The Twisted shadows fall...((IC))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Saelien couldn't sleep, not with the foreboding castle looming in the distance, and the darkness that seemed to seep into everything, everything on this island seemed...wrong. The sound of explosions brought her out of her thoughts, enemies were here. She grabbed her staff and ran out of the small burned house she had used for shelter, her body seemed to take on a slight transparency as she moved small star like lights began to glimmer around her, giving her a astral appearance. She could see three blood elves fighting a group of strange creations, Jesters if her memory served, turning she could see Sammuroth fighting two of them alone, she began running towards the Druid, muttering a small prayer to Elune as she did.

She was intercepted by a Jester just before she reached the roof that Sammuroth was fighting on, the Jester lunged towards her remarkably fast, Saelien had just enough time to block the strike with ehr staff "Get back!" she yelled muttering a quick incantation, she thrust the hand forward, a small sphere of golden energy shot from her open palm, hitting the creature directly in the face, causing it to stagger back briefly, she took this opportunity to cast another spell, muttering a longer incantation she raised her hand in the air, a barrage of medium sized orbs began to fall from the sky striking the Jester in front of her as well as the Jesters on the roof. The spell wasn't powerful enough to destroy these creations but it would give her and Sam a slight opening to finish them.

"Ari...Ari, you might want to wake up." Arthien groaned lifting herself up to see Cana staring out the broken window, she had set up a small camp in this small two-story shack, now little more than a charred ruin, but it provided adequate shelter. "What is it Cana, I would like to sleep, seeing as I did not during our little boat trip." "Well that's all well and good sis, but we're kinda under attack." Cana replied pointing out the window, Arthien rose and walked over to where she stood.

Outside a battle had clearly broken out a large amount of strange shadowy creatures moved swiftly through the darkness, she could see several members of the group already engaging them. She quickly grabbed her satchel, and dagger and ran down the rickety stairs and out into the fray.

She had not been outside for a few seconds before the clacking grated on her nerves, it sounded like it was coming from every direction, she saw a shadow dive towards her, moving quickly she sent a blazing orb of flames towards her attacker, the jester quickly dodged the fireball, and pressed its attack repeatedly lunging forward towards her, forcing her on the defensive.

Arthien grit her teeth "I have little interest in minions. BE GONE!" she thrust her hands forward, a stream of flames erupted from her hand flowing in a cone directly in front of her, the jester was quickly reduced to nothingness by the engulfing flames "ARI! On your three!" she heard the voice a second too late as she turned a second Jester was in mid-lunge she moved to the side causing the blade to cut into her left arm, she winced in pain as she regained her composure "" she hissed.
Adrian smiled and agreed with the Dwarf. He too only really went on this adventure because he was merely bored. Krieg helped himself to the stew and then bid Adrian good night. The Marksman stayed up, occasionally spotting through his scope for any threats. Hours had passed. Most, if not all, were asleep.

Nearing dawn, if it could be called that, he began to notice... shades. Perking his interest, he sprang forward and positioned himself on his rifle. He yanked back the charging handle of his rifle, letting it slam forward and pushing a bullet into battery. He switched off his safety and noticed Shinaria and the other leaders awake and inspecting something.

An explosion ripped through the air. His perimeter explosives. Then a second. A third. All of his explosives were tripped, and black silhouettes flew through the air in pieces, the victims of his traps. A full on attack was underway. He began taking slow, precise shots at any of these Jesters that weren't occupied by one of his companions already. A blade embedded itself in the window sill beside him, causing him to drop in cover. Getting back in to position, he had just caught sight of a jester leaping through the air at him. Quickly firing out ten rounds, he didn't worry about accuracy, but one of his slugs met its mark and struck the Jester in the hip, causing it to fall to the ground. Ripping the pin of the tripod, he separated his weapon from it to freely move.

His Dwarf comrade had been tackled from the building. Running to the hole in the building he fell from, Adrian intended to help Krieg, but it would be too risky to take any shots, should he hit Krieg by mistake. Frustrated, he gritted his teeth and ran to his equipment, throwing his plate vest, belt and harness on as quickly as he could. Snatching up his rifle, he vaulted out the window and hit the ground rolling. He kicked his wounded Jester in what would be its face and rolled again on to his feet.

Firing two rounds, he ducked behind a corner as the jester took a swing at him. It rounded the corner, only to be met with the stock of Adrian's rifle slamming into its face. Following the sickening crunch, he pressed the rifle to the jester's head and pumped two bullets into its head.

Dropping the empty magazine into the dump pouch on his belt, Adrian slammed in a fresh magazine and yanked the charging handle again. The rapid footsteps coming from behind him forced him to duck, a blade missing him barely. Bounding backwards, Adrian fired off two rounds, one hitting the jester's shoulder. Stopping, and rapidly charging forward, Adrian ducked low and drove the stock of his rifle to the Jester's knees, causing it to fall forward. He took this time to affix the bayonet to his rifle's muzzle and turned around, but being struck in the face with the jester's fist. Shaking his head to regain his composure, he had to move fast before he could get killed.

Ducking backward, the jester's blade swiped across Adrian's left forward, a long gash rapidly began bleeding. He grit his teeth and scrambled to his feet, ramming the bayonet of his rifle in to the jester's chest and fired two rounds, dispatching it. Backing up against a wall, Adrian pulled out a roll of gauze and wrapped it around the wound on his arm, already rapidly soaking through. He shook his head and extended the bipod of his rifle, resting it on an old barrel and began taking shots at any loose Jesters, and attempting to aid anyone in trouble if he could.
Sammuroth was almost at his limit, "Damn age, if I were ten thousand years younger, you would be moving in slow motion unable to even see me long enough to strike." He had gone completely on the defensive, dodging the two Jesters attacks, his spell had worn off long ago, and he was covered in cuts, including a particularly nasty one on his side. He struck whenever he would see an opening, but they were not enough, dodging to the side again, the cat stumbled as he landed, and a Jester was on him immediately about to deliver the killing blow. Well it would have if not for the flying stormhammer, that came out of nowhere, the creature dodged the hammer itself, but the shockwave was enough to knock it off the roof, but the druid was still at a disadvantage even against one. He was able to dodge the other Jester's attack just barely, but he could not regain his footing, and once again he found himself on death's door, this time the sky began to rain stars, pelting the creature, and distracting it enough to allow the druin to strike. He leaped onto the creature, and bit where it's throat would be, and apparently it was just as good an attack point, as it would be on a living creature.

