Frost/Blood and Surv Looking for raid group

Hello, my girlfriend and I are looking for a 10 man group/guild to raid with that runs on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Thursday(possibly Wednesdays) any time in the evening.

We got a late start to MoP so are only 4/6 exp right now, but have heroic raiding experience through Cata.

I am a 470 blood/478 frost dk and she is a 482 survival hunter.

If you have any questions, you can find me on Xalek or Hesa, or my battle tag ZopDawg#1548.
If you guys can make our times (Tue/Wed/Thu, 11pm-3am server), look me up in game.
We are interested, ill look for you in game.
Spoke to one of your members earlier, unfortunately I forgot to mention and have since updated my post, that we are looking for a 10 man group. My computer has a rough time in 25 mans and on some fights I go as low as 1 fps so that wouldnt work. Thanks for the consideration though.
Ah, makes sense. Good luck on your search.
<Calamitous Intent> is currently open for recruitment for a Tank and a couple DPS for 5.2 Progression. Originally a group of friends clearing old content through, we've decided to all transfer to the same server to build a solid core group for Current Content and Heroic Progression.

Our core members experience in hardcore progression ranges all the way back to vanilla, and our expertise and experience has served in many top guilds of our previous servers. We're not looking for players geared with full 5.0 Heroic Raid gear, but players who:
  • Commit to pushing their expectations to the limits during progression
  • Have experience in Hardcore Raid Progression play-styles
  • Can react positively to intense situations that would otherwise change the outcome of the attempt
  • Have the ingenuity to participate in strategizing boss fights, overall helping the raid
  • ----------------------------------

    Our raid days are set in stone, but subject to add another day come progression nights. The raid times are at the moment in a general area, but may change.

    Raid times are as follows:
  • Tuesday: 9pm-12pm MST
  • Thursday: 9pm-12pm MST
  • Sunday: 9pm-12pm MST
  • ----------------------------------

    What classes is Calamitous Intent looking for?
    We are under recruitment, and all classes are considered. Specifically, we are looking for a few core roles and classes for our main core group.

    Group 1 is looking for:
  • Prot Warrior -or- Guardian Druid
  • Resto Shaman
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Warlock

  • ----------------------------------

    What Calamitous Intent has to offer:
    Not only will we be progression 5.2 in a Heroic Hardcore manner, but we like to have fun. On off days, we will be hosting Firelands/Dragon Soul/BWD/BoT/Throne/ICC runs for those who still have interest in finishing their legendary questlines, or looking to pickup a new set of transmog. All of these events will be hosted through

    Aside from raiding, our guild is also open to casual play, and even an alt run group with reduced raid days and times.

    Other minor things include:
  • Functional Website, with ease of access
  • Mumble server
  • Guild Bank access with guild repairs, and plenty of funding
  • Guild advancement, will be looking for officers
  • ----------------------------------

    If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this thread, or contact myself or my co-leader in-game.

    Kliché (Alt Code 0233) or NRGETiK#1930

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