LF Weekend Raiders

You probably have seen my other post requesting a guild that raids on weekends or possibly during the week 9-12.

I wanted to see if there are any raiders out there who would be interested in forming a raid group that primarily raids on weekends?

So far I have myself (tri spec pally) and a resto shaman.

Would anyone else be interested in trying to put together a weekend raid group?

List the times or days here that you would be interested in raiding.
(tri spec pally) and a holy shaman.

Those specs sound interesting. Never met a holy shaman in game ;)
Perhaps posting on your toon you want to raid on would get more people interested.
While I'd need to see the toon you plan on raiding with <Lzuruha> is starting a 25m, Team Intrepid, and we're looking for more of everything. Our raids time are Saturday and Monday, 9pm-12pm.

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