was a warlock, given the fact that fel energies radiated off him worse than one standing next to a bin full of rotten food. "We still do take precautions with Warlocks, Sin'dorei, nothing changes." she said, her voice stern but calm "As for my little 'friend'....well you're free to try, however she's probably busy with the female vrykul down there, so best not to do it now."

As she spoke, the two vrykul brought out the large pot of soup and placed it down in an area for those who might be hungry to come eat. Sadly their bowls were large, so some might have difficulty eating. However, they did have decent sized spoons to eat with. They then went back below, where they would prepare food for the rest of the vrykul on board.

Shinaria didn't have to say that food was ready, she'd figure the others would know exactly what the large pot meant. Turning her attention to the horizon, she spoke "Either way, get's gonna be a long ride." Walking away from the Death Knight, she decided to go talk with the Draenei the undead woman was threatening earlier. "Are you all well?" she'd ask as she approached them.
The wind whipped the hood of her cloak as the Blood Knight answered her question. "If I could answer that question with out the fact that I myself don't know...then I would. However I believe the truce would end once the mission is over..." his eyes narrowed as he watched his sister leave, "...who knows...we even might have to kill her once we reach back to the castle again. But for now, I'd rather keep my eye on her and hope she doesn't screw us over at the last minute."

He regarded her for a moment, then asked a question of his own, "I guess what I'm trying to say is why did you choose to come help my corrupted little sister?"

She nodded, "A fair question. There are few organizations that are worthy of trust, in my eyes anyway. When the Argent Crusade finds it important enough to recruit whomever they can from all the capital cities of the Horde and Alliance...", she let her eyes trail over the assorted group, humans and draenei, blood elves, and the goblin and dwarf, "Well, that speaks of dire need. I go where I am needed, even if it's some Light-forsaken frozen tundra." Peregrine tugged at the hood of her cloak, pulling it back into position over her ears and then continued speaking, "Besides, I've seen plenty of danger before, I had no intention of dying then and certainly none today." The corner of her lip turned upward in a trace of a smile.
Catastrokon digested the information, curious just what she did to earn an entire vykrul population's trust. He also knew from recent worldly matters, however, hiding on their little island would only make them an easy target. But, that was their choice, hardheaded as it may be. The food came out and he restrained his geist yet again, giving his sword to geist. Taking up a bowl, he waited for it to be filled before retreating to his seat.

"Horrors worse than your soul being severed from you mortal form, twisted and tortured, then brainwashed and thrust back into your body. Further more, coming out of that loyal fog, realizing all the things any other man would have wanted, is forever out of your grasp. I am tormented every day, I greatly doubt they can take anything else from me," the large draenei said, breaking up some of the large vegetables with the spoon to eat them a little easier.


Well, another Quel'dorei who held themselves higher and mightier than her kin. That was nothing new. He could lecture her on what he accomplished, his work with the Argent Dawn and Crusade, the trust of some many beings their greater. But no, he would not gratify such arrogance. People so rarely changed.

"And yet the Argent Crusade and Highlord Fordring came to trust me. But I was never in the employ of madmen," Rhaluzzian said, stepping past the Jailor and walking down into the hold for the meal. After recieving his cumbersome bowl of questionable food, he found a high perch from which to watch. He watched the girl, this Elven Witch. What could she be doing exactly, collecting a team from all over Azeroth sounded alot like other tactics he had nearly ran afoul of.

"So, Witch," he said, his tone soft, "why is it you turn on your masters? What makes you think they won't crush you the moment they return? What didn't they teach you so they could always dispose of you?"
Ascul leaned forward against the ship as he listed to the crashing of waves beneath the deck and focused on the rise and fall of the ship. His little sister was next to him in a matter of moments. He gave her a questioning look. She spoke to him in Draenic “I thought you could use some company, brother. I didn’t think you would be given such a hard time so early in the trip.”

Ascul smiled and chuckled a bit. “Do not worry, little sister. This would not be the first time our people have had their faith challenged, nor would it be the last. Such is the burden of a priest. Our mission is to spread the word of the Light to all who will listen… and all who will not.”

