[A] Catalyst Elite 11/12 LF Disc / Caster dps

Hey I am interested in joining I can make all raid times currently only 1/12 N ToT was 4/6 Heroic MSV and cleared ToES and HoF on normal Frost 496 / Blood 501
bump got one tank need dk/druid
Bump updated
Could you use a 515 fury war?
not atm sorry
bump 11/12
bump still looking for healer mostly
Hi there!
I'm currently a 491 discipline priest, I don't play off spec but am quite happy to pick up holy!!
I am a very confident raider and always do by best to help out the guild, I'm looking to be over at frostmourne alliance by the end of next week thereabouts.

I'm only 1/12 currently due to a lack of runs available on my realm, when I downed Jinrok on normal yesterday, I was pulling 83k HpS @ ilvl491 so I'm quite capable of fulfilling my role.

I have both vent and a working microphone and am quite happy to communicate via it.

Hope to hear back soon!
Steve :)

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