Nerf warlocks

They injured 500 people with the inferno in russia
8/10 made me Lol.
I heard it was 1,100.
First creative thread I've seen here in a while, well done OP.

nah what was a warriors heroic leap and a thunderclapg
*golf clap*
Yea? Well it took 3 months for me to summon that damned meteor and all I got out of it was simply damaging 1,100 people.

Now fire mages, those are the OP ones. Theres a guy that killed 400 people in 15 seconds! Killed them! All warlocks can do is break glass! (Mind you a couple million in glass)
No, just nerf Hand of Gul'dan.
Sorry guys was pvp'in this morning. Went to summon the infernal and nothing happened.. guess i know now where he ended up.
Honey infernal dont give a !@#$.
They're gonna nerf Mannoroth's Fury again because of this, aren't they...
Russians should have stacked resil.
I wonder if the meteorite has the Codex of Xerrath inside it.
I admit I saw the thread title and was going to sarcastically post some variance of "original thread" etc. Turns out it actually was an original thread.
Actually made me LOL. 10/10

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