The Jester stopped moving, and began to fade out of existence, Sammuroth did not stop to rest, he quickly ran to the edge of the roof, and spotted his next target. Saelien was being hounded by another Jester, but her spell was keeping it at bay, but it was not enough to kill it. Running to the other edge of the roof the cat got a running start, and leaped, straight at the Jester in front of Saelien, it was too distracted by her spell to notice the incoming feline missile, until it was too late. The druid's weight, and momentum all blew the creature away, and it faded into nothingness, dripping blood from his wounds the cat turned to the younger druid, "Are... You... Alright," the last of his strength spent the cat collapsed unconcious.
The sound of an explosion roused from a restless sleep. The nearness of the shadow magic had been plaguing her all night and she had little more than an hour or two of sleep in total. When she did sleep it had been interrupted by nightmares that left chills running up and down her arms. Bryah took a few minutes to get her bearings, starting at every shadow. Calm down girl... this is not going to do you any good.

"We're under attack! Get your weapons and counter!." Shinaria's voice penetrated the fog that came from being woken too soon. "To the middle of the village!" Bryah grabbed her crossbow and ammunition then turned to her animals. “Hades, guard the argent crusader. Go!” She watched the black lion bound away in the pre-dawn light. “Blaze with me.” She made her way up to the second floor of the building she had been staying in. There has to be a way onto the roof... A small sliver of light outlined a door that led upwards. Ah there... Bryah shoved the door open and burst through it, greeted by the pre-dawn sky.

Perfect. Now, let's see how the shadows react when I take away their ability to hide. She reached into the pouch around her waist and pulled out what looked like a small rocket. It was fitted to the end of an arrow to make it easier to fire from her weapon. She lit the fuse and watched as the arrow flew from her crossbow and into the sky. When it reached the top of its flight path, it showered into a million sparks. As they fell, the sparks showered the area with light, illuminating the shadows and removing some of the disadvantage the jesters had.

She gave two short, sharp whistle and Blaze flew off the roof and down to the centre of the village. A stream of fire flew out of his mouth as he flew, igniting anything wooden that he flew past. He reached the middle of the village, circled it twice then flew up to the top of a building on the other side of the open area. Bryah waited until he had reached the roof, then repeated the same whistle pattern. Blaze did the same flight pattern. Bryah scratched him under his chin then did a small circular motion with her hand. The dragonhawk flew off doing a circular patrol of the village, using his firey breath on anything unfriendly that moved.

Bryah took a clay like substance from her pouch and molded it to an arrow head, lighting it and shooting it in the direction of the fiercest fighting. When it landed it set off a small explosion on one of the jesters that weakened it and any of its friends next to it. The people on the ground could then finish it off. She continued taking potshots from her rooftop perch until she heard a small sound behind her.

Although she couldn't see anything, she ran for the nearest rooftop making the jump with inches to spare. She landed heavy and could see a shadow reaching the edge of the roof she had just left. Bryah whistled again, a whistle that meant return, and seconds later, Blaze appeared between the two buildings. The jester was incinerated just as it was about to attack. “Thanks boy.” Blaze chirped and nuzzled her before he flew off to resume his firebomb patrol of the village.

Bryah recovered from her heavy landing and managed to work her way around the village to where the human sniper had made himself a sniper's nest. She climbed in beside him and grinned. “Looks like you could use a hand.”
A series of loud explosions ripped through the night, rousing Peregryne from her dreamless sleep. What could make noises like that? She rubbed her eyes as more explosions were set off. They were under attack! Bryah and her animals were out the door before she could will herself to her feet.

The priestess' voice rang out from across the village, "We're under attack! Get your weapons and counter! To the middle of the village!". She needed no further direction, scooping up her shield and Sin'Dorei blade, heart pounding. A voice that wasn't her own bellowed from her throat, "Anar'alah belore!".

She had barely cleared the threshold of the house before they were on her, two, no three, no.. only two. Slashing at her moving nearly as fast as she could bring her shield to block or her sword to parry. Stymied, they darted in again, stepping just into swordreach, trying to force her to overextend, to leave an opening. Their claws tore through her armor, but she never gave them the critical opening they sought.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast, fast is deadly Swordmaster Ephelon's words were on her lips, eight years later. She forced herself to control the adrenaline, to slow her blade to where she could precisely control it. Waiting for an opening. Watching... this one would dart in again. And her steel met it. The point of her blade pierced the shadow creature, destroying it as it shrieked with unliving fury. A quick bash from her shield sent the other sprawling, but there were more...

Before she could catch her breath they were on her again. Attacking with blinding speed, she was on the defensive again. Frantically moving to work her shield and blade, keeping them at bay, she backed herself towards the center of the village where the priestess and blood knight rallied the band.

Weakened by the cuts to her legs and swordarm, she kept working backwards. Again a quick bash of her shield bought her time. Then they both came at once. She braced her shield, but the force from their blows forced her back again. Her foot caught uneven ground and she staggered, nearly falling but rescued herself into a crouch behind her shield.

Her breath rasped through her lungs, brow creased. Her world narrowed to a dance of swordpoint and shadow. Shield and claw. Red tinged Sin'Dorei steel seeking to block grasping formless claws.
The night with Erani was truly enjoyable for both Daenith and Lineron. She seemed to be getting used to Daenith but there was still that hint of nervousness. Especially whenever Jaktip tried to say something. But she apparently still thought it enjoyable enough that she decided to stay up all night with the two undead. Lineron's ears twitched when he started sensing the dark aura of the Shadow Jester. He stood up immediately with his runeblade unsheathed and a unholy aura radiating off of him. Daenith gripped her staff then stood up with a shadowbolt prepared in her hand while Jaktip jumped off of her shoulder and started laughing as he set his hands on fire.

“How about we start the day with some morning exercise? Hm?” Erani said with a wicked grin then rushed off and started attacking the Jesters. Lineron tilted his head towards to the side with his own insane smile.
'So this is the feeling that everyone says my brothers and sisters are unable to feel.' He giggled slightly then smiled even wider when he heard the familiar sounds of ghouls. "This is why I love my family. They always bring the fun. I might as well bring my share." He turned to Daenith. "Cover me while I summon some more friends." Daenith sighed then went to aid Erani. Lineron cracked his neck then smiled evilly. Unholy energy formed in his hands as he started speaking the language of the Scourge.

