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The other thing to consider about the changes (specifically to DA) is that our mastery also got changed. I haven't done any math on it, but every point of mastery not only increases our absorb amount but also increases our overall base raw healing by .8% so while our crits wont be as "big" feeling as other healers, the base healing AND absorb will be increased to some degree by mastery. I'm interested to see how the changes play out and I at least am glad the devs are actively trying to make bold changes that may lead us in a direction of putting disc in a spot that isn't either supremely overpowered or totally weak (as it has basically fluctuated between the two for several expansions)

I don't know how you do your raids, etc. But while yes, the tank takes up larger portion atonement healing - random log browsing, let's say 30%, the other 70% went out to the rest of the raid as spot healing. That's 70% that benefits more from a straight up 100+100+DA crit than a 100 + DA.

Well... I only do LFR runs weekly, I'm not even playing my OP Priest much because I'm bored, but last time I checked it was kinda the opposite. More than 70% of my Atonement healing (and I do nothing else than that in LFR, not even SS) was directed to both tanks, the rest were mostly used by melee characters, that are susceptible to take damage and step on the fire more, making shields also very useful.

The damage taken by other raid members "sporadically" represents only a small amount of overall healing, and other healers are much better healing these than us. I don't like to see my "smart" Atonement heal healing that Hunter or Mage that got to 70% hp, and I don't mind if he gets all healed up by any other AoE cast by other healers, since he's not likely to take damage afterwards.

The one thing we get really weak at is to fill up bars of the entire raid when huge AoE damage is done to everyone. But we have tools to prevent some of that damage through SS + PoH and Shield Barrier, and also do some healing after those phases with the lvl 90 talent of your choice. But this kind of damage is better suited to be healed by Shamans or Druids or whatever AoE healer.

I know I'm not doing 25 heroics and such, but I still think these changes are good to stablish our niche as shielders. Discipline is one out of 6 healing specs, it's ok if we are good at something but suck at others. If our DA from Atonement crits go to waste it's not like it will be the end for us.
02/15/2013 07:13 AMPosted by Caramelo
We got great buffs for PvP.

Sorry if this sounds terribly pessimistic but no, actually we didn't. Nearly all of the earlier "buffs" we received were offset by a counterbalancing nerf. And the true buffs we did receive did next to nothing to address our actual PVP issues.

It all depends on what Blizzard's next step is for Disc PVP. They say they will discuss it; here's to hoping they actually address the additional issues they are continually creating with changes such as these...
Most of the encounters in 5.2 look like they have some pulsing or consistent aoe. Aegis isn't going to get wasted. And even if it was...

You aren't actually going to be generating more aegis than you are now.

The change is basically taking the "double healing" from your crits and redistributing it equally among all of your heals. The size of the shields you generate when you crit is roughly equal to what it was before the changes (off by 10% or so depending on how much mastery you have).

- We are going to make the new Divine Aegis undispellable.

!@#$ Yeah!
It might be hard to really analyze without seeing in action. The net result sounds like a small improvement for PVE, basically that PW:S can crit. Atonement doesn't really enter into it much either way. Crits are crits, no matter what spell you're looking at.

Disc is getting its niche emphasized, you pay the most attention to whoever is likely to receive damage and put absorbs in front of it. Spot healing where the target won't take further damage will kinda suck. Crits on someone that's taking massive damage will be amazing, without huge overhealing.

One quirk is that disc may want an alternate gear set to swap crit>haste whenever spot healing is absolutely vital, but I can't think of any places where low-frequency damage at completely random targets is a serious danger.
Hmm...this seems it would be a hindrance on a fight like Tsulong where we would WANT that crit heal to be a heal and not a freakin' bubble.
If I did the math right, this should be our new outputs:

Current Stats/Percents w/ Buffs:
Int - 16599
Crit - 1229 - 15.84%
Mastery - 4636 - 51.82%
Haste - 3039 - 12.15%

5.2 Stat Changes
Mastery Absorbs - 4636 - 33.11%
Mastery Healing - 4636 - 16.58%

5.1 Greater Heal
Average Non-Crit: 82631.00
Average Crit: 165262.00
Divine Aegis: 125447.63
Total Crit Output: 290709.63

Avg Output: 115587.19

5.2 Greater Heal
Average Non-Crit: 96332.32
Divine Aegis: 128226.52
Total Crit Output: 224558.84

Avg Output: 116641.27

It will be a big change for Prayer of Healing:

5.1 Prayer of Healing
Average Non-Crit: 31610.00
Divine Aegis: 23994.62
Average Crit: 63220.00
Divine Aegis Crit: 47989.25
Total Non-Crit Output: 55604.62
Total Critical Output: 111209.25

Avg Output: 64411.47

5.2 Prayer of Healing
Average Non-Crit: 36851.36
Divine Aegis Crit: 49052.30
Total Critical Output: 85903.66

Avg Output: 44620.43
This is the final straw! We have to get this changed and fixed immediately! I've played since classic and I'm going to quit if they don...

Oh wait, these are good changes?

WTH Why didn't they buff us more? I can't stand how it's always other classes who get th

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