A question about Sin'dorei and magic!

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No, this is not an addiction question! Most of us know they are addicted to magic, in one form or the other.

The question I had is that the lore states that Quel'dorei (and now Sin'dorei) are highly magical races by nature. That is why they have Arcane Torrent, Magic Resistance, and Arcane Affinity. In the past they had Mana Tap as well.

So, would it be totally unbelievable to say that the average Blood Elf, at least one with any sort of basic education, would know some small/minor spells? I do not mean anything big or even combat-related like a fireball. I was meaning more tiny but ‘useful’ spells, like...making a small light to read by or enchanting a broom to sweep? A spell to get a book down from a shelf without a ladder? To start a little spark for a small campfire?

In a lot of settings, even elves with no real magical training have knowledge of simple spells and/or cantrips. I understand WoW is not the same as those settings, but there are some similarities. I was wondering if it would be acceptable/viable to say that my Sin’dorei could have a small, simple, limited command of very weak, non-combat-useful spells.
The magic comes natural to them, but it's more about controlling the flow of arcane and mana rather than casting spells. Mana tapping, as it were!

The way I see it spells require knowledge, learning the way to cast and so forth, and in some cases even rites and rituals.

Blood elf culture is centered around their racial abilities, sure. So it's not really out there to say most belves have a training, even minorly, in magic and spell-casting. Perhaps they learned enough for parlor tricks and convenience, what have you.

So, yes, it would be absolutely fine to cast a few spells as a blood elf rogue/warrior/simpleton (to the caliber you are describing) but such spells would still require some form of minor tutoring.
Sounds good to me.
I don't see why not. There's magic pouring out of every crevice in Silvermoon city, every citizen is tapping magic, fel or otherwise. Almost everything seems to be enchanted. Wouldn't be surprised if most, if not all Blood Elves, knew a few simple spells, if only to assist in cleaning and daily living.
I actually roleplay a lot of my very old NElves this way. At least, the ones that were Highborne.(I really like the Highborne).

Because it was so widespread, even Sin here knows a few spells if she can't actually -cast- most of them.

She can like... light a fire. And that's about the extent of her power.
I agree with the above posts. The Sin'dorei are extremely adept with magic. It's a second nature to them. The entire area of Quel'thalas is a perfect example, almost everything floats. There's no one standing around actively making a building stay stationary in the air. I do believe the belf wandering with ambassadors makes a remark about how's it's easy enough for them to spend magic on trivial things as floating potted plants. You also have those brooms happily dancing about.
As a race with a culture that focuses so heavily on their talent with the arcane, it would stand to reason that most, if not all, have at least a basic skill with magic. Nobles probably more so, seeing that the society is so aristocratic and gaudy.
I've always explained Magic and Blood Elves this way:

We live in a highly computerized society. Does that mean everyone knows how to program a computer?
No, but they're affected and benefited by computers all the time.
Do you have to have a BS in Computer Science to understand programming though?
I'm not a computer expert but I know a little C++ and a little BASIC.
Now replace computers with magic, and programming with spells.

To directly answer your question: Yes it's possible but I wouldn't get into an Arcane Snowball Fight with a Frost Mage though.
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To directly answer your question: Yes it's possible but I wouldn't get into an Arcane Snowball Fight with a Frost Mage though.

If it was possible to have signatures on this forum, this is what I would have.

Thank you all! Seth here is a noble, given the best education his family could buy. I've always RPed him as being a 'failed' Mage when he was younger, half due to a lack of inherent talent and half just because he was a total slacker in his childhood days. Even so, I would assume some would have to stick so I was thinking about if he would know a few simple little magics that might be useful.

So, it sounds like it is viable that he could use a few easy spells to make his general life easier, but no he wouldn't be near any Mage with a lick of talent.
There are members of most races who possess magical affinity. In humans (pre third war), if someone was identified with this trait, they'd go to Dalaran to hone it. Same with Night Elves pre-sundering, there were members who did, and members who did not.

The point about Quel'dorei (and Sin'dorei), is they're descendants of those who did. They all have that born affinity to Arcana. Even if they don't complete formal Mage training, magic is still an irrefutable part of their culture.

Little displays of magical ability wouldn't be out of place, I'd say.
I've been thinking about some Hunter abilities as well that might fit into the idea that Seth has limited access to magic, but far from what a true caster (Mage, Warlock, etc.) would have.

Arcane Shot could easily be infused with a bit of magical energy to slice through armor or fly straighter.

Frost or Fire traps could be a small access to very minor versions of the Mage spells that call Frost Nova or Flamestrike, etc.
02/14/2013 06:49 PMPosted by Sethalaen
I was meaning more tiny but ‘useful’ spells, like...making a small light to read by or enchanting a broom to sweep? A spell to get a book down from a shelf without a ladder? To start a little spark for a small campfire?

I'd expect the following for these examples (starting at the presupposition that most elves have some innate magical ability): small light, maybe; enchanting a broom, no; getting a book, debatable; spark to start a fire, yes.

Spark to start a fire would likely be the simplest of these examples -- you need to do one fairly small thing, and it only takes a second. Maintaining a light would likely be harder -- it's not significantly larger of a thing, but you'd need to maintain it for as long as you were reading. Moving a book would probably be more difficult -- you need to physically affect the world, not just conjure a small amount of general energy. Making a broom sweep would be the most difficult -- it needs to physically affect the world, and either sustain that affect for a time, or somehow imbue that broom with a rudimentary knowledge/skillset and energy to continue on its own accord.

You could probably make the case for some of these in different ways (such as a non-mage enchanter being much more adept at imbuing everyday items with small amounts of magic), but I think the vast majority of untrained elves would be very limited in the scope and duration of such displays.
Interesting points! I haven't really 100% decided anything as far as what Seth is capable of as far as little cantrips/spells. I'm definitely open to ideas and suggestions.

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