Tendrils made of the energy started pelting the ground around him as he continued speaking. Skeletal and half-rotten away arms started to breach through the snow and atleast ten corpses of long dead Vrykul stood before Lineron waiting for orders. Lineron smiled up at them then waved his hand dismissively. "End the abominations attacking my allies. Send them back to whatever hell created them. Serve in death so that you may be free from your torment." He ended with a evil smile. The ghouls roared then charged towards the incoming Shadow Jesters with undead might. Lineron then put two finger to his mouth and whistled. A few moments later Bonereaper landed next to his master with a grunt.
" time....master?" Bonereaper looked up to his master with a smile. Lineron looked back down at him with a insane grin.
"Indeed, tear them apart." Bonereaper let out a loud screech then pounced on a Jester who charged towards him with blades held high. Lineron held out his hand and a phantasmal horn appeared in it, then he put it too his lips and blew into it. Hopefully the effects of the horn would affect as many people as they could. He gripped his runeblade then started to block and parry as many of the Jesters attacks as possible. One attempted to surprise him from behind but he quickly turned and sliced it in half. "Also as breakable as a toothpick...." He muttered then returned to attacking the monstrosity's of shadow.

Daenith and Jaktip kept on attempting to shoot bolts of flame at the jesters but they continually dodged there attempts to burn them to a crisp. Then Daenith grinned evilly with a idea. She grabbed Jaktip by his head then threw him at a Jester running towards her. Jaktip screamed then landed on the jesters face and started cackling evilly. He set his hands on fire and started burning the creature with fire and clawing at its face until it feel down, dead. Daenith lobbed another fire ball at a Jester but it back flipped and dodged it then started running around her. Daenith growled in frustration.

"Blast and damnation! These things are mocking me!" Daenith's eye twitched then both of them started to glow with fel energy. "I shall burn each and everyone of these damnable abominations!" Little stubs of horns started to pop out from her forehead. She threw another fireball and actually managed to graze one across its leg making it stumble. "I hope that hurt you disgusting cur!" The horns on her head grew until they were atleast a few inches away from her head. "Witness the power you are denied!" She put both of her hands together then slowly expanded them outwards as a fireball started forming in her hands. It kept on expanding until it was a large fireball. She roared with demonic fury then threw the flaming orb at a Jester that attempted to interrupt her spell, incinerating it in demonic fire. "Pathetic!"
Mean while, at the fortress....

Both Alizar and Alisa were surprised. "So..." Alisa started, smirking as she leaned against her husband and looking at the orb "It seems the weaklings Krystala brought with her aren't so weak after all...I'm surprised...." Alizar smirked, watching as two of the Death Knights raised an army of undead bone Vrykul. Even if he was impressed by the strength of the heros that came with Krystala, the Vrykul posed a problem...a problem he would have to deal with quickly.

He snapped his fingers, a Jester clicking into life and emerging from the shadows "Send out Project Blacksnarl. Let's see how strong these weaklings really are..." He looked down at his wife, however she was already pushing off of him and standing "I don't mind giving them a visit, dear....just get Blacksnarl into position and I'll be fine..." she turned to wink at him "I can get ready in the mean time."

The Fight

A large wall split open at the fortress, revealing a pair of rich purple eyes which shone with hatred and fury. Two Jesters came on either side of the down, swords in hand as they prepared to follow the horrid creation that lurked inside. With a fierce growl and a roar, a black ball of shadow flame shot out of the chamber and began to run at break neck speed towards the village, the two Jesters struggling to keep up behind it. And...where ever it walked, the snow melted in it's presence.


Shinaria lashed at every Jester that dared tried to get close to her. Of course, a large majority of those would have been dodged easily, only managing to kill at least two more since the first wave. "Dammit!" She shouted in fustration as she swept her chain at another Jester, who back flipped out of the way "These things are fast!". Krystala would be having little difficulty fighting them, in fact she was taking on three at once; turning twisting and blocking every sword blow that came her way...with the help of her Shadow Puppet of course.

Suddenly, all three Jesters truck in union, Krystala quickly kneeling down and slaming her gloved hand onto the floor. Her puppet blocked the blades with it's claws, and Krystala summoned spikes of shadow to impale them "It's going to get a lot worse than it was going to get better. Most of them are trying to wear us down, make us frustrated, make us reckless. Don't give it!"

Kal had manage to keep a good distance between him at a few pesky Jesters who'd think it'd be nice to try and get behind him. Infusing the ground by his feet with holy light, it'd burn any Jester that dared step into it. With that, he'd manage to get a few jabs in with his sword, crippling one and then finishing it quickly before turning to take on the next attacker. One Jester landed right in front of him, obviously getting gutsy. Kal had no time to block or counter, he just swore under his breath "Dammit...not goooood!"

He waited for the blow that would injure him....but it never came. No, for before the Jester could do anything, a large bony hand slammed into it's chest and sent it flying into the arena wall, shattering it into splinters. He blinked, turning to see what it was that saved him, what he saw astonished him. A bone vrykul, possibly what remained from the previous villagers that lived here, they walked and served one of the Death Knights that joined the group.

"Krystala...Shin...are you..?" He started. Krystala looked up, noticing the bone vrykul. Her eyes widened...last she heard her masters had removed the bodies, but yet, here were their corpses, fighting along side them and thinning the ranks of the Jesters. She felt the ancient hatred they seethed of their forms, their anger of what the creators of the Jesters did to their homes. She could feel their lust to see them dead before their feet, regardless of who controlled them.

The Witch couldn't help but least they had their chance at fighting back again, to feel victory once more. She shook her head, returning her attention to the battle. She did a quick scan, looking for injured, and found that the Druid cat that came with them had passed out. "Shinaria!" She shouted, catching the Jailor's attention "We have an injured Druid!"

"On it!" Shinaria quickly leaped out of the way of a Jester's blade, landing a few meters away before running towards the Druid's location. The woman who was with him didn't seem to catch any of the Jester's attention for now, which was good, it'd give her enough time to use a few heals to try and bring the Druid back to the battle. Reaching the two, she knelt down and inspected his injuries. They weren't bad, an easy fix for one as experienced as her. Murmuring a few prayers under her breath, she decided to use a quick but strong healing spell that should bring the Druid back to reality.

With her hand giving off a soft golden glow, Shinaria would place her hand upon the Druid Cat's shoulder, where she channeled the spell into his body to heal his wounds. Noticing his wounds closing, she smiled and nodded before standing "There...he should wake up soon." A near by series of clicks suddenly caught her attention. A Jester was surging towards them, blades held at sides. She swore, pulling out her sword and preparing to meet the Jester head on before a loud and fierce roar ripped through the air, causing it to stop.

Shinaria remained perfectly still, tense, wondering why the Jester had suddenly stopped. Again, there was another roar, this time causing the Jester to suddenly turn and flee back into the shadows. Did they win? She doubted the sound of that roar, something else was coming....and it was mad. Very mad.

"What now..." She muttered, turning to look over to the horizon. Then she saw it, a black mass of shadow surging towards the village with two Jesters at it's sides, knocking down dead trees and melting away snow in it's path. Before it reached the village, it suddenly flew into the air, soaring high before landing straight on one of the Bone vrykul, crushing it easily. As it landed, it sent out a blast wave of darkness which effected Bone vrykul five yards away from it's position, making them stumble.

