Rusty Cutlass Buccaneers (A-RP)

Wyrmrest Accord
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Avast me hearties!

If ye be interested in sailin' the highseas and plunderin' ships for their treasures, then ye came to the right place! It don't matter if ye be Horde or Alliance so long as ye know how ta sail! Yes must leave yer petty squabbles with the other landlubbers if ye want ta be part of my ship, or we'll have ye keelhauled! Savvy?

So, if ye still be interested then stay a while and have some rum with us. We'll find out if ye'll fit in on me ship, The Sea Wolf. Take a seat and be sharp about it ye scurvy dog, I don't have all day!

Alizabeth Dierde Kearse
Admiral of Rusty Cutlass Buccaneers

Rusty Cutlass Buccaneers is a neutral rp pirate themed guild. We qualify as medium-heavy rp, but we are now also working on starting up challenge mode and 10 man teams. Currently we are in need of a tank and dps, though everyone is welcome! We are a level 25 guild that is looking to expand it's members.

We only have a small list of requirements to join so far so I'll state those now:

1.) In order to join the guild you must complete an in character 'interview' or have your character pressganged (kidnapped) by some of our members.

2.) Your character must make at least a certain amount of sense within the lore of the game. Of course Blizzard does not seem super consistent so I allow a bit of leeway with this. So long as you have a good reason for your character, and it makes sense, we'll most likely allow you to join.

3.) We prefer that your character has at least a rough background. I understand that not everyone likes to do detailed background so we just want to make sure that you at least have something in mind for your characters history.

See, it's a small list. I'll likely add more later as I think of them, but for now there isn't much. We do have a guild website at so feel free to visit us there.

If you have any questions you can contact the following:
Admiral Dierde - You can also find me on Eileanoir or Ingrede
Captain Taylere
Captain Talidin
No, but I have plans involving Booty Bay. There are reasons that we don't rp there often.

Though, after the rp that I'm working towards wraps up we may start doing that.
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Up with you again. We reached 25 today!!!

Sorry I've been off a bit guys. :[ When yo car gets scrapped and tossed about the valley, you gotta do what you can.
Oh my gosh, you don't have to worry about that hun. Just keep in touch on the website. <3
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Thank you for the bump Pheola!
Yar. Ye' know, ye' probably shouldn't be usin' a rusty cutlass, ya' might hurt someone with it! Yar! I'll be givin' ye' landlubbers a bump anyways! Fer the... however many seas be on Azeroth! Now excuse me, I've a date with a mug of ale!
Are you guys open to blueside alts from a primarily red side player? I can't make any promises on garunteed activity; RL has been absolute hell on multiple fronts, and has notoriously been sucking the fun out of everything. I leveled a mage to 85 before/after mop, and it started to bother me that I've just kinda used him to scope the allyside AH.

Also: Have a free bump.
Thank you both!

I don't have a problem with alts being in the guild, so long as you can log on at least once a month then we're happy. Of course we would like you to be more active then that, but that's the most we require.

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