Looking for new home

Hi, with the recent decision for our guild to disappear without telling us, We are looking for a new guild to call home. We have been raiding together since wrath. We all have heroic raiding experience in the past just having trouble finding something that fits. Not looking to be carried. Want to hit 5.2 running and kill !@#$.

Acidtrip - Warlock
Eluvium - Disc Priest
Jusjus - Mage
Insipidus - Resto Shaman

Availability: Tues Thurs Sunday. 9pm CST - 12/1am (with out schedules these are the only days, Possible Mondays but don't get your hopes up)
We raid those times but Tues, Wed, Sun :/

We are always open for backup raiders, but I'm not sure this is the position you want. If all else fails we would gladly welcome you and your friends to our guild.


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