The shadowy flames had left it's body, leaving nothing more than a strange black, bulky stone create in front of them. It seemed to have a body of a lion, however it's head resembled that of Rhino from Northrend....and it hard larger teeth than one too. He raised it's head, opened it's maw, and let out a loud and fierce roar. Shinaria turned to Krystala for a reaction, and was surprised to see that Krystala herself had a look of awe in her features. The Witch knew that her masters had created many strange abomination like creatures, but never had she seen this. It must have been a late addition.

Black liquid dripped from the creatures mouth as it growled, letting forth hot steam in the frigid weather. It then lashed out at a few bone vrykul, destroying them with a mighty swipe of it's paw, even biting one and crushing it in its jaws. It'd seem like it was about to go after the Draenei female Death Knight soon after, but it stopped itself, it's growling stopped. Suddenly, it began to cough, black liquid spewing from it's mouth as it did so. It coughed again, and again, and again, before finally it just let forth a stream of steaming of black liquid onto the snow in front of it.

Shinaria cringed, the sight disgusting her to an extent. It was only then did she notice that the black liquid began to...move?

It was, rippling and shimering, it suddenly surged upwards into a strange waterfall. It then began to morph and take shape, swirls of dark shadow magic suddenly beginning to be seen as it took form of a woman. Again, she looked back to Krystala, watching for her reaction.

Krystala's expression was hard. She knew what this was, she knew who was forming from the black fluid that came from that creatures mouth. There was only one person that she knew could do that...

Alisa Darkwarth now stood in front of them.

She wore a long black cloak, draped over her shoulders with a hood thrown over her head. She wore shorts and knee high boots along with a long sleeve top. The symbol of the dagger in the middle of a white star imprinted on the front of her chest piece and on her cloak. In her right hand was a fan, which she was using to fan herself along with hide the large insane grin that had spread across her face, her black hair not revealing her eyes.

"What a pleasure to meet you all, little weaklings." She'd start, almost sounding formal "I'm sure our friends here made you feel welcome? They do quite a good job on providing entertainment...quite a show. Hence their name 'Shadow Jesters'." She looked up, revealing her eyes. Usually, most blood elven eyes would be fel green due to their previous addiction. Not Alisa or her husband....her eyes where a shimmering amethyst color, wide and full of delight.

Two vrykul charged at her, the beast behind her seeming to do nothing, which in fact he didn't for Alisa raised her hand to calm it. As soon as the vrykul got close, there would be the sound of two hard smacks, and the vrykul falling to the ground, sides of their faces cracked from impact. She didn't even have to flinch, some how that fan in her hand was enough of a weapon to beat the two down. They began to stand again, but before they could every reach out to her, the cracks where she had struck them began to glow, and then in fireballs of purple and dark energy, the woman letting out an insane laugh as their bony bodies burned in the dark flames.

"I'm impressed,to say the least." she'd say, continuing to fan herself "I never knew such weaklings like you would manage to live so long...." Alisa would say once she had regained her composure "So...let's see who we have here...shall we?" Her gaze looked amongst the group, stopping at Krystala "Ah...Krystala Dawnshadow, the Elven Witch. The one who lowered herself to a weakling's no surprise you're here..." She looked over to Kal, and her grin grew ever wider "And her older brother too?! Well isn't that just and sister fighting side by side...swweeeeet..." she chuckled, continuing to scan the group.

Her gaze came to rest on Shinaria "Ah...yes...the 'Holy Jailor'. One who chains the wicked and the shadows with chains of best hold on to that little 'light' of yours, Jailor, for you are in 'our' realm now.....only Nightmares and Darkness awaits you here...along with a slow and agonizing death...same goes for that Druid cat there and his pathetic demon buddy he has locked away inside of him...." She looked at the young Kaldorei Druidess the cat leaped saved "And a young Kaldorei girl...hardly a place for a child like you to matter, at least your screams will be enjoyable later on..."

She continued to scan the group, resting her gaze upon Lineron and his sister "Another Brother and Sister duo. One who follows the path of insanity like Krystala and myself...interesting....but it will be that insanity that will be your downfall...time will tell when that happens." One by one, she picked on the members of the group "A blood elven warlock with demon blood that runs through his veins...that might be a problem for you...don't expect that to save you here....and of course the trio of Draenei...boy...this group is just full of little Light-Suckers aren't then? Well accept the dead one...she probably can't do much. I'm impressed by your little display you showed with the Vrykul, though, you and the crazed one. A might be proof that your group isn't that weak after all...but don't let that get your hopes up...."

Alisa would continue to fan herself, her gazing turning to the Sin'dorei warrioress and Scout "And of course two talentless fools who have no place amongst this group, nothing more than weaklings and suck ups are what you are. Useing your pathetic animals and magic arrows, and using nothing but your wits and a shield to keep you alive...even I have to admit that's pathetic....and then there is the female Sin'dorei pa--" "Are you don't making yourself look like a idiot, Alisa?"

The woman stopped fanning herself, turning to face the one that spoke. It was Krystala, her katana raised to point it at the woman "Your words are nothing, your actions are pathetic. All you're trying to do is strike fear into the hearts of these 'weaklings' as you so call them. I don't know what you're trying to achieve here, Ma'lady but let me tell you now it' shall not work...not while I still draw breath!"

"Then we're just going to have to fix that, aren't we?" Alisa replied, suddenly vanishing from view. Krystala's eyes widened, turning just in time to see that Alisa had appeared beside her and attempted to strike her with the side of her fan. She raised her blade, the fan connecting with it, dark sparks flying as the sword and fan locked together. Krystala's shadow puppet would also respond, attempting to impale the woman, but Alisa raised her hand to cast a shield of shadow to stop it. "Is this all you can do, Krystala?!" she'd ask, her eyes wide and full of insanity "Is this really all you can do to try and stop us? A rag-tag group of unstable heros who are complete opposites of each other? Do you know how pathetic that sounds?!"

The Witch's own insane grin appeared on her face before she'd leap away, Alisa vanishing at the sign of her disengaging. She appeared in front of Blacksnarl again, still grinning "You're a fool if you think it's ever going to work like that!"

"And you're a fool for thinking otherwise, Alisa!" Krystala replied "Listen up everyone, the woman you see in front of you is known as Alisa Darkwarth...she was one of my masters. I have a feeling she is not here to engage us directly...more like to watch. This doesn't mean lower your guard! She enjoys playing with your minds...."

