Out level a zone??

im lvl 90, I leveled mostly through instances. So, I have never been to Vashj'ir. I have recently found out that I can't pick up any quest for Vashj"ir. There is nothing on the command board or from the Quest guy standing at the portals ...is this a bug in the game or is it just something I can't do now or maybe complete some other quest somewhere?
Normally when you enter the appropriate main capital city (Org or SW) you will get a quest automatically (A Personal Summons) that leads you to the earthspeaker, which should help you on your way. If not, there should be quests other than those associated with the boards (which are level limted). For Alliance, there is a quest giver in SW, Nambria, that gives Into the Abyss. For Org it is Farseer Krogar that gives To The Depths.

I would normally suggest using the addons Wholly and Grail to see what quests you should be able to do and where the quest givers are.
The automatic quest happens at 80, so by 90 it's long gone (ditto for starting Pandaria at 85).

There are several breadcrumbs for Vashj'ir that aren't necessarily obvious past 80, but all lead to "To the Depths," which is what gets you on a ship bound for Vash. For both factions, the quest happens at the harbor, which for Horde is Bladefist Bay, just outside of Org. Head out there and check to see if Commander Thorak has the starting quest.

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