Erani smiled at him. Her brother was the strongest person she knew. And the kindest. She only wished he, and all of their kind, didn’t have such a narrow perspective of the world. “Ascul,” she said. “If… if you were killed and resurrected as one of the undead… What would you do?”

He glanced at his sister and frowned sadly. “I would end myself without a second thought, sister.”

“And what of Reli?” she asked him. “Do you think she should be destroyed?”

Ascul’s gaze became even sadder. Memories of the bubbly child he once looked after crossed his mind.
“Erani… death is… sacred. It is a blessing. It is then that our soul is finally allowed to rest after a lifetime of toil. To be torn from such bliss… to be forced into a body which is no longer your own…. to walk among the living in a world where you no longer belong...” He shook his head at the thought. “Those victim to such a horrific fate cannot possibly be at peace with themselves. I fear that Reli is tortured everyday by this dreaded curse of undeath. I do not want to see her destroyed, Erani. I only want her to be laid to rest as she should have been long ago.... I want to see her happy.”

Rysill approached them just in time to listen to Ascul speak with Erani. She watched them for a few moments from a short distance, not making herself known. Gutripper peered up at her noticing the solemn look on her face. “Misstresss?” he asked. She was silent for a few moments, then said, “Gut, why don’t you go greet Lineron’s ghoul for now?” The geist watched her carefully for a few moments, then left to do as his mistress commanded, approaching the ghoul and speaking in his broken common. “Me… Gut…ripper,” he would say.
Rysill turned and left to a lonely corner of the ship, deep in her thoughts. Not for the first time, she wished her memories had remained a blur.


“Are you all well?"

Ascul and Erani glanced up when they were addressed by Shinaria. Ascul nodded, “Yes, miss. Ve are. It vas only a little spat.”

Erani spoke. “It’s to be expected given the circumstances, I suppose,” she said, noting the combination of Light, fel, and Shadow, wielders on board.
Sorcies moved to stand at one side of the vessel and took a whet stone out of her pack. With slow methodical movements she honed the edges of both daggers plus her throwing knives to a razor's edge. She replaced the stone in her pack and went thru several vials checking their contents then applying various poisons to the daggers before returning her blades to their sheathes.

When the two vyrkul set the large pot on deck she could smell the hot soup from where she sat. Glancing at the rather large bowls she dug into her pack and found a small tin pan along with some cutlery. Raising up she walks over to the pot and serves herself some soup, as she turns to return to her seat she says "Might as well get it while it's hot, in this cold it won't stay hot long".
The smell of food wafted over the deck, interrupting Bryah's thoughts of home. It reminded her of how hungry she was. Hades nudged her leg then looked a the table where everyone was eating. Bryah smiled and approached the table, taking a seat and helping herself to two bowls of soup. One bowl remained in front of her while the other was placed on a chair beside her. She unclipped Blaze's leash and indicated the sea beside the boat. “Go fishing.”

The dragonhawk chirped happily, eager to stretch his wings and flew over the side of the boat, playing in the thermals for a while before diving into the water and coming up with a large fish in his mouth. Bryah whistled sharply and he returned to the boat, handing her the fish. She ruffled his feathers for a moment, praising him and telling him what a good boy he was.

Blaze cooed happily while he waited for his mistress to give the order to eat. She clipped his leash on again, then indicated to Hades that the bowl on the chair was for him. Bryah tossed the dragonhawk the fish. “Okay boys. Eat.” The animals wolfed down their food. Only after her animals had started to eat did Bryah pick up her own spoon.
Cobe Natrix

Cobe was sitting on a box that didn't look needed for the ship. He was reading a book quietly to himself as the others got prompt for the food. He wasn't hungry, and he sure didn't have the patience of eating at the same table full of mostly vrykul and other odd 'heroes'. He shook his head as he smelled soup, not really worrying about it. He continued reading his book titled, "The War of Many Upsets". He didn't really worry about the undead getting her hand shackled or even the witch who was onboard with the rest of them.

He sighed, putting his mark on the page he left off on. He closed his book and closed his eyes. He needed a nap, it was a long day in Stormwind, as well as what is going on now. He thought to himself, "I bet we all are gonna be restless if we don't sleep now. If these threats are as bad as these people say they are, they are gonna hold back so we can rest." He looked over where Payton was and he called him over.

