[H] Envÿ 9/16 Heroic Now Recruiting

We are currently recruiting all experienced players for the guild. We are looking for a few people for our core group and all for our second/alt group.

Core Group Classes Needed:
Rogue - 480 ilvl +

Second Group Needs
Mage - 475+
Lock - 475+
Hunter - 475+
Priest healer - 475+

Core Times:
-Friday 11pm - 2am ST
- Saturday 645pm - 2pm ST

Alt run
- Tuesday 8 pm ST to 11 pm ST
-Thursday 8 pm ST to 11 pm ST

Current Core Progression
MSV - 6/6 Reg 6/6 Heroic
HoF - 6/6 Reg 3/6 Heroic
ToES 4/4 Reg - Elite Protectors

Second Group Progression
16/16 Reg - with some alts from Core


- 100% attendance to raids, be on at least 10-15 min early and ready to raid
- Know your class in and out, we will not teach you to play.
- Perform a the level you should with you're gear and knowledge.
- Have a good sense of humor, and be open minded.
- Bring a good attitude and be open to suggestions.

We are not a super hardcore guild we like the have fun and raid at the same time and do not expect to be carried it will not happen.

Apply at : http://envystormreaver.guildlaunch.com
or Contact : Noriyna, Shadÿmage (alt 152) or Detroitwasp in game for more info
Also can add Norax#1108 in game
!@#$in nor making a new thread each time because he cant find the edit button
BUMP -http://envystormreaver.guildlaunch.comr
Bump for heroic Will and Garalon
BUMP -http://envystormreaver.guildlaunch.comr
BUMP -http://envystormreaver.guildlaunch.com
BUMP -http://envystormreaver.guildlaunch.com
BUMP -http://envystormreaver.guildlaunch.com
BUMP -http://envystormreaver.guildlaunch.com
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