Thundering Skytalons: Taking to the skies

Wyrmrest Accord
Kurshaw looked over the few tribesmen brave enough to enlist in her personal training to become a skytalon for the Thundering herd. There were a few Windsong among them, and she grinned.

Walking up to one she remembered from the Moon Dance, the Matriarch looked him up and down. "Try not to lose your loincloth... I hope you realize that you are a bit under dressed for flight on a beast capable of ripping your throat out... Should it not accept you as a rider..."

The others stepped back and the Windsong male seemed quite shocked. "B-b-But... I thought we were riding tamed windriders?"

"Windriders? What do you think this is...?" Kurshaw cackled, her fangs showing. She gave a sharp call to the hippogryphs, and each flew down in turn before the patriarch landed. His patterns were vibrant and he shook his pelt to settle the feathers. Mounting him, Kurshaw looked to the others who were standing back from their designated mounts. She gave another grin as the Shadowhoof skytalon's flew low over the class to startle them.

"The only thing fear wins is failure... The skies are waiting..."


When: March 1st at 7pm server
Where: Between Mulgore and Feralas (You need to fly to get there)
Who: Anyone interested in creating a flight squad

The Thundering Herd is at it again! We have debated the idea for quite some time now, and I think it would be fun to have a sky unit for the Thundering Herd. This training and development, however, is not just for the members of the Herd. I want to bring the idea of a sky unit to the community of Wyrmrest as a whole. What better way to express the new flight abilities in the old continents then creating a bi-monthly event for a contingent of skyriders.

We don't want you to think that we are creating a single group of fliers. No, this is for all flight enthusiasts and encourages folks to create their own squads. The only thing this little event does is give those of us who thrive in the sky an outlet to discuss better flight practice and how-to's to those who are just getting started. Think of this as more a biker's meet, then a single core of fliers.

The bi-monthly aspect is not set to start until we get enough participation. However, what I want to create is a dynamic presence of fliers (for both sides!) that give players a stronger feeling of immersion towards flight and what it means to fly on a large creature in the sky.

Events that revolve around flying courses and also flight shows are a plus and are currently on the planning table as well. Please contact me directly if you are interested in joining the Skytalons. You don't have to be Tauren to join, but this will be a Kalimdor only thing.
GAH, this is so awesome. I wish you ALL the luck with this, Kurs :)
Thanks! I really encourage ally-side to develop something like this too! I'm not about hording ideas to myself, we need to share! I wanna see more sky fliers!
Ankah'nahe walks up to Kurshaw, her personal hippogryph not far behind her. The young female offers a low bow to Kurshaw, "Our wings are yours to command, Matriarch." the hippogryph danced excitedly behind the young druidess, clapping his beak in anticipation.

Love this idea, can't wait!
The Matriarch let the reins drop and Ach'iachi leveled himself off, feeling the weight of his rider as she slowly moved to a crouch on his back. Leaning into the wind, Kurshaw grabbed the hook and leaned further forward, and the hippogryph went into a dive.

Below, the unsuspecting troll looked around on his bat. He was too low and too distracted to notice the predator swooping down upon him. When they reached a good point, Kurshaw lept...


It's time to bump this here thread! I know you guys are out there! Come on! Who doesn't like the idea of using your sky mounts in roleplay!? Think about it! This is gonna be fun.

If you need more info, don't hesitate to contact me directly.
Ankah'nahe kept her reins tight in her hands as she guided her steed through the trees of Feralas, spinning, diving, and weaving through every tree and structure she could find. The beast beneath her weight leveled out his flight and called to her, after all their time in the treeless plains, it did them both some good to get out and practice a bit more than normal. The Druidess shifted her reins, directing her hippogryph's head towards the Shadowhoof camp, "Let us hurry home, Shen'rei." she whispered to him before urging the beast homebound.


And on an OOC Note:

"What do you make of it?"

A light breeze stirred the fronds overhead, a welcome respite from the stifling atmosphere. Vyrael idly twirled a tentacle as yet another cry echoed across the sweltering savannah.

"Practice or ceremony; I am leaning towards the former, judging from the small pool of participants."

He pulled closer to the palm as a wyvern launched into the sky. Despite the poor likelihood of being spotted from such distance, lady luck was far too fickle for his taste. Besides, the sun was unbearable and the shade offered a small mercy from its burning rays.

"How can you tell? They are so few in number."

More were rising into the air. Some twirled and swooped while others soared low above the ground, their mounts barely scraping the fields of grass.

"Besides the aforementioned detail, there was very little preparation prior; much too forward for shu'halo."

"Well, even if it is practice, they are just flying tauren. Nothing that hasn't been seen before. Do you really think it is worth investigating?"

Vyrael quickly traced an image in the air with one hand, muttering a few words. The palm above rustled as the wind picked up and once it settled he stood face to face with his own likeness. With a quick wave of his hand, the mirror image was off, making its way into the burning sunlight. Vyrael adjusted the crystal hanging from his neck.