Payton Lexington

Payton walked over to his friend, looking down at his seated friend. "What's up, Cobe?" He cracked his neck lightly. His friend speaking out, "You need to get some rest soon, I think it'd be best if you ate and then went to sleep for awhile. If these threats are as bad as these people say they are.." He cut off chuckling a bit. "...well, then they are gonna give us a break to eat, drink, or sleep."

Payton thought for a moment and nodded. " want any? I can bring some soup over to you if you wish.." Cobe shook his head, "I am fine.." He was cut short, "Oh come on, you didn't eat need food to build up your strength." Cobe sighed, looking at his friend and nodded. "Very well, get me a bowl of it." Payton ran off to the pot of soup.

Cobe sighed, rubbing his eyes some and looking over at the 'heroes' who came to the call of battle. He thought to himself as he looked to see many death knights, they unsettled him a bit, the crime rate in Stormwind was 78% involved with death knights. He shook his head, shaking it off.
Krieg listened intently as their leaders explained in great detail what they would be facing. He knew too well the dangers of shadow magic. The dragon maw that infested his homeland too great pride In the dark arts. Pain, fear, sacrilege, those are what the practitioners of this magic spread forth before them, he would not let them succeed.

As the hours stretched on, The dwarven warrior grew restless. He yearned to ride the air currents of this frigid tundra. He had been blessed with the capacity for flight. He knew he was privileged in this respect, and he never liked to let it go to waste. Grumbling to himself Krieg began to scratch his companion again. He knew the Swiftfeather felt the exact same way.

Finishing up his canteen, Krieg heard the call for food and gladly obliged. Heeding the words of sorcies, Krieg sped his way towards the large pots. Filling up two large bowls, Krieg set the bowl down in front of swiftfeather and the pair began devouring the stew. It was strange yet delicious, the stew was steeped heavily in strange spices that crudely accented large chunks of meat, too make a foreign but delicious meal.

The food, while satisfying, did not sate the dwarfs longing for the air. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore, swinging his leg over Swiftfeather, The two rose as one of the ship’s deck and rocketed through the skis. The frigid blast of air caused Krieg to break out in to joyess laughter and he and swiftfeather sped through the clouds. The thrill of flight however did not overcome him, he knew he had to keep the ship in sight and so Krieg made sure to keep one eye on the ship, and one eye on the skies
Daenith and Lineron were laughing at each others stories as they caught up when Gutripper introduced himself too Bonereaper. Bonereaper looked at his master and smiled. Lineron looked stood up and patted the giest on the head. "Where is your master, little giest?" Lineron looked too where Gutripper came from and saw Rysill walking away by herself. Lineron bent over and sniffed the air. "I smell" He stood straight up and put his hands on his hips. "Emotional issues." He sniffed the air again. "And food, dinner is ready Dae." Daenith looked up to her brother with a bland look. Then she looked to the sky and spotted a flying seabird flying around the mast and shot a miniature shadow bolt at it from her finger. The shadow bolt hit and it came crashing down on to the deck of the ship. Daenith made a clicking sound with her tongue and Jaktip went and picked up the bird's corpse then dropped it next to her. She picked the corpse up then bite a chunk of flesh out of it and stared blandly at her brother again.

"If there is one thing I like about undeath, is that I can do this and not seem as much of a freak." She bit off another chunk of bird flesh while Lineron proudly smiled at her.
"See? Undeath isnt so bad. Now, I am going to go be a brother to one of my other siblings. Try not to threaten any more Light wielders, okay sis?" Daenith rolled her eyes at him then continued eating her bird. Lineron smiled down at Bonereaper. "Its okay if you and Gutripper play. Or something. just don't go and mess with people. Already have enough people annoyed with us." Bonereaper nodded happily then bear hugged his new friend Gutripper. Ah, undead relationships. They are just so fun too look at. Lineron shook his head then walked off to go see Rysill.

