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About Benediction : www.benediction.guildportal.com

Benediction is a reformed 10-man raiding guild that was formed with players who have experienced raid content dating back to Vanilla. What started out as a simple idea of getting friends together to venture into new raid content has come to fruition, and we are currently looking to thrive in this new expansion of content.

As a guild we enjoy a drama-free and casual friendly environment, but when raid time comes we expect everyone to be on their game with an unwavering focus for raid progression.

ToT : - 10N - 5/12
Vaults: - 10H - 6/6
Fear: - 10N - 6/6
ToES: - 10N - 4/4

Previous raid experience with our core - Cataclysm Raid Progression (# 2 on server, # 282 US 10m)

What does Benediction have to offer its raiders?

- Raid Feasts
- Guild Repairs for attending every raid day
- Free Guild Bank enchants and Gems for PVE gear
- A serious raid structured environment where input and feedback are valued from ALL members
- Comradery and Respect to all members

We are currently seeking:

Hunter x1

Of course we will look at other exceptional applications. So feel free.

What we expect from all applicants are the following:

- Motivation in playing their class and for raid progression
- Skill and knowledge of one’s class
- Competence and a penchant for learning new fights
- Awareness and adaptation during a fight to overcome unforeseen hardships (ie. Not standing in purple swirls or be prepared for target swaps)
- Attendance, attendance, attendance.

It should be noted that regardless of your item-level or gear score, we know this does not equate to skill or one’s ability to perform well in raids. With this in mind, we will be looking at an overall picture of each raider as someone who can perform the obvious preparations for raiding (ie. Enchants, gems, reforging, etc.) and their ability to articulate and contribute informative thoughts and ideas towards playing their class (ie. Critical thinking).

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday – 10 PM – 1 AM (PST)
Wednesday – 10 PM – 1 AM (PST)
Sunday – 10 PM – 1 AM (PST)

Loot Rules:

We use an officer decision loot system, to ensure we have a well balanced and evenly geared raid. While we tend gear our tanks before anyone else for obvious reasons, we normally assign loot based on what seems sensible to us.

The main goal of all loot is to further the guild's ability to down progression content. We gave it to you to help us get the next fight down, and to perform well with it.

Leadership :

Slutà - Guild Leader
Majin - Officer
Celtics - Officer
Bump, looking to raid asap.
Hello there. I am currently looking for a late night 10 man. And would love to speak and possibly app.

Realid: rhyzanor#1105
I'm interested in this, if you wanna talk my battletag is vivec#1658. You're the first guild i've seen that's late night and capable! looking forward to hearing from you
Late night raid guild Bump.
02/21/2013 11:30 PMPosted by Celtics
Late night raid guild Bump.
Bumpity bump.
Looking to raid ASAP.

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