Seeing demon abilities on pet bar.

I'm wanting to be able to see and mess around with different pet abilities on my pet bar. I'm leveling, so I don't currently use Sacrifice. I'm using Supremacy for a good pocket tank (the blueberry). Specifically, I'm wanting to use it to taunt targets specifically that are out of its range and freecasting at me, but I can't find a way to turn that on on my pet bar. I just have its stances, and attack/follow/move to.

I'm using Bartender4 currently. Is there an issue with it not showing pet abilities? If not, any way to turn this on? Or am I just going to have to use the Attack command only?
It's not an issue with Bartender. Sometimes the pet cast bar just doesn't get populated with abilities for some reason.

If you open up your spellbook, you should see a tab that says "Pet" at the bottom that will have all of your pet-specific abilities. Just drag those onto the pet bar. What you're probably looking for is the VW's (and Felguard's/Wrathguard's) tank "stance", Threatening Presence. Just left-click the ability once to activate it or right-click to toggle whether the pet will autocast it.
Ah thank you, sir. :] Forgot I could just yank those right out of the spellbook.

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