Daenith pulled out her book and started skimming along the pages for a few minutes before she came to a realization. "By all the shadows beneath this planet I am bored beyond any comprehension." She stated then slammed her book shut and tossed it over the side of the ship. "Didn't even help me come to terms with undeath anyway. Only numbed the nuisance." She grabbed her staff and stood back up and looked around the ship. 'Well there are plenty of people on the ship. Though with my luck, I will probably just piss them off.' Daenith thought as she crossed her arms. She shrugged when she finally remembered a idea. "Might as well draw." She sat back down then pulled out a journal from her bag and a pen. She tapped the pen on her chin until she remembered that she hasn't done anything for Carinoth sense she died. 'Maybe him in his shadow form? He does enjoy being in his shadow form.' She smirked then started sketching out her son with Jaktip sitting on her shoulder and staring at the cat with a evil smirk.

'Wonder how far along the druid is to losing the fight with him?' He chuckled darkly then waved slightly at the cat. Daenith noticed the movement of her imp and looked to wear he was looking. She glared at her imp then grabbed it by the head and started squeezing it until it was crushed and its body evaporated into a green cloud of smoke.
'Three, two, and one.' Daenith pointed her finger at the ground and her imp came back into existence. Jaktip slouched in embarrassment and climbed back on to Daenith's shoulder as she continued sketching.

Lineron came upon Rysill by herself obviously in deep thought. 'Hmm....deep thinker.' Lineron shrugged then placed a hand on her shoulder. "What seems to be troubling you ,sister?"
"No, you are fine Mast...I mean Sammuroth." Saelien began, catching herself, she was about to continue before her stomach growled loudly, she grinned sheepishly "I'm sorry, it seems in my haste I forgot to eat this morning." as if on cue a large pot of soup was brought out for the travelers. "Shall I get us something to eat?" she asked, not waiting for a response she walked off quickly towards the wonderful aroma of the soup.

She returned shortly with two steaming bowls, she sat down and set a bowl next to the cat "If you'd like to come out of your shapeshift form I have some silverware in my pack. Or do you prefer to remain as you are?" she asked the druid as she rummaged in her pack and pulled out two spoons.


The explanation provided by the 'Elven Witch' irritated Arthien "So we are to sail into the unknown and expect to stop this doomsday device without knowing what it even does or what might be protecting it....lovely." She muttered under he breath "Oh cheer up Ari, it could be fun." "Unlikely, I can sense a great amount of darkness out there." this new voice accompanying Cana's surprised Arthien she turned to see another High Elf, dressed in shining paladin armor, like Cana she had long red hair tied into a long braid hanging over her shoulder. "Seranien...why are you here? Is my being tortured by Cana's constant comments enough?" the paladin turned to her "You know perfectly well why I'm here sister, whatever lies on that island I can assure you will not aid you in your self-destructive quest for power." "And you know this how." Arthien spat "Begone, both of you I have enough warranting my concern at the moment."

With that she turned away from them, sitting down in a cross-legged position she closed her eyes and began to slow her breathing, the noise around her slowly died away as she meditated, three small verdant spheres floated out of her pack and began to slowly circle her, rising and falling slightly with her breath.
Erani smelled food and glanced up to see soup being served. She smiled and looked to her brother. “Let us get something to eat, yes?” Looked back to see the food his sister was referring to and nodded. “That sounds good,” he said to her. “Excuse us,” he said to Shinaria. “Thank you for jour concern.” With a quick, respectful, bow of his head, Ascul called Krista to his side followed his sister. Krista chimed and happily followed her master. He paused when he saw Rysill in a lone corner of the ship. He looked to his sister. “Reli seems upset,” he said in Draenic

Erani frowned and glanced up, watching Rysill with a concerned look. She was brooding again, as usual. She really needed to cheer up. “I will go to her. Will you come with me?” Ascul shook his head. “Reli and I never seem to get along well these days. It would be best if you went alone. I will save you something to eat,” he said.
Erani nodded in understanding. Ascul’s presence would only make her mood worse. She and Lineron seemed to approach her at the same time

Rysill was torn out of her dark thoughts by a hand on her shoulder. She glanced up to see her brother in death, Lineron, asking her what the trouble was. Her gaze, as always, was dull and listless. “Nothing is troubling me, brother. I simply do not enjoy crowded areas. I needed some time alone, is all.”

