[H] <Depricated> <25> Core 10man recruiting

Hey you bunch of losers!

Depricated is both spelled wrong and recruiting! We are looking for two solid DPS for our core 10man group. Our preference would be a hunter and a mage or warlock, but we will consider any applications for ranged DPS. We ask that you are at least in raid ready gear before applying.

We are currently 8 out of 16 in raiding with MSV on farm and we are working on a few heroic modes.

We are NOT a hardcore raiding guild but we try to maintain a core group and a steady level of progress and participation. We are understanding of work schedules and real life but would like a steady core group with at least 80% attendance.

Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday, 9pm to 12am server time (EST).

If you have any questions, message me or Squishable in game.

We are a friendly (except me, I'm kind of a douche), laid back and chill group without strict rules or regulations on behavior as long as you fall in line when needed.

Vent and DBM are required.

See you in trade chat!
02/14/2013 06:21 PMPosted by Draxonicar
See you in trade chat!

[2. Trade] [Draxonicar]: Wow did you guys hear that Depricated are recruiting again?
[2. Trade] [Draxonicar]: Just kidding. Did somebody say Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?!

::grabs soda:: Oh, please do go on... You are a master of humor and the art of story telling.

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