[A] Catalyst Elite 11/12 LF Disc / Caster dps

Currently our guild has done 16/16 normal and about 4/6 MSV HM. For 5.2 we are doing a swap up of groups, friends/people who like each other you guys know. So our main group is decided but we are hosting another.

Group has done:
11/12 TOT

Info About Us:
Raid Leaders: Ivailo and Lessah
Ivailo: Beta player of wow, played all xpacs raided almost all content been on/off wow for awhile decided i'd play all of MOP out and want to try and push hm's.
Lessah: BC player been in server firsts of ULD, and has done HM lich(0-5%)nerf and most of HM FL and 8/8DS HM.

Both of us very familiar with wow raiding.

Ivailo and Lessah's Grp

Current Members:
1x Resto Druid
2x Hunter
1x Ele Shaman
1x Rogue
1x Holy pally
1x prot warrior
1x Feral Druid

Spriest/Warlock and disc/holy priest

Raid Times:
Server time
7:15pm invite 7:30 -11:30pm Raiding may go longer if pushing bosses etc.

Raid Nights:

If interested Contact Ivailo/Lessah ingame or add our Real ID's = Nick#1395 or Xanity#1444
just tried to message u in game but no response
still looking current grp is at 12/16 now probably 15/16 after tonight pretty sure toes first 3 should be done alrite.
15/16 tonight so far :)
Still need those places filled :)
I am a druid tank in the process of looking for a new 10 man group, I've done 16/16 normal, your raid times/days appear to be suitable for me, would like to chat further.
very interested in joining will try to pst u later ingame :)
Keyboard we def need another tank you might suit us, and lath give us a whisper if still interested
update, msg me if still interested not sure whats happening with 5.2 people have changed their minds
Update Made for 5.2
Still looking for cuties for 5.2
filled some spots, still need some extras though
Hey mate is Sunday optional?? or are you raiding 3 nights a week? Cheers
would like to raid 3 nights
dat bump
Another bump for updates horray need DK/Mage/Boomkin
bumpity bump, still need a DK/Rogue
still missing one spot need someone who can make all 3 nights and plays dk/rogue

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