New 10/16 LF dedicated raiders (late night)

We are a new 10man guild that has gone 10/16 in first week of raiding. We are laid back and like to get stuff done. We are looking to progress through the rest of this content very quickly and need a skilled players.

We raid Sunday and Tuesday from 9 ST to 12:30 ST. We are currently looking for 3 raiders, 1 RDPS(hunter / ele sham pref) and 2 Healers(open). Please be 480+ as we want to move through the rest of this content quickly.

The members of the guild have been together for awhile now and we are just looking to fill in the last couple spots

In Game contacts will be Tehpriam or Tehruffmuff for more information.
I would be interested in joining you. I am il473 at this point but would love to show you what I can do. I am main spec ele, OS resto.
Hi, thanks for showing interest in our guild. Try and talk to me in game, Tehmadman#1993
Seen you on, however I was in LFR "finally", I am now up to 476 ilevel. I won't be on tonight, but will be on tomorrow.
bump bump bump it up
I dot get home from work till around 9:45pst. if that would work for yall, holler @ me. looking for a new home :/ currently on a dying east coast server.

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