I want to play a good DoT class

I have a warlock at 87 I find it fun and will level it to 90 some day but I also have this 77 priest that I like... Which would be a better dot class? I keep hearing afflic is poor in pvp and thats what I would mainly do.
Affliction is poor in PvP from what I hear too, demo is apparently the best of the three warlock specs.

However, Spriests got moved over from a DoT spec to more of a burst spec. They still have several DoTs they through up, but they are nothing like they used to be when most of their damage was through MF spamming, and VT, DP, and SWP.
From what I am experiencing, reading, and theorizing about Spriests we will be focusing less on the damage from dots and more of the procs from dots allowing us to stay mobile with damage. Against many classes getting VT off can be a mission of it's own and having the luxury of standing and channeling MF is rare. It seems as though blizzard is moving us more into a proc/burst spec and less of a true DoT spec.
Both affliction and spriest are brought to RBGs for their dispel protection. I haven't paid much attention to afflic-locks damage but spriests can pump a lot of damage with VT/SW:P/instant blast/spikes, and mass dispel is really nice utility. I'm pretty sure it isn't worth it for afflic-locks to just dot everyone as they used to right? I think 2-3 targets max then use haunt/malific grasp on the burn target. I'm actually leveling my lock to 90 right now and was planning on playing affliction so would love to hear from a decent rated RBG lock about your rotation and how many people you throw your dots on...
Shadow Priest out class the Affliction lock on many levels. I'm affliction and feel out classed by most if not all other classes. I know my gear is not at cap but I should be able to compete in pvp/pve with the gear I have.... I feel as if I'm the red headed step child of WoW.

I quit back in cata when they gutted warlocks, and will be quitting soon when they gut warlocks again. Go priest, mage, shammy, hunter, rouge, monk, anything but don't waste your time in the lock class....

Just my opinion.

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