“Now, I know that is a lie,” said Erani’s familiar voice as she trotted up to her. “Reli, if something is troubling you…”

Rysill interrupted her. “Nothing is troubling me, Erani. Shouldn’t you be with your brother?”

Erani smiled. “I vas… but I missed jou.”

Rysill gave her a hard look.
"Why do you seem so painfully familiar? My brain hurts now."

Abaddon grinned back at the mercenary. "I'd imagine that your brain hurts because, when last we encountered each other with this form, you were in the grip of a rather severe traumatic flashback." The apparition left out the other part: that, in order to prevent Adrian from hurting the rest of the group they were with, he had reached into his mind and flooded his body with intense pain. If Octavian couldn't recall that, Abaddon had no interest in reminding him. "As to the rest, here we are and..." The burning man paused as though listening to a separate conversation. A few moments later, Carnifex detached himself from the events at the prow of the ship and walked over, leaning over the rail to stare out at the ocean. Another spectre, this one glowing a pale blue and clad completely in a suit of plate armor, appeared next to Abaddon. Icicles seemed to have formed up on the projection's body, and it quietly observed the ongoing activities of the ship's impromptu crew. When it finally spoke, it was with a neutral, emotionless tone.

"The trouble with Death Knights," it said, "is that there are essentially two kinds. There are those whose minds have snapped, and they are now mostly insane avatars of destruction, existing solely for the pain and misery that they feed on. They have not a thought for the future or the past, focusing entirely on the present. The other variety are those who spend every waking moment in a miasma of sorrow and regret, perennially flogging themselves for all of the crimes they committed. They are drowning in the past, barely notice the present, and have nearly no thoughts at all for the future." The spectral suit of armor shook its head, and a note of something approaching disgust crept into its voice.

"It is so very, very rare to actually find a Death Knight at peace with itself and prepared to move on, to actually try to think about the eternity before them, the future in which they can accomplish so much. Do you know the greatest asset of a Death Knight? Time. They are capable of living nigh forever, so long as they take the right precautions. But instead most of them squander the gift of immortality. Ein here was no better before we could mold him into the form we required. And every single other Death Knight on this ship is one of the two predominant kinds.

"So what are you, Octavian? Are you mired in the past, trapped in the present, or are you focusing on the future?"

The Witch chuckled at the Draenei and the Blood elf. Like she'd expect them to understand, of course their own understandings would make them think that her masters wouldn't stand a wrong they were. "It's not what they didn't teach me to defeat's the fact that they've had a lot more time to tune themselves to the shadows and enough time to get used to it. They've studied many sources of Shadow Magic; Priest, Necromancy, even Warlock magics. Of course, with that comes to understanding of other magics as well..."

She looked up at the two, first starting with the Death Knight "Alisa is good when it comes to playing with the mind and soul magic. She can continuously pull you soul out and back in and cause a lot of pain while doing so." She then looked at the Blood elf "However both are good at controlling things such as demon fact they can summon Void Sentries and Void walkers as well, which is also what we might face when we enter their domain."

The Witch narrowed her eyes at the Blood elf, as if reading him like a book "I can tell you have a real knack for demonology, for the presence of fel is stronger with you that more warlocks. I suggest not using your demon form spell while fighting my masters, for they can use that to their advantage and control you." she raised a finger to stop any protest that might have come her way from the man "However...luckly for you, such a spell would only last from five to ten minutes. They can do a lot in that be mindful. The spell would be most useful against their minions, however, such as the spell casters that joined their side."

She lowered her hand, letting out another chuckle "They've both taught me how to use these fact you can say I am the combination of the two in one form. Both of their teachings are in me, however they have lived much longer than I have, thus that makes them more stronger seeing I said...they are more familiar with the spells that most you would have met today."

"So." Krystala returned her focus to the map, Krishma remaining quiet all this time "It's not the question of 'what -didn't- they teach me', it's more 'how much more experience have you had' with said magic...and with the two of them together, that can end very is there anymore questions or are you going to continue to disrupt me while I try to find a nice path into the fortress?" With that, she would remain quiet, waiting for their responses.

