Shrink Water Elemental Please

Can we please get a smaller water elemental? Or at least a glyph that shrinks it's size significantly?

Yes, I'm using Are you using Glyph of Water Elemental, Yes, I know it makes it bigger.

Blizzard, please add a minor glyph that reduces the size of the elemental significantly. Or simply remove the giant elemental effect from the water elemental glyph
So you know what the issue is, you know how to fix the issue, yet you dont care to do it. Interestin.
^Except even unglyphed is too big and annoying.
Since freeze is going away in the pve rotation it would be nice to just remove the stupid thing and giving us a damage buff to something else with a glyph.

Wouldn't effect pvp because pet root is too important.
02/13/2013 12:12 PMPosted by Añd
So you know what the issue is, you know how to fix the issue, yet you dont care to do it. Interestin.

She *may* be using it, not for the size, but for the abilities specified on the glyph, just sayin'
I prefer they change glyph of water elemental. Make what it currently is baseline and make the glyph a minor glyph that does exactly what your asking for.
I'd love a minor glyph which changed the appearance of the elemental to resemble the Pandaria water sprites and elementals. This would reduce the size of the pet and give us an aesthetic option for how we'd prefer Squishy to look.
Removing that idiot water elemental would make me enjoy frost so much more.
How about 2 glyphs? One that removes the pet altogether and buffs the mage accordingly, and one that makes the pet tiny and removes the annoying sound it always makes.
Minor glyph to turn Water Elemental into Glacius from Killer Instinct, maybe even get the underground uppercut animation in place of Freeze
Ugh, that stupid elemental is exactly why I don't play frost. It's absolutely gigantic, esp. if you're not a troll / orc / tauren / night elf of any of the taller races, and always in the way. If I wanted a huge pet, I'd go play a hunter—at least it wouldn't always be glued to my side.

Haha, I have commitment problems too.
They need to just make a wave ability for each school - Frost Wave, Blast Wave, Temporal Wave.

Root, stun, disorient.
I have been waiting for a water elemental revamp for soooo long, I enjoy frost but have avoided it because of that ridiculous looking always in the way elemental. Please Blizz, the noise it makes, its size, the whole concept aesthetically speaking is unappealing and has been driving me crazy for years!

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