Savage Roar Rework for PvP

When you said "re-work" savage roar you implied to me you had an idea of how to do that to improve feral pvp without dumbing it down back to mangle, rake, rip and then run off while your opponent dies a horrible death they can't avoid.

But it sounds to me like you're just asking it to be removed again, which is not what the good ferals want.
Not exactly. I wouldn't want to dumb down anything. I did suggest removing it, true, but only as an option. But I'd prefer a 3rd DoT or removing the CP requirement versus removing it entirely. Crap, have it stack on mastery so that subsequent bleeds are more effective while base damage is standard so we can at least Shred/FB without a massive drop in damage. Either way, I'm not a developer nor lead class designer. I'm sure they can come up with something better.

Mainly I want to draw more attention to how pivotal and terrible this ability is in PvP. It seems like they're currently oblivious, as if the Savage Roar glyph "fixed" the problem.

Edit: I see how the title of this post is misleading, that was unintentional. It was meant as an abbreviation. My original post title is more accurate in the BG forum.
How about re-working the entire combo point mechanic: instead of building to 5 combo points, we build to 3 combo points (similar to that of paladin holy power).

So damage from combo point #2 and #4 would be removed. This way building combo points would take less time, so for PVE our DPS would go up a small amount, and for PVP there is still a rev-up time, just not so punishing with all the current CC's in the game.

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