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Earthen Ring
I am back and better than ever! Well technically I never went away, I just have not focused on direct buys as much. Now I have a problem, I have this gold burning a hole in my pocket and I need more stuff!

I am looking for large quantities of items and the prices are maintained on my google doc found here or

Most notable is I need lots and lots of Ghost Iron Ore and I just raised my buy price to 60 gold per stack!

My prices are competitive for those looking to sell large quantities or just want to dump some items for some quick gold. You can COD all items to Armethious or Armbank. If you wish to make a trade in person, just send me an in game whisper or join the channel armbuys. No amount is too large!

Due to the volume of transactions I maintain, I am unable to negotiate different deals for people outside of rare circumstances.
I apologize, I meant to post that from my main.

I also forgot to mention that those prices are for alliance side only. If you are on horde side, I can still buy the items, but subtract 15% and I can accept CoD only on Belecia.
I have 300 golden lotus to sell you, please contact me in-game (mail is fine) to confirm if you want that many at your standard price, 15 stacks x 1100 x .85= 14,025.
Thanks for the Golden Lotus!

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