looking for late night raiding guild

ilvl 474 restro druid/kitty os looking for a raiding guild with a start time or around 9 or 10pm server time. i can make any day as long as its 9-10pm start time. prefer as close to 9pm as possible. i am looking to possibly transfter my character to this server. currently its on guilneas and i am not having any luck raiding due to my late night raiding schedule. my current guild was only able to go 2/6 due to major problems with people not showing up. but i have done lfr and can easily watch the videos on youtube or other sites if needed. i also have a blood/frost dk and a ret/prot pally.
We are starting a second team and are in need of tanks and healers. Our first team is 16/16 normals and will fill-in until the team is fully established. The raids will be Fridays/Saturdays 9pm PST to midnight.

If you have questions, you can contact me at Solanara#1864

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