character showing up as level 1

Mobile Bug Report
Mobile armory is working fine for me in every way except that my 90 hunter Gorlax - Kil'Jaeden shows up as a level 1. Because of this I can't use mobile auction houe on this character.

I've tried a few things to fix it already. I deleted the cache and app data and reinstalled the application but it did not fix the problem. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue and if/how it can be fixed.
I've forwarded this to an engineer to take a look.

Since your reply I have been able to use mobile armory with my hunter once. One day out of the blue he showed up as level 90 on my character list and I was able to use all features with that character. Unfortunately, the next time i logged in and every time since, he is back to appearing as a level 1.
Can you confirm if your hunter is still alternating between displaying as level 1 and level 90? We believe we fixed the root cause of this conflicting data.

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