WW Haste "cap"?

Lately I've been capping my haste very often in raids; I'm wondering if you guys think that there is a point in which we should say "Okay, I'm not energy starving, maybe I can reforge some haste into crit?" I currently have 13.4 energy/sec regeneration, and I think that's more than enough.
What do you guys think ?
that is the monk haste cap. I run very low haste so that I have little to worry about. If you cant maintain your cycle without energy capping, you have too much haste.
From ej:
"You probably realize that capping on energy is bad - and that is why there is considered to be a "haste cap" (per se - it is not a true cap). Most Windwalkers aim for around 4k haste, and then begin prioritizing crit (after talenting into Ascension for 15% increased energy regeneration in 5.1). However, our Tiger Strikes continue to benefit from Haste following this cap, as does the speed of our white (normal) hits. Generally speaking, it is advised to only go above 5000 haste rating if you do not intend to use Fists of Fury or Energizing Brew often, but as of writing this guide, most well-parsing monks are using both of these frequently."

Along this line of thought, if your working on a movement intensive fight haste is going to be less beneficial in practice. If you can train the boss for long periods then haste values will rise. Personally I see the mathematical value of haste as "theoretically" higher. I see the utility of crit as higher in practice as it will allow more damage if you have to move out of something, away from the boss or stop using your rotation for whatever reason. You need to find the haste value that you personally as a player (latency, skill, specific fight etc.) where you can maintain your rotation during a bloodlust phase, or after using energizing brew without energy capping. For me personally, I prefer lower haste. Then I can run my rotation with nothing to worry about and instead focus on dealing with the mechanics of the fight and using personal cds as needed.

There is no point in more haste if your energy capping.
This is just my opinion and not a math proven or even sim proven concept but I treat ww and haste like rogues and enhanc shammies back in the day, you simply want enough to ensure less than 2.4 weapon speed on both hands when DWing. I don't care about the energy regen because I use FoF on cd and brew so I am never starving for energy and have balanced my rotation around this so that I rarely energy cap. In my raids my dps is usually top of meters (till execute phase then our warrior sometimes beats me) unless its a fight not good for melee. I tried gemming haste and reforging everything to it (after hit/exp cap) and I saw a huge drop in my dps.
I like having as much haste as possible (while gemming for agi), which for me right now is about 5.8k. If I had the 4p tier bonus I might want less.

I think (but don't know) that with the mastery changes in 5.2 we will end up with fewer combo breaker procs. If so that will mean you will have more waiting time which means you'll want more haste to fill it.
With my mastery is already pretty close to what the 5.2 combo break will be so and I know most monks who reforge out of their mastery are sitting around 15% which is not far from the 12% 5.2 combo breaker, the problem with too much haste you will energy cap and that's wasted dps. Plus with the new storm earth and fire spell in 5.2 I think crit will be more beneficial when using in cleave fights.

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