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We're a small casual guild of adults who knows this game comes second to real life. We're job holders/ parents/ college students who play to have fun.

Come be apart of a fun guild. We are interested in absorbing small guilds who are looking for casual raiding or casual bg groups or who just want somewhere to hang out with people to talk to.


We want to experience the game on a casual level. We have a raid group but would be interested in opening a second group up if possible. We run bg's and will be starting rbg's in 5.2 and we host guild events for gold prizes and pets for all you pet battling people out there! Our aim is to create a light non stress, 0 drama environment for our members to relax in after a hard day of work or school. We aim to fill our roster with people who want to be apart of a family of helpful members.

Our current raid progression is 6/6, 2/6, 0/4 and are in need of a resto druid, holy pally, prot warrior. Eexperience is an asset but not neccessary. Just come knowing your class and knowing mechanics outside of raid finder and we're willing to teach you what you need to know. Our raid times are sat/sun from 9pm til midnight.

Raiders are expected to participate in a farm night hosted every 2 weeks for about an hour to help keep our prices low as well. If we see enough participating and donating we will hand out flasks/pots during raid nights for free as well as raise guild repairs to cover roughly 400g worth of repairs for both raid nights for each member.

We treat our guild bank like a discounted auction house so that we can afford to have huge prizes when we run guild events. New members will receive a 25% discount from ah prices while veteran members and up receive a 50% discount.

We host a guildie of the month every single month where member vote on who they think has been the most helpful guildie (outside of officers cuz after all it's our job to help out) out of the entire roster and we reward him with 5k gold, a promotion to our badass rank as well as the ability to change our guild tabard to however wonderful or ugly he/she wants.

Please no ragers!!!!

If interested please add my battletag! Cyrha81#1577 Let's chat! or whisper me in game on either Taiyya or Executey. Come join us!
Sounds awesome and just what I am looking for.
I am new to this server - transferred from Executus that is wavering between Low/Medium population.

Have yet to find a good fit with a guild. I have some good raiding experience on my holy paladin Essentially - also transferred to this server.

Since all my raid experience is with healing - I am currently working on DPS with this hunter and having fun learning to be a "good" hunter - lol!

Would love to talk to someone in game.
And I love RBG's too - used to do them weekly at the end of Cata!
Send me a whisper or add my battletag! We actually came from executus.. transferred to stormreaver almost a year ago now! :)
I have a few toons scattered over different realms and am looking for a place to call home. I like how the guild sounds.. mind if I add you?
Go ahead Aedii :)
We would be interested in absorbing small guilds who maybe don't have quite enough raiders to get started or enough pvp'ers/rbg'ers to form a solid guild group. we'd also be looking for a solid rbg leader. Send me a realid inv :)
I have good pecs. Thinkin about server xfering so I can come flex in your guild.
Do it Dack!!
We're still actively recruiting.. would love to have more pvp'ers join our guild!
Looking for a non dk tank, a resto druid and a dps preferably ranged - spriest, hunter but would be willing to consider taking in a melee - rogue, feral druid, warrior, dk
bump <3
Thanks Joyfully!!
We are in definite need of two tanks - one with dps offspec and 2 healers. We'd prefer one be a druid and the other either a priest or mw monk. Please add me if interested and we can chat!
Join us :)
Still looking!
We are looking specifically for tanks - dk/warr and 2 heals- hpally/resto druid
I think this post moved too far!
Bump? Only officers can bump our posts! ;)

But seriously, we have raid slots open and waiting to be filled. (That's what... never mind)

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