Kal'tharon and Shinaria

Kal smiled at the woman "I don't plan on dieing either..." his gaze turned forward out to the horizon "...however it isn't going to be easy. If what my little sister says is true, then we are in for a decent fight. I'm sure it's nothing we can't handle before...most here have fought a lot of things. This is probably just a regular thing for them now a days..." he turned back to the woman and raised his hand in an offer to shake her own "Kal'tharon Dawnshadow, as you probably know by now. What might your name be?"

While Kal was introducing himself to Pere, Shinaria decided to go speak with the Sin'dorei Huntress(Brya) with her two pets. Walking over, she would squat down in front of the woman at a respectable distance, offering her hand to the large cat for her to sniff it and get familiar with her "I hope you don't mind me...I'm just wandering so I can get a good idea of who's in the group..." she'd say, smiling "So how do you feel about all of this? No second thoughts I would hope...though, I wouldn't really blame you either."
Bryah watched as the people on the boat stayed in their little groups. I hope we can pull together when it's needed...

The Holy Jailor approached her and knelt in front of Hades, offering him her hand to sniff. Bryah smiled, thankful that someone knew how to approach a lion. Hades sniffed at her hand then rubbed the side of his large head against her arm.

"He likes you." She frowned as Shinaria asked her how she felt about the task ahead of them. "Please don't think less of me, but to be honest, I"m worried. I'm a tracker, a scout. I am good with a bow. I wouldn't be a Farstrider if I wasn't. But we're going into territory where I'm going to find it difficult. My job is hunting down bad guys and bringing them to justice. I'm not trained to go up against shadow magic users who are possibly more proficient in the use of such magic than I am with a bow."

Bryah blushed, turning her skin a deep crimson and looked down at her feet, "I guess I'm feeling a bit out of my depth." She raised her head, a determined look replacing the embarrassment. "Don't worry though. I'm tougher than I look. When the time comes, my bow and my animals will be there alongside everyone else."

She looked at Shinaria then turned to face the water. The last time she had felt that bad, she was in her sixties and had just been told that her mother had been killed defending Silvermoon City.
The Blood Knight replied, "I don't plan on dying either", turning to gaze across the frigid waters. They discussed the dangers ahead for a few moments, then Kal turned to her and offered his hand, "Kal'tharon Dawnshadow, as you probably know by now. What might your name be?".

She half smiled again as the wind whipped across the open water, pulling off her gauntlet and shaking his hand firmly. "Call me Peregrine.", tapping the flying falcon on her shield. "Simpler for the uncultured tongues to pronounce and a memorable name is helpful in some circumstances.", she said by way of explanation and she turned to face the water again. "I imagine you're right. By the sounds of it it will be quite the fight, but we will persevere and overcome. It's what our people do."

The smell of food wafted across the deck and Peregrine turned to watch Bryah feeding her animals and the others making due with the large Vykrul bowls. As the Huntress and the Holy Jailor chatted, she commented to Kal, "The Farstrider's solid. A little green, maybe, but cautious. I haven't had a chance to mingle with the rest yet, but you have my sympathy trying to command a group as... diverse as this." Her eyes trailed over deathknights and warlocks, humans and elves. "I suppose once first blood is drawn, most are experienced or smart enough to listen and work together."

She dug into her pack, producing a battered mess tin with the symbol of the Old Silvermoon Army emblazoned on the back of it. Tapping the tin with a smile, "Probably the last hot meal we'll have for a while. We should eat before the lion and the gryphon clean the pots for us."
Adrian seemed to stare in to the distance. It would appear he wasn't paying attention but he was fully aware, listening to the apparition in front of him. He had no recollection of what the burning one was referring. His traumatic episodes usually caused him to black out and not remember a thing.

The topic of death knights came up, and thoughts of his brother came in to his head. He looked to the pair of apparitions. "My brother is a Death Knight. He's probably the strongest person I will ever know. Physically, mentally, emotionally. He's troubled by what he used to do, but I feel like he's made what peace he could." he paused and swirled the flask of whiskey around in his hand.

