<BulletProof Nerds> LF Healer & Caster

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<BulletProof Nerds> Stormrage - US

Looking for the following for core spot!
Healer - Monk, Druid, Shammy
DPS - Mage, Boomkin, Ele Shammy or Shadow Priest

We raid only 3 nights a week Mon, Tues & Thurs 9p-12p EST (server time).

We are a 10m guild.

ToT: 9/12

The exceptional player we seek MUST have some logs (from World of Logs) and be able to rank & avoid standing in stupid.

BPN is a lvl 25 guild and provides the following for raiders:

We expect very near 100% attendance since we only raid 9 hours a week it shouldn't be too hard. We expect you to know your class, perform at the top of your class, have raid awareness not to stand in stupid and be aware of upcoming changes to your class.

Apply @ www.bulletproofnerds.com
If you have questions or would like to chat add my battle.net @ SCHLUP#1342
Still looking.
Well you can hit me up in game and chat if ya want.

Main reason I am posting is ...

What else does your guild do?
Any PvP at all?

Oh yeah basic stuff 493ilvl
4/6 hMV
6/6 HoF
4/4 ToES

I am in a newly transferred guild right now.
I am looking for a better fit for my schedule as I dont currently raid.
I am sub and fill in when needed.
I am sure there are some logs about if you really need 'em.
But I'm a lock ... DPS is good if you faceroll a lock. LOL
Káos add my real id so we can chat.
Bump for a great raid group !

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