Behind Alisa, Blacksnarl snarled "Soon...I want to hear what they have to say..." the woman would say, wanting to see the hero's reaction before sicking Blacksnarl upon them.

Adrian was entirely focused on laying down fire on the Jesters, helping any of his fellows as he could, but being careful to not hit any of them. He dropped his empty magazine and put it in his dump pouch. Drawing a new one from his vest, he locked it in and ripped the charging handle back, and continued firing.

Someone dropped in next to him. Startled, he reached for his revolver before realizing it was one of the group members. A huntress. He shook his head and smirked, returning to firing his rifle. "I suppose I could." he replied to her, "Just be wary of your ears." he informed her. A Jester prepared to pounce on the Draenei Death knight. Adrian drew a bead on it and fired, striking its shoulder. It stumbled and fell. He stood up and fired twice more, both striking the head and effectively dispatching it.

The masses of undead Vrykul gave a much needed hand to the group, decimating the Jesters and relieving some of the frustration that came along with them. Things began quieting down. Adrian stood up, his rifle at the low ready. "Think we should move back to the group now?" he asked the woman, "I'm Adrian by the way," he extended his left hand, in a manner to shake it and to help her stand up. He's a gentleman.


Moving towards the group, the ground seemed to rumble. The air seemed thick and... dark. Raising his weapon and looking through the scope, he could see a mass of shadow charging to the village. Trees were obliterated in its path. The snow melted because of its mere presence. He lowered his rifle, in an almost defeated manner and cursed loudly and in the most sailor-like of fashions to the sky. It reached the village, destroying some of the Vrykul. Adrian raised his rifle but noticed it halted.

Confused, he kept his weapon high, but lowered it a bit, curious about what was happening. A woman. A woman who knows Krystala appeared out of shadow. She displayed immense power. Adrian chewed his lip, pondering. She seemed to pick out everyone's flaws or weaknesses, like she's known them forever.

"Lady, you haven't even seen the extent of my wits yet." letting his rifle hang slack from it's sling, he put his hands together and moved them, imitating that he was removing his thumb. Smirking dominantly, he lifted his rifle again and kept it low and ready. The woman and Krystala exchanged blows, Adrian raised his rifle to try and help, but the risk of hitting Krystala was too great for him to take a chance. He growled angrily and lowered it, the woman disappearing away.

He released his half empty magazine, took a knee, and pulled a new magazine out of his vest and locked it in, charging a round into battery. He waited silently for what was going to happen next, never lowering his alertness.
Sammuroth felt a warmth flowing through his body, Someone must be healing me, but damn it hurts, it was pain not only brought about by the forceful closing of the durid's wounds, but also the effect they had on the "other." He could hear the demon growling in his mind, "Damnable cursed Light," inwardly the cat smiled, so it was a user of the Light that was healing him, he half expected it to be Saelien. He was glad however, that it was a Light user, the pain of being so close to something so pure was driving the demon deeper into the reccesses of his mind. The druid began hearing sounds around him, not sounds of battle, no people were speaking, what had happened while he had been unconcious. He could hear a woman speaking, and he opened his eyes, to see a Sin'dorei woman standing in front of a monstrous creation, well that is quite the large abomination isn't it. The next words from the woman he heard brought him out of his stupor, "Same goes for that Druid cat there and his pathetic demon buddy he has locked away inside of him....And a young Kaldorei girl...hardly a place for a child like you to matter, at least your screams will be enjoyable later on..."

How did they know the demon had not made it's prescence known this whole time, at least not outwardly, but while he was curious as to how she knew about the demon, it was her threat towards Saelien that caused him to growl. The druid slowly stood up as the woman, and Krystala finished speaking, his eyes never leaving Alisa. " I agree with Krystala your minor threats, and attempts to cause discord are very pathetic, and laughable, I wonder could it be doubt that causes you to use such pathetic tactics. Are you concerned we may succeed, you think to intimidate us with your creature, let me tell you I am sure just about everyone here has faced something just as big, or bigger, I know I have. Your monster doesn't scare me, and neither do you, and let me tell you this if your lay one harmful hand, on the girl you will get to see my, "Demon buddy," as you called him in action. As he slowly tears you apart piece by piece, I am against such acts of cruelty, but I think I could be willing to let him out long enough for that. Then again I think I would much prefer to end you myself, perhaps crush your windpipe between my teeth, so I could hear the satisfaction of hearing you gasp for air that won't come. I say enough talk, and let's get on with this, either fight us yourself or run, and leave your little toy to fight, and be destroyed for you, either way your time of demise is coming soon Alisa Darkwrath, because you have been foolish enough to underestimate us."
As the beast turned toward Rysill, Nightmare screeched and reared. Yanking on her reigns, Rysill calmed her and shouted, “To me, my pets!” The remaining six Vrykul, who were spared from the creature’s wrath, immediately came to her aid. Gutripper hissed defiantly at the beast, prepared to shield his mistress from harm even if it meant the end of his existence. The beast paused, however, and in a few minutes it seemed to regurgitate a corrosive black liquid which would morph into the woman known as Alisa.

"Oh, how lovely," said Rysill as she watched.

“Crazed?!” Erani growled when the woman addressed her. Clearly she had struck a nerve. Erani had been time and time again deemed crazy by her fellow draenei. And all for what? Because she didn’t follow the Light blindly like the rest of her foolish race? Because she refused to grovel in awe at the Light and all its blessings? It was a source of power. Nothing more. And an unreliable one at that, prepared to forsake even its most devout followers at the drop of a hat. Rysill was proof enough of that. The only true insanity that existed was those who would rely on such an unreliable source of strength. The only true source of power or strength came from within. From her own grit and muscle.

The draenei warrior spat at the woman’s feet. “Hah! A fittingly revolting entrance for an equally vile woman! Tell me, is that overgrown puppy of jours supposed to be intimidating? I very nearly mistook it for a child’s lost pet! I vas considering tossing a stick to it and scratching its belly!”

Ascul glowered at his sister. The damned fool was going to get herself killed. “Erani! Be silent!”

Erani ignored her brother and grinned wickedly, displaying the trademark, fang-like, canines of her race. “Or perhaps jou vould rather engage us jourself instead of hiding in that miserable fortress of jours like the sniffling coward jou are!”
"I suppose I could. Just be wary of your ears." Bryah looked at the weapon he was holding. It was a large rifle that she had heard about but never seen in action. “Impressive weapon. What sort of ra –.” A loud retort from the weapon explained the comment about her ears. She took cover a few feet away from the human and aimed at some of the jesters close to the building, leaving her companion to target the ones further out.