"As for me? I can't seem to let go of the past." he pondered a moment, looking out to the water. Putting his flask away, he turned back inwards towards the ship. He didn't quite know what to say. He couldn't let go of the past, but a part of him almost didn't want to forget it. He was pretty conflicted. He rested his left hand on his revolver and hooked his right thumb in his belt. "I'm sure that says everything about me," he said. His eyes would seem vacant.
Sammuroth smiled as Saelien went to go and get them some of the soup, he wasn't particularly hungry, but that would change, so it was better he eat his fill now since he didn't know how much action they would see when they arrived at their destination. While he waited for her to return Sammuroth let his mind drift to happier times, times before Azeroth was sundered, times spent with his sister. He still felt the pain of his sin of killing her, and to a lesser extent the rest of his family, he wished he could have saved Moriana, but she had done his job for him when he had hesitated. Though he had not been the one to actually pull the blade across her throat he still blamed himself for not stopping her, the druid believed it was that pain, and guilt that had allowed the demon to take up residence in his mind. The creature's favorite game, was to force the druid to dream about that night ten thousand years ago, and the cat hated him for it. He was brought out of his thoughts by Saelien's return, "If you'd like to come out of your shapeshift form I have some silverware in my pack. Or do you prefer to remain as you are?"

The druid smiled sadly, "It has been many years since I have had the luxury of using silverware, and it is more of a lack of choice rather than whether I prefer this form or not." Sammuroth looked down at the steaming bowl of soup, he would give just about anything to be returned to his natural form, unfortunately as the years went by, it was beginning to seem that he would never return to that state. He slowly began to eat the soup, he paused in his eating for a moment, "Thank you Saelien, as you can imagine it would be quite hard for me to get the soup myself," the druid tried to genuinely smile, but it was plain to see the sadness behind it.
The death knight had quickly eaten his fill of the soup. He couldn't taste much, and there wasn't anything that stood out for him. Setting the bowl aside he rose and heading back outside, not getting drawn into a battle of words. He finally released Tombclimber, who made a circuit up and down the rigging a few times before her settled on the rail, watching all the other undead.

Catastrokon shouldered his sword and surveying the deck, decided to see what his fellow death knights were doing. They were all in their own world, chatting, not seemingly paying any attention to their surroundings. He walked to lean against the railing near the other draenei death knight.

"What would you say, the odds of success are here? The little witch is proud and likes to boast. But so does every elf," Catastrokon said offhandedly, to see if he can coax a little information.


Rhaluzzian eat quietly, listening to the Witch speak. Her masters did not frighten him. Though, he did respect them a little. Like himself, there was no reputation. No escaped victims to spread the story. But dividing their focus and studying so much magic was a tragic misuse of their time. Something he could use to his advantage. There was likely nothing else to gain from someone's puppet, so he set the clean bowl aside and slid off his perch.

"Sounds like its a lot of trouble for so little reward. But I will remain anyway, I honor my commitments."

He left the witch to her devices, chuckling under his breath. Rather than dwell on the unknown, he preferred to keep calm, surveying the group. Death Knights, Draenei, more elves than he was comfortable with. He had never seen a single person on the boat before, other than Catastrokon, and he was more an aquaintience than someone he knew personally.

He climbed onto the railing and sat down, to let his feet hang down over the water as it rushed past. In all honesty, he was much more accustomed to flying. Boats he had been on tended to run afoul something or sink. As they progressed north, the air cooled, causing steam to begin to waft off the warlock's body, though he was not cold. Not yet anyway. He began to hum to himself, unknowingly, an old tune he heard in his childhood.
Sorcies leaned over the gunwale and let the sea water wash her tin clean then replaced it in her pack. Glancing around the group she silently estimated their abilities, some had battle scarred gear while others looked fairly fresh faced.

Her eyes flitting from one to another the thought foremost in her mind is I wonder how many won't make it back and how many will be irrevocably changed for the worse from this?

Anxious to get off the boat and moving again she quietly walks around the deck.

"As for me? I can't seem to let go of the past."

She turns to the man who said this, recalling some of the things she had done in her past "If you can't put the past behind you at least learn from your mistakes. If not you may not live to regret it a second time."

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