The Inquisition 10 Man Recruiting (DPS)

The Inquisition is a level 25 social guild looking to fill one DPS slot on the progression team. Our raid has cleared Mogu'shan Vaults and has moved on to Heart of Fear. We are currently working on downing Garalon.

I am looking for someone at a minimum item level of 480. We raid on Tuesdays and Thursday at 10 PM EST and conclude our raids at 12 PM. I am hoping to find a DPS with a heals OS but it is not required. Unfortunately, we are full on Paladins and Druids, and I am looking for any classes of the following: Shaman (most favorable), S. Priest (with Holy OS), Warlock, or Warrior.

We are pretty friendly and casual, but we do enjoy progressing on raids and are looking for a raider with consistent attendance. And as strange as it may be to ask, we are hoping for someone who does not suffer from D/C issues.

If this interests you at all or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me in game through whisper or mail!


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