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well, my main laptop is having the dreaded win7 startup repair problem. likely the boot sector went. so i am in the market to replace it with a ~256gb SSD from newegg.

i am lazy at the moment to go through all the user reviews, so i am asking here for recommendations on which SSD brand satisfies WoW players who read this forum

i plan to do a clean reinstall and slave the old HD into an external enclosure.

thanks in advance for your suggestions <3
I don't think the brand is the only thing to look at, but the brand and model. OCZ Vertex 4 isn't a bad model from what I've read, but every other OCZ before it isn't so great. I haven't looked at SSDs really since I bought mine, but the Intel 520 series and Crucial m4 were great when I was looking.
i totally forgot about hitting up the Maximum PC site for their "best of the best" hardware reviews before starting this topic. thanks for the suggestions, i already placed an order with newegg.
I'm a little late, but i bought an intel 520 series and its worked great so far, transfer speeds average at around 502gb/sec last time i checked
Samsung 830 is starting to be harder to find as Samsung has phased it out in favor of 840 series.

If you don't mind gimped write lifetime on 840 series (Pro series are exempt), 840 240GB is a pretty decent deal.

Plextor also makes decent SSDs.

Vertex 4 is a nice alternative as Mordrid mentioned, as Vertex 4 doesn't use lolSandForce

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