The sound of rattling bones reached her ears during a rare quiet moment. She looked at the ground below her and startled. Bone Vrykul. Two of the death knights had managed to summon help from the long dead bodies of the village's original inhabitants. Impressive warriors in life, the vrykul were even deadlier in undeath. Bryah watched as they decimated the jester numbers, thinning the enemy's ranks.

"Think we should move back to the group now? I'm Adrian by the way," He extended his left hand, in a manner to shake it and to help her stand up. Bryah took hold of the offered hand and stood, a little shaky, but thankful for the chance to stand after being crouched for so long. She shook his hand before dropping it. “Thanks. I'm Bryah.”

She looked in a pointed manner at his rifle and smiled, longing for the chance to talk about the weapon that until today she had only known about as rumour. “When this is over, I'd like to have a chance to talk to you about your weapon.” Bryah was about to agree that they should rejoin the others when a loud roar rang through the area.

The shadow magic in the air thickened to the point where she could almost cut it with a knife. Something large and black approached the village, the heat from it melting snow in its wake. Bryah dropped to a crouch and shuffled closer to the edge of the building to get a better look. “Light damn it, what are you?”

She tried to get a better picture of what she was seeing. The speed it moved indicated that it was some sort of cat, and the roar had sounded cat like, but something wasn't quite right. It wasn't until the flames covering the creatures body had faded that Bryah was able to get a good look at what it was. Her curses echoed with Adrian's as they watched the animal. The head was rhinceros-like in appearance, but larger, more fitting with the size of the body. The whole animal seemed to be made of some sort of stone. “Damn it. How are we meant to kill that?”

Bryah turned to ask Adrian if he had any explosives with him. A hacking sound from the creature stopped her and forced her attention back to the centre of the village. The creature was throwing up, but what came out wasn't what she expected. The fluid almost looked like a thick form of oil. She watched in a sick form of fascination as the fluid formed itself into the shape of a woman.

The woman didn't introduce herself, didn't need to. There was only one person it could have been. A theory confirmed when Krystala introduced her as Alisa Darkwrath. The woman toyed with them, picking at the weaknesses of the group in an attempt to demoralise them. “You're going to have to try harder than that bi-.” Bryah blushed, keeping her gaze fixed on the creature behind the woman. Years of training kicked in and within seconds she had her crossbow loaded and ready to fire, resting it in her lap.

Down on the ground, Hades had gone into a crouch, staying beside Shinaria, his gaze never leaving the thing in front of him, even though it was big enough to make the fully grown lion look like a mere cub in comparison. Above him, Blaze hovered, also focused on the beast, both animals on the alert and waiting for Bryah to give the signal to attack.
Peregrine sparred with the two Jesters. The shadow creatures were blindingly fast, but not particularly smart, she found. By leaving an opening in her stance, she could goad them into a predictable strike. She set the sequence up a few times and then the third time, instead of blocking with her shield, she rushed quickly forward behind it, bringing the edge of the shield down as a weapon.

The small fiend was bowled over, knocked off its feet by the blow and she brought her blade down to slash at the defensless fiend. Before she could complete the strike a giant bony hand crushed the jester and hurled it like trash. Peregrine’s eyes followed the hand up to a skeleton of a recently dead Vykrul. She brought her shield up into a guard position instinctively and pressed her back against the wooden wall of the Vykrul arena. She watched as more and more of the corpses pulled themselves from the ground. One of the Death Knights seemed to be channeling a spell and directing them.

She was eager for the reprieve this bought her, regardless of the source. Peregrine watched as the horde of undead charged through the ranks of the jesters. In a fight, one can’t be picky about the powers one’s allies wield. She smiled to herself. The battle, or this part of it, was nearly won.

A dark blotch passed overhead in the sky, plummeting down to land on top of one of the bone Vyrkul. The beast was an amalgamation, part rhinoceros, part cat, part shadow and part flame. It roared angrily as two Jesters trotted up beside it. And then it hacked… it coughed and seemed to vomit up a pool of blackness.

Peregrine quirked an eyebrow as the blackness spread, then took the shape of a woman, clearly one of Krystala’s masters. “Interesting choice for an entrance”, she laughed to herself.

The woman proceeded to mock and taunt the group, picking out singular weaknesses in each of them. She obviously sought to divide the group or unnerve them before they even made it inside to witness the horrors of the castle. Peregrine glanced at her companions, gauging their reactions. The Draenei warrior responded back with biting defiance. Bryah, from a rooftop simply nocked an arrow with grim determination. And then the sorceress’s tongue landed on her.

“And of course two talentless fools who have no place amongst this group, nothing more than weaklings and suck ups are what you are. Using your pathetic animals and magic arrows, and using nothing but your wits and a shield to keep you alive...even I have to admit that's pathetic”.

Peregrine stepped forward, towards the shadow beast and sorceress. Anger boiled in her chest, but she forced her voice to remain calm, almost uncaring. “To be called pathetic by a creature that is carried around inside a giant dogs stomach and that then exits the stomach as vomit is a new low, I assure you.” Her lip twisted in a sneering smile as she said it, “And you are correct, I survive by my wits and shield, but you have neglected one thing.” She paused a moment and then beat her shield with the flat of her blade with a resounding clang. “I survive by my blade as well, and you will become more acquainted with it.” She paused a second heartbeat, “Vomit woman.”
Rhaluzzian had fallen into a deep sleep some time before the group was attacked. He was comfortable enough to miss the initial assault. Catastrokon however, was wide awake with the first explosion. Tombclimber lept down from it's perch and immediatly assailed the first Jester that came near. Inadvertantly guiding the Jester and tearing an arm from it, Catastrokon crushed the construct's head in his hands, letting Tombclimber seek out a second victim to slow down.

Picking up his runeblade, he headed for the sounds of combat at the edge of town. A Jester ran straight for him, and he concidered the thing for a moment. It moved like it was alive, but for all it's magic, it was nothing. No passion, no rage, no fear. Almost not worthwhile. Almost. He slammed the massive blade flat against the Jester, stunning it as he swiftly stepped up beside it.

Slamming the blade against it's abdominal region, he rolled acorss it's back, landing on it's other side, sword tight in his grip. He then threw then jester as he had rolled, only now it travelled down the blade before rolling onto the dead soil. Before it could rise up again, his sword was buried into the head, destroying it. Tombclimber managed to lead another into an explosive and weaken it enough to get away and back to the death knight.

He saw the preistess near the down druid and fast marched over to them. He stood between the pair and the newest abomination, and then stuck his blade in the dead earth to summon up a fresh army of undead. There were a few new vykrul skeletons with the weapons they died with, and he managed to raise some skeletal mages to make up the lack of dead bodies to use.

