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Hi, We are a Holy Pally, Warrior, Shadow/Holy Priest and Hunter. Our raiding team has fallen apart and we are now looking for a new home. We are willing to server change or faction change. Currently we are horde frostmourne and all reside along the east coast of Australia. We are all 11/16 experience, and fast learners.

We all have extensive raiding experience, and want to stay together so are looking for a team that can take all 4 of us. But we understand if thats not possible. At the very least the Warrior and Holy Pally would like to stay together. We are looking for core positions.

For further information please reply to this thread or contact Boo in game tashboo#6896
You know, having 4 ppl, it might be a thought to start your own raiding guild?
we were a guild, had around 5-6 people leave due to real life. Tried to rebuild. Apparently no one on alliance Frostmourne is looking for a guild.
Lol at just dumping the priest and hunter and leaving them for dead.

In all seriousness though, FM Alliance side does have a lot of activity all the time, so while you may have trouble looking for a guild taking 4 people, you shouldn't have too hard a time trying to find likeminded players for your own raiding guild. I did the same thing a while ago. This server's community is great for that.

Good luck to you all, though.

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