Which class is the overall hardest to CC?

You know, beyond just circumstance. Overall. Just curious as to what others think.

They have 3 trinkets and their pet still provides most of their output while cc'd.
hunter or druid.
Playing a warlock? TSG vs a resto shaman. Feels like an effort in futility.
Hunter by a mile.

Druids are one of the easiest, as they have no way to break CC outside of Trinket and maybe Symbiosis. At best they can shift to prevent a cast Poly but that's a whole lot less than what any other class is capable of doing.
Monk, Dk, warrior, druid, hunter. Top 5.
DK by far.
Really depends on what is trying to CC but overall I would say a shaman.
-Ghost Wolf
-Link (resto)
A good shaman is hard to CC between grounding totem and wind shear

They have 3 trinkets and their pet still provides most of their output while cc'd.

While it is true that BM has 3 trinkets, it isn't true that pets provide most of our damage without input from us.

The major damage from BM involves Kill Command and Blink strike. Both are abilities used by the Hunter.

Meaning, you can actually shut down the majority of a Hunters damage by ccing us OR ccing the pet, which is a distinct advantage for you. CC on me wont DR cc on the pet.

That is why having 3 breaks is justified for BM.

Pet melee crit for 22k.

Smack(pet autocast special) for 40k.
You're right the two big hits are technically hunter abilities(and even funnier, silencing the hunters prevents them from using these abilities...but who would silence a hunter really), but pets still do a frighteningly good amount of damage even if you don't press them.

Given though, I am a monk with no passive damage reduction outside of my 67% resil.

Having 3 breaks was justified for BM when they didn't have the CC and defensives of marks tied into their spec(on top of new unique pet ccs, that is). At least that's my personal, never played as a hunter only played the scum comps with them, opinion.
100% druid. Cant slow/root/poly/repentance
I thought dk's had the most trinkets out of anyone... maybe I heard wrong.
warrior, hunter, mage, and shamans... and druids when it comes to mages, but they still kill them in a deep... so not a big deal
Mage trinket every 15 seconds, 2* ice block, reg trinket along with all there roots. You might cc them but its more of a question if you can do anything to them once they are cced.
I'm surprised every post isn't DK.

They are by far the hardest to CC, they have so many outs and immunities to CC that no other class compares.

Especially with the addition of desecrated ground.

How come they are so easily snared/ shut down then? stop talkin crap, everytime i see you post its other crap.

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