Loaded Dice 10mn LF Core Healer 5.2

Area 52
Loaded Dice (5/16HM 16/16 Norm) We are currently in need of a Holy Pally, Mistweaver, and/or a Restoration Druid for our core 10mn group..

Our Raid times are 9pm-12am Server Time; Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday.
(We raid 1 hr early on Sundays, so Sunday becomes a 4 hour raid day if needed.)

We require:
1) 90% raid attendance with at least a 1 Day heads up when you will not be able to make raid. No last minute warnings.
2) An ilvl of 490 minimum.
3) Current Raid completion of 6/6 MSV, 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToES.
4) We raid on Skype so please have a Skype account available.
5) Please have all the required knowledge of your class. We don't need to be explaining your own spells to you or when to use them during the raid encounter.
6) Addons... yes you need them. If you ask which ones I'll ignore you.
7) Logs are a plus, but are not necessary.
8) Your dps/healing/tanking gear must be fully gemmed and enchanted and knowledge of your spec obviously required.

We are a humorous and entertaining bunch to raid with and do use a lot of slander, profanity and derogatory nicknames in Skype and/or chat so if you have virgin ears get ready to have your cherry popped. We call each other out when we see stupid happen or done and take criticism very well. We handle loot with a need & greed system, but we still use loot council as a whole group if necessary.
Doing HOF HM progression tonite. Looking for that healer!!
.........\/_ !@#$ ZOMBIES

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