"Anything is worth investigating. Even if this information is useless to me, such might not be the case with another."


The boy in blue is stalking you!

I will be around. See you there. ;)
The matriarch stood against a pole as she gently pat her hippogryph's neck. There were drakes, strange ray-like creatures, folks on windriders, strange floating disks, and even a few attendies were mounted on stone cats. Kurshaw mused on what a strange view this was.

The gathering of people were all flitting around. Some tried flips, and others were spiraling out of control. Kurshaw winced as a bull came crashing face first into a shrub when he pulled just a tad too hard on the windrider's reins. She started to walk over, just to make sure everyone was okay...


SWEET! I can't wait to see a few folks allyside joining us! It'll be nice to get back into the swing of things with cross-faction. The event is not far away, and we are gearing up to open with a bit of a bang. I want to really push flying RP, as it is often so forgotten in our day to day walk-ups.

Kurshaw will, of course, be on her hippogryph. However, don't hold back on your flying friends! If your toon typically rides a drake, then by all means bring them along. If you typically ride a gigantic flying manta with gnashing teeth, bring them! If you fly a portable space disk that floats on a strange cloud, bring it! This is about flying and all the joys and trials that come from learning how!
Two days to go! We look forward to any and all folks coming to this event!
Now I have to remember which of my mounts I even use IC. Hm.. Its been a damned long time honestly. What if your characters IC 'flyer' doesn't fly ingame? My Rogue has an undead dreadsteed he uses for an all purpose mount (its an astral companion figurine, for the curious), and I use various Forsaken Warhorses' because Kara and the HH hate me.
Runeclaw soared over the treetops of Feralas. The wind smoothed her feathers with the speed she exhibited, just a patchy bark-colored blur upon the clouds. Her keen avian eyes razed the landscape once more as she continued to search for her tribe. Three days she had been down here, hunting, searching, reaching to find any shred of evidence that they had remained here after The Shattering. She was starting to lose hope...

Just then something caught her eye far off in the distance. At first she believed it was an aerial assault but just as quickly she knew half the beasts in the sky would never mount a coordinated effort together to attack. Besides, half of them were flying like they were drunk on Dwarven stout. She banked in their direction. She was in need of a distraction anyway.

What about IC flyers themselves? Runeclaw owns flying mounts, because she loves animals and thinks she's "saving" them (from what, who knows!?), but she never actually flies on them, preferring her own wings.
High up in the clouds a hippogryph dove, his rider clutching on tight and laying flat against his back. They leveled off as they reached closer to the ground and quickly bobbed back up to a decent altitude. A small roar behind them urged the hippogryph to pick up speed.

Kurshaw gave a shout as a small drake flew past her hippogryph and twirled to face her, the rider laughed and grinned wickedly at the matriarch. Suddenly, a flash of brown shot past Kurshaw and she raced after the target, the drake rider on her tail. The Matriarch was determined to catch that leather ball.


Honestly, to answer both inquiries at once, I don't mind either way. I see this gathering as something a kin to groups banning together to soar and enjoy the skies. Everyone that gathers, in some way, enjoys the skies over Azeroth.

This is about both best practices in flying, and joining with people of like mind to form groups to watch the skies. Granted, it might be difficult to talk in bird form, you can still communicate via sounds and head nods. So, come with a passion, and leave with a few more friends!
Did I read that right? A tauren with FANGS?

Aren't you guys descended from herbivores? Meaning flat teeth?
Nope, we eat meat. :3 Also, Kurshaw is feralkin like most of her little savage druids, so her feral aspects tend to be prominent. It's been stated in lore that they eat meat as well. It's okay though, I can see how we look too much like cute cuddly hamburgers. x3 /moo

(( Also, I doubt Tauren are direct descendants of real cows... But who knows? ))
Tonight's the night! We will be gathering at the Great Gate before taking off to our little hideaway. If you arrive late, let a Shadowhoof know, and we will come get you!

Regardless of turnout, there will be folks participating from the Thundering Herd. Don't worry if you can only come for a short time, we will be RPing for at least a good hour!

Hope to see you there!
I'm going to try my darnedest to get Runeclaw over there tonight! :) I work ungodly hours (start at 4 AM EST) so 7 PM server time is getting really late for me, but I'm hoping to be able to stay up and make an exception...or maybe Runeclaw will just nap on someone's mount's tail. lol
If you can only make it out for a short time, we understand. :3 I work at least 52-60 hours a week at my job, so I understand what people mean by late and bedtimes.
Bump! For the event starts soon! Come one, come all!
Bump for the sake of bumping...

Na'luk whistles sharply for his hippogryph, looking around, smiling. His mount lands. Na'luk jumps onto its back before motioning it to fly off. As he gains altitude, he is surrounded by Skytalons. He nods silently to each of them before they fly off, scouting out the surrounding lands for intruding Satyrs.


The last Skytalon event was fun. Stay tuned for when the event will be on next!

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