499 MW Monk looking for 2 night/wk raid/guild

I re-activated my account in July '12 and joined Displaced we killed Normals at a decent rate and stayed within the top 20 on thrall 10 mans, despite only raiding 2 nights per week. We only got 4 Heroics down, then recently the guild has decided to move on as the turnover among players has just been too much to overcome.

I am looking for a guild that takes raiding semi-serious. I don't need a job, but I do expect to make $h|t dead within a decent window of the hardcores. Hoping to find a mature guild, possibly with an age limit, nothing against young players, but I've seen too many impressionable people destroy a raiding group/guild. Outside raiding I like to pvp Xrealm with some RL friends ocassionally and do other spontaneous activities. I am looking primarily for a 25 man guild, but haven't given up on 10 man raiding just yet. I have an agreement with my family to keep my raiding to two nights per week. Whether this is a back-up role for a 3-4 night guild or a full time role in a 2 night guild doesn't matter to me. I just enjoy raiding and meeting new interesting people along the way.

I am 34 years old and married to a wonderful wife. We have an awesome ten year old son, who is active in sports, which makes my schedule difficult (at times) but manageable. I love spending time with him and taking him to the batting cages, (baseball is his favorite sport). I also enjoy cycling, movies, and having family cookouts and such. Spring and Fall Baseball seasons are a fun time for me, as I know there will be multiple enjoyable evenings per week during the season.

Raiding History:
I have been playing since original naxxramas.I was new to mmo's in general and struggled to level for a lengthy time.I reached max level when T6 was progression. During TBC I worked my way up into a position to clear most of the content pre-wrath. Vashj, Kael'thas, Hydros, Illidari Council, Illidan, and Archie (god Archie when one player can't judge click a tear) plus SWP were the ones, like the majority of the community, that I didn't kill pre-wrath.

During LK over multiple characters (lock, resto/boom druid, enhance/resto shaman) I killed every boss up to and including 3 lights in the darkness server first or within 2-3 days due to schedule. I remained with my guild at the time up to normal Anub'arak kill. I left the game for a break, and returned once ICC went live. I was left behind in gear and couldn't find a raid spot with my current guild. I finally found another raiding spot and progressed 'decently' killing all but LK, and the first 3 (don't count lootship) heroics with queen and princes also. Once the nerf was climbing we finished up all the heroics except Heroic LK including normal Halion pre-cata.

During Cata I suffered from multiple guilds falling apart during BoT/BWD progression but still managed to kill everything on normal with a handful of heroics mixed in ~4. During Firelands, again, I took a break from raiding and only killed up to staghelm once returning. I never got past spine normal before I left wow in January '12.

Feel free to add me to battletag Ordrinth #1507 for for any questions.
My post is in-depth and informative. Most recruiters can get the pertinent information in the first two paragraphs. The rest is detail of my in-game experience, and real life summary.

Finding a Heroic minded guild isn't necessarily a must. I am open to a more casual style guild also. I realize not being able to commit to numerous days per week at raiding can turn some of the heroic minded guilds away. At the same time, some less progressed guilds might think I wouldn't be interested, or possibly not a good fit.
Still interested in finding a stable raid/guild before 5.2
I added your battletag, mine is Zeedeevel7#1359. I have a 10 man raid team that you may be interested in. Hope to chat with you in game.
we are currantly looking for a monk/druid healer as a guild we have 10/16 down but most of us are 16/16-14/16 and workign on hard modes when we find a solid 3rd healer. we raid sunday and monday 8pm-11pm. moogleRAWR#1201
Animaltooth#1225 wants you!

We raid Tuesday and Thursday, And like you most of us have kids and are in the same age range. We are 12/16 but recently lost our Tank and Heals both Monks.

If your interested and want to discuss it further hit me up!
This a closed post now?
Not sure if you are still looking for a group...We are 16/16 Normal...just got a late start into MoP. We are looking for a healer and a melee dps at the moment...as a monk you could fill either role. we are looking to push more hardmodes in 5.2. Our raid days are tuesday/thursday 8-11. let me know if you are interested. Thanks

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