Rusty Cutlass Buccaneers (A-RP)

Wyrmrest Accord
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*Slugs down another ale*
Thank you Aius!

-raises a mug of rum-
Up with you again!
Arr! Do you have room on yer ship for another rogue? I'd like to join ya if ya do! I'll bring the ale!
Red side bump!
You are more then welcome to join up with us Red! I need to update the contact list.

You can contact me, Taylere, or Raglin in game for an interview. ^_^

Thank you Cia!! <3
Back to the top with you.
Bump for RCB.
Another push for RCB!
Bump for new besties!

Seriously though. I am not one normally for group RP, but the RCB make it fun and engaging. Its been a blast fleshing out Arkhamir and I look forward to more fun times ahead.

Particularly once I get through questing to 90.
<3 Thank you Ark! You'll get there in no time. ^_^

Not all of us are heavy rpers, but a good number of us do try to get together and rp a few times a night, or some even do it every night. I'm glad you've been having fun with us!
To the top with you again RCB
HEY! I want to join you guys, but cannot decide on a class.

I am down to Rogue, Hunter, Warrior or Monk.
HEY! I want to join you guys, but cannot decide on a class.

I am down to Rogue, Hunter, Warrior or Monk.

I vote Warrior! We don't have any of those that I am aware of. Ark could definitely use a meatshie- I mean tank, to stand between him and the bad people. I am horrible at kiting.

@My buddies in RCB - I miss you guys! I have eight more pieces left to farm on Cianyr, and then I will be taking a well deserved break to RP again. Dierde- If the ship(s) leave port before I get back, then you can assume Ark is on board one of them.
Okay, thank you, Ark. We miss you too!!

And yeah, Warrior or Monk would be good. We had a monk but he recently quit the game. <3
Up with you again!
Want to apologize about not getting back into contact with you, currently working on my own guild that, when it gets off the ground, could have come fun events with you all.

But, we can still work on some Guard vs Pirate RP, contact either myself on Bastill or Eardinn.
It's okay. We'll be sure to get in contact with you soon. ^_^
Back to the first page with you.
And a bump to the top for RCB!

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