By now Rhaluzzian had awoken, and after a split second to check his surroundings, jumped up and stood on the ledge of the room he jumped into. Constructs scurried about. Everyone else was shouting like idiots. Confident his pusslebox was safe, he jumped from the open wall and timed his landing to have a Jester break his fall. Planting his hands on it's back, he drained the life giving magics from it like he had so many other living creatures to weaken it.

Standing, he drew his crystalline blade and drove it into the head. It ceased resistance and he moved on. Rounding a corner, he paused as two more had their backs to him. He planted his sword in a wall, grinning as he cracked his knuckles. Throwing his left hand toward the ground, the shadows rising up and crashing hard against the Jesters. A step forward and his other hand, crackling in flame, dropped a rain of fire and brimstone. He took his blade again and walked toward them as the jesters came out of their stupor.

As they turned, he ignited an immolation on them, straining a little to hit them both with a burst to improve their conflagration. One rushed and he swung low, taking it's legs out from under it, then flung a wave of fire down his blade to the other. He gave them both his flanks as he harvested a little more life from them, then finished the standing one with a powerful Shadowburn. The other was nonthreatening to him, so he left it as he walked to join the group.

By now he was wreathed in flame, melting the snow, and his fel presense was starting to seep into the dead earth. In dead soil, it was little, but the corruption was twisting even the tiny bits of dead things. He walked up alone, not moving to join any person, and stopped, looking first at the construct then the woman. Whoever she was, she had to be crazy. Or undead. No one runs around in this cold dressed like that. No even demons.

"Is this what all the fuss is about? I was dreaming of ways to sway the Dragonqueen into being my consort. I am most disappointed," he said, his fel green eyes beginning to mix and twist his flames from orange to green.
Lineron eye twitched at Alisa when he said that his insanity would end up killing him. he looked towards Krystala with a insane smile on his face. "Krystala, my dear. Can we leave her alive? I would prefer to kill her slowly. Preferably with plagues until she is nothing but a sac of puss lying on the ground in a state of eternal agony." Lineron and Bonereaper snickered ta the women. Bonereaper pointed at her and laughed even more. "Master kill you.....kill you dead."

Daenith growled at her demonically. "I would prefer to just burn her to a crisp and be done with it. It gets the message across and it is extremely painful." Lineron scoffed at her.
"Nonsense! Plagues are far batter then fire. Actually now that I think about it....." Lineron crossed his arms in thought then snapped his fingers with a idea. "Why not both?" Daenith tilted her head in thought then shrugged in acceptance.
"Sure, I can accept that. Fire AND Plagues it is. But until we can discuss details...." Daenith's eyes glowed with demonic fury and she twirled her staff then pointed it at her. "I want to rip her smug face off with my claws. You can have the rest brother, dear." Lineron clapped with excitement.
"Oh thank you Daenith!" Lineron laughed insanely then pulled his runeblade from the ground and readied it. "I am going to enjoy killing you...." Lineron paused for a moment in thinking of a nickname for her. She looked her up and down then smiled evilly. "Lets go with wench. Yeah, I think that will work."
Alisa watched with amusement with all the retorts and all the insults that were thrown her way. Of course they would react so harshly, it was in their nature to. When one insults you, you would do the same, correct? It's a never ending cycle. It was here she saw their true colors, their personalities and their traits...a lot of them were in a way, interesting. Besides the Death Knights raising the Vrykul back from the dead, there were also a few demon tinged beings here as well. Her specialty was to toy with the mind and use the dark magics she learned to control things such as demons and shadow based beings.

To try and control one that is of warlock standards was harder, but she always relished the challenge, and it was her knowledge that she combined with her husband that made the two strong. Two shadowmages with two different specialties, combined together to teach each other to use their kind of magic. It was the same method they used with Krystala...teaching her everything they knew, only she did not have as much time to master it as they had.

That, however, did pose the problem with Krystala. She knew them, and everything about them, however that would hardly matter, she'd make her suffer later. "Wench...witch...I've gone by many names in times come to past...all of the accusers ended up with the same fate." She flicked the fan to open it, covering her mouth which grew a large and insane grin "I killed them..."

She chuckled "Oh...I can think of so many ways to torment you...I've got at least ten different ways to do it for all of you! Death Knights and Warlocks included...however, I do not have enough time for such luxuries, for there are more important things for me to do..."

Krystala ground her teeth together, glaring up at the woman she use to call 'master'. Of course, she wasn't here just to visit or to fight, she was here to waste their time! To buy more time for Project Midnight to be complete. It was almost stupidly obvious, why else would they send the abomination and then Alisa with it?!

Her eyes darted to the Sin'dorei warrioress that approached Alisa. Was she trying to get herself killed?!. She turned to Kal'tharon, who she could already see was having the same thoughts she was. Alisa just watched her, not making a move yet. Good, there was still time, enough time to get her out of there before Alisa decides to make a move and..

The woman's laugh cut Krystala's thoughts off, her gaze switching quickly back to her former teacher. It was a soft laugh at first, gentle, but after a while, she had threw her head back, wailing with laughter. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Vomit woman?!" She snapped her fan back, revealing her face; it would have a wide and large grin, her eyes wide, she had the look of a sadistic who taught the little Witch everything she knew. Krystala was, for a moment, reminded of herself.

"Is that honestly the best you could come up with?! Do you even have any idea on how teleportaion works?! You're nothing but a pathetic little wench and shall die as one!" It was here Kal stepped in "Peregrine! Peregrine get out of there! Quickly before she--!"

To late.

Alisa's skin had suddenly began to turn black, purple runes beginning to appear along her body. Her fingers turned into claws, a purple aura beginning to pulse of her form. Slowly, the skin color of her face began to take the same suit as the rest of her body, her eyes wide and her white teeth still noticeable "Such a naughty young woman, I'm going to have to punish you!"

With a single blur of movement, she'd grab the warrioress' throat. With strange and unholy strength, she would have lifted the woman - gear and all- into the air, purple runes pulsing on her arm "You're so weak...a child like you should have stayed in Silvermoon, were you could have stayed and done something more read a book. But no, you throw your life away just because you feel you can achieve something. Krystala leads you to your deaths, so does the Jailor....I don't see why you even bother, the out come would have been the same!"

With that she'd let go of the woman, but before she'd hit the ground, she'd take her left hand and ram it into the woman's stomach. With this, a burst of shadow energy would blast out of her fist, and would have sent the woman flying into the ring. Kal growled, quickly running to catch her. He'd expected her to be heavy, but when she hit him it felt like he was trying to catch a huge block of lead. His boots dug into the soft, dead earth, sliding back until he was knocked into the wall, his visor snapping back before he fell to his knees, Peregrine in his arms "You alright?" He'd ask, giving her a friendly grin. Krystala looked away from Kal with the confirmation that Peregrine was alright, or so she hopped anyway, and looked back to Alisa, who had thrown her head back and letting out yet another loud wail of laughter.

