I need a new game...

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I'm tired of all the CoD crap, the games terrible. I need a game that I can just relax and play for hours on end (FYI I already have Skyrim)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Its pretty addictive.
The Civilization series has always been good for making hours and hours go by...
If you like strategy games then Civilization makes fantastic games
Also check out paradox interactive games. They pretty much are all strategy games but all are very good.
Dead Space 3
Multiplayer competitive- Halo 4

Multiplayer Co Op- Arcade game (Spelunky) full game (Borderlands 2)

Story line: L.a. Noire, Red Dead Redemption, Walking Dead Tell Tale series (Arcade), Sleeping Dogs

Arcade: Spelunky, Walking Dead, Minecraft, Doritos Crash Course (it's a FREE xbla game it's an obstacle course game)

Kinect- Wipeout: In the zone
Try Awesomenauts. It's on steam. I'd recommend the PC version because they can actually patch and update way faster then how it works on consoles.
Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, Street Fighter X Tekken. I love 2D fighters
Sims...... yeah I went there.... you can just torment the crap out of them and it wont hurt no one!
Well you know, you can always play WoW. With the way that Blizzard is making the game, it's becoming way more casual and you never really run out of stuff to do.
Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems
Gemcraft, any of 'em

Or just go get a handful of emulators and a rom pack. Cant beat some classic NES, Genesis and arcade games.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Its pretty addictive.

True story...I played XCOM-UFO Defense when I was a kid. Normally when they remake a game like that I get my hope's up really high only to have them smashed because it doesn't live up the memory...I can comfortably say that Enemy Unknown lived up to what I wanted it to be!
Definitely XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Awesome AWESOME game and addicting as hell.
FPS: Far Cry 3, Crysis 3, Battlefield 3, Borderlands 2

HandS: Darksiders 2, Assassins Creed 3

RPG: Fallout 3

MMO: Guild Wars 2, Rift, TERA, The Secret World
I have been absolutely addicted to Fire Emblem Awakening for the last two or so weeks.

The only reason I am not playing it now is because my brother is.
Forgot to mention one of the bets RPG's out there....

The Witcher 2

Witcher series is excellent, but isn't relaxing by any means. It's very difficult and mentally stimulating.

Hmm, other than Oblivion (older but still excellent, especially moded) and morrowind

Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning
This game is pretty cake, but you can decide not to break it by refusing to get the higher end gems. Sorta a single person wow, really.

Boarderlands 1 and 2 for fps, the humor is crude but effiecient.

I'm a big fan of fighters, and no one has to know you're button mashing the coputer to death on super mega ultra easy if it makes you happy. (I often unwind by doing ghost battles in T6)

XCOM has my vote. I've never played it but it looks excellent.

Ah and for RPGS, play the old ones.

.Hack series, Digital Devil Saga, Persona, Fire Emblem, old FF games, Xenogears, Xenosaga Series... the list goes on and on.
depending on what you play, i know a few.

for computer, try Battlefield Heroes or need for speed worlds.
Xbox, i found myself playing dragon age late into the night.
dont know for ps3, never owned one.
02/15/2013 11:47 PMPosted by Niabella
Sims...... yeah I went there.... you can just torment the crap out of them and it wont hurt no one!

Yes you did. And I'll continue with your thoughts...

Sim City. Addictive and fun.
Grand. Theft. Auto.

Any game from that franchise is fun and addictive. I personally like III, with Vice City being a close second, and San Andreas is pretty good.

Even IV is amazing.

However if you don't want to be a criminal, then I recommend any Resident Evil game. I'd say go with IV first, but it doesn't matter, even the first three (the original playstyle) are just as fun.

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