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Dear wow as a hunter it is hard as hell to get a Taoren the soul burner ! I have run Terrace over 2 mounths 3 to 4 times a week now and use tokens every time! I noticed their are 3 other hunter class items on the same boss as well as Taoren making it hard to get! that is 4 hunter class items on one boss! On top of it you have 2 hunter belts droping in the same dungen (Terrace) one of them droping on 3rd boss . Also you only have 2 Hunter class items droping on The last boss that makes for kind of an odd balence. the drop rate is so low and with 4 other items on one boss it reduces the chance to get Taoren the soul burner. Please up the drop rate (5.0 drop rate increse was not enough) or move one of the hunter class items to the last boss. take a look at the amount of taoren's out their compared to other sha wepons. tiered of wasting Tokens on such a key peice of gear that wow has put so much effort into making it part of legendery gear. But yet over looked at the chances of getting it dew to putting to many other Hunter class drop iteams on one boss.
Dat block o text & spelling.

Anyhow RNG is RNG.

I had 10 kills before Will dropped my bow.

9 for Lei Shi to drop my Gun.

That fact that you can even work on the legendary on LFR is a privilege.

If your so hell bent on a legendary, try getting farther in normal for more drop chances.

That or I just got trolled. w/e
It's definitely feels like a bummer to be so unlucky. It feels like I've watched many new, non-hunter recruits cycle through multiple weapon upgrades from MSV then HoF and ToES. I think it would have felt better if there had been a bow or gun in HoF, but perhaps that's just jealousy talking. I missed a couple of weeks over the holidays so don't have that many Lei Shi kills, but I can't help feeling that zero guns in our guild's 8 25-man Lei Shi kills seems a little excessive.

I accept that RNG is a necessary part of the equation. What makes it hard to overlook is the value of the upgrade. 800 agi in gems slots on one weapon, plus the baseline damage range of the Toaren versus the MSV is significant.

All you can really do is keep beating other players, regardless of their gear and let it make you feel even better about your contribution. That's what I aim for every raid.
02/15/2013 11:14 AMPosted by Karamok
beating other players
and rub it in their face too
This is a legitimate complaint IMO - if the weapon is the best option by a long shot and there's only a 3.75% chance of getting it per kill.. then a lot of people are going to be majorly disadvantaged by RNG>
Taoren just doesn't want to socialize with every Hunter that comes his way. Ain't that right beautiful?
Tonight marks my 15th run on ToES LFR. Each time I have used the token. So 30 chances at this item and still no drop. It makes very little sense to have an item that is obviously and so frustratingly hard to obtain with a legendary gem sitting in my bag the whole time with no where else to put it. I understand changes are to be made in the next patch and that is great! However, this content will then be outdated and with no way to upgrade the item now that the upgrades have been removed, what's the point?

As fatigued as I am having to run this content every week waiting for the one and only drop I need, it wouldn't be nearly as frustrating if the tokens provided some sort of progressive buff that allowed, at a certain point, to guarantee(ie %100percent) said item to drop even if it is on the very last week before the next major patch. You can talk RGN all day. But really this is just poor design.

Furthermore, I am also aware that the bags dropping on LFR are being changed. This is also a good change. Having a set amount of gold in a bag is really dull.
You run the instance 3-4 times a week?

I'd totally up that number to 8-9 times a week. I mean, if you really want the bow you have to put in the effort. Right?
...wow. 30+ times. RNG is RNG. Sorry bro.

iz sowwy
I know a hunter that has killed Lei Shi 21 times on LFR + 4 on normal, almost every time using a coin.

He's still using a 463 gun.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Taoren is another Fan of Fiery Winds.
I know a hunter that has killed Lei Shi 21 times on LFR + 4 on normal, almost every time using a coin.

He's still using a 463 gun.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Taoren is another Fan of Fiery Winds.

No, we've had it drop for sure.
This is the first instance when a hunter complained that there were too many hunter items. I hope other people remember where they were when this occurred.

@op: rng sucks, but if you already got it you would have no reason to keep queueing for it outside of VP. So I suppose in a way keeping the carrot ahead of you keeps you coming back.
02/27/2013 06:24 AMPosted by Xiic
No, we've had it drop for sure.

The fan dropped before its hotfix too, just with a much lower rate.
At least T15 will have a bunch more weapons for everyone so this shouldn't be as common an occurance.
02/27/2013 08:23 AMPosted by Litchi
The fan dropped before its hotfix too, just with a much lower rate.

Pretty sure it did not but anyways RNG is RNG. We have had 0 daggers drop off lei shi despite me and our other rogue coining on it every week whereas the hunter gun has been going to DE for the past month. And I know the dagger isn't bugged either because we recruited a rogue the other week who has 2 heroic daggers, a normal dagger and an LFR dagger. Sometimes you just get unlucky and yes it sucks when its the weapon you are unlucky on but at least its only 1 or 2 pieces.
I understand that to get gear we must deal with RNG. My only problem is that I think Blizzard could have chosen a better prototype for RNG than Eileen Warnos.

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