buy, upgrade, or save?

Alright, druids, Patch 5.2 is nigh upon us and valor will carry over. Do I buy one more valor gear, upgrade, or save? My resto set is viewable in the armory (and feels pretty solid in regular raids), and my boomie set so far is the Snowdrift Helm, 489 Cape of Three Lanterns, Blossom of Pure Snow trinket, and Relic of Yu'lon trinket. Following Skyotter's advice I'd like to stack mainly intel & crit for the boomie set, so Statue Summoner's Treads look pretty good and they would be the best improvement to my ilevel right now (how important is that now if I can get into the new lfrs right now?) - but my Phasewalker Striders look like a good hybrid (intel, spirit, crit). I could upgrade the Jin'ya but I really want a Kri'tak >.< Is the Relic of Yu'lon worth upgrading? I have more options than time right now lol. What should I do?
it depends;
if you aren't anywhere near heroic gear//full BIS from tier 14, I'd say save up 3k so you can buy the neck & trinket immediately (the 522 from the presumed raid rep stuff). Yeah, the neck is hit/haste, and the trinket is static hit/agi proc, but it'll probably be better than what you can get from valor pieces, LFR, or even normal raiding.

if you are at or near full BiS from tier 14, it's pretty much at your discretion - I'd say no (the 509 neck from HoF upped to 517 is better, imo, for being mastery/crit than the hit/haste neck). As far as the 522 trinket goes, it having hit is just bad in general, and I hear it's ICD doesn't stack up well compared to Heroic Bottle+Heroic Terror. Upgrade existing gear, IMO, so you can go into the next raid tier strong, and pick up those valor pieces if your first couple weeks of the new raid aren't kind on drops/coins for you.
gotta save, even if your upgrading heroic gear 512>522. And some of the items are buyable at neutral so you'll be able to use it.

Not to mention you also keep your valor up for when you hit friendly/honored/revered.

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