Pet issues in arenas.

Has anyone else had the issue where their pet starts an arena between 20-50% health and is still taking dots from the previous arena? This has been happening off and on to me for months, put in bug reports been checking for hotfixes but nothing. i run double dps so my pet dies sometimes before the arena gates even open, or if im late calling my pet hell take the dots while im stealthed and break his stealth leaving me to be found. please fix this blizzard, it took you about a year to admit powershot was broken, please dont take another year to fix this.
I know exactly what you mean but unfortunately it doesnot look like a bug.
Many hunters switch pets while in arena, for example they try to kill your pet and you dismiss/call new pet before they kill it. Your 1st pet should keep all the dots still when you resummon it.
Easiest workaround is to always check your pets before next match and you are fine.
I didn't switch pets. And it does seem like a bug because everything should be reset once you are in a new arena. (even if you did use multiple pets), i dont want to have to check all my pets in between arenas if i did use more than one. It has to be a bug, and most of the time when it happenes i am able to catch it before the gates open but its still annoying and sometimes it does actually kill my pet.

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