Alisa finally regained her composure, catching her breath, which resulted in large puffs of steam being released into the frigid air. She placed her hand on the construct beside her, who growled in response "Well...I think I've had my fun. Blacksnarl...I leave them to you. We don't care what happens to these fools...devour them if you wish." She said, her voice suddenly calm and cool again. Turning, the woman burst into a cloud of pure shadow energy, and with in a few moments, vanished from sight...Alisa Darkwrath had left.

When she did, runes began to glow on the construct. Like the runes Alisa had on her arms and legs, they'd appear on the beast as well. Three large runes would have been noticeable: Head, back, and under belly. Krystala smirked, of course these things had weak spots, it was unavoidable. Such constructs are going to have weak points during their creation.


She turned, looking over to the Jailor, Shinaria, who had her hand on the Huntress' Lion. It was obvious that she was waiting for Krystala's advice on the creature. Nodding, she spoke loud enough for everyone to hear "Alright, listen up, this thing is going to have three weak points; Head, back, and under belly. The head is probably going to be hard, the under belly the hardest out of the three. For now let's strike at the back and see what we can do."

Taking her stance, her katana held firmly in her hands, she nodded, indicating that's all she had to say for now. It was then that the construct attacked, launching itself at a few near by vrykul and knocking them back with a swipe of it's large paw. With it's mighty head, it bashed more away. Taking her chance, Krystala charged forward, waiting for the beast to impale one of the vrykul before she came from under him and uppercut the beast with her blade. It made a loud ringing sound as her black blade made contact with the beast's 'skin', but there was a noticeable notch where she had struck it.

Shinaria decided to use a range attack, murmuring prayers under her breath and pulling out her sword. Her blade would began to glow a holy light. She then made a cutting motion through the air, sending out a curved arc of holy energy surging towards the beast and striking it in the head, where it let out a screech in agony. In anger, the beast began to trample more Vrykul in it's path. As it fought, a few Shadow Jesters appeared once more, moving on the attack again, though not in as many numbers as they first started out.

Adrian let his head hang slack and sighed. The fight was on with this massive creature. He turned to Bryah, "Guess we'll have to chat later." he said. He swung his rifle over across his back and cinched his sling as tight as possible.

Taking a knee, he reached over his shoulder and pulled out one of the adhesive strips of seaforium explosive. He pushed two primers in to the end of the charge. Biting a length of detonation cord in his mouth, he added the blasting cap and wrapped the cord around it. Pulling about twenty feet out of it and wrapping it around his arm, he stood up with a look of pure insanity creeping across his face.

"Don't follow me." He ripped the film off of the adhesive side of the explosive and took off sprinting towards the beast thing. Ducking and rolling under the swing of one of its horns, he stumbled to his feet and slapped the charge on the right flank. In his haste, he only got about half of the charge on to the Rune. He cursed, but didn't have time to remedy his folly. Letting the rolled up det-cord off his arm, he sprinted away and dove over a small stone wall for cover, taking the safety off the detonator. He poked his head over the wall, "GET DOWN." he yelled to everyone. Counting to three to give everyone a moment, he slapped the detonator arm twice, the det-cord igniting and striking the blasting cap, setting off the explosive. He stood up and stuck the detonator in its respective pouch and unslung his rifle.

Moving in to position to the group's rear flank he began to engage the Jesters again. "My rifle won't be too effective against that big guy. And I don't feel like dying and wasting all of my explosives. I'll fight off the remaining Jesters." he informed the group, the leaders mainly. Clubbing a Jester across its face with the stock of his rifle, he pressed the muzzle against its head and fired two rounds in to it, not much being left over. Dodging a close strike, he stabbed the jester attacking him in the chest with his bayonet twice. Pushing it away with his foot, he backed away, rapidly firing rounds in to its center mass.

Needing to reload, he drew a fragmentation grenade and ripped the pin out, throwing it at the next Jesters as more of a means to keep them distracted while he dropped his empty magazine and locked in a fresh one. He kept the Jesters occupied as the rest of the more formidable group dispatched of the beast.
"Guess we'll have to chat later." he said. He swung his rifle over across his back and cinched his sling as tight as possible.

“Later.” Bryah turned to survey the buildings. She needed a vantage point that would give her a clear line of sight to the beasts forehead. Ah! Bingo, that will do nicely. She turned around again in time to see Adrian charge towards the massive creature. "Don't follow me."

She smiled and whistled for Blaze. “Don't worry, I don't intend to.” The dragonhawk chirped in front of her and hovered lower to the ground. Bryah climbed onto his back and pointed to a rooftop to the right of the creature, near the building she had spent the night in. “Up there boy.”

Blaze flew her up to the roof and deposited her near a chimney. Bryah smiled and stroked him on his belly, tickling his feathers. “Ok, let's get to work.” She gave Blaze a gesture and the dragonhawk flew up high, hovering for a few seconds. Diving down in a steep dive, he pulled out of it a few yards above the massive beast, letting forth a stream of firey breath that burned any jesters in range as well as hitting the rune on the cat like back of the creature. Bryah whistled and did the circling motion with her hand. The dragonhawk went back to his patrol of the area, taking aim at any jester he came across and incinerating them.

Bryah knelt on the rooftop, using the chimney as cover while she prepared to take a shot at the beast. She reached into her quiver and pulled out an arrow that had an explosive head wrapped around it. The arrow was a bit larger and thicker than a normal arrow, and she contemplated whether she should use it as she only had a few of those special arrows with her.

Her ears twitched with the sounds of the battle raging below her and she knew that she didn't have a choice. She had to try it. The arrow was fitted into her crossbow, the string drawn back as Bryah got into position. “Tomas, this had better work or so help me, there's going to be some major grovelling on your part if I get out of this alive.” She took aim at the beast's forehead, angling the arrow so it would pass behind the horn and fired. The arrow worked perfectly. After it left the crossbow, the arrow self ignited and split into three. Each arrow then shot towards its target, spreading out so that when they landed, they formed a triangle on the edges of the head rune and exploded.

Bryah moved position to attack the jesters that were trying to take advantage of the group's focus on the beast to do some damage of their own. She let forth a whistle that was a slightly different tone to the one she used for Blaze. Hades gave a low growl, then crouched low and inched his way towards the beast's belly. He gave it a swipe on the rune, adding to the damage already done by Adrian's explosives. The black cat then returned to Shinaria's side, attacking anything that got in range of his claws.

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