- sealed chest rewards up for grabs-

basically Ive embarked on the shadowmourne /slash sealed chest rewards ( stupidly may i add)
im looking for 4 honest law abiding citizens that will come with me to icc for mind numbing 50 shards bit...im guessing if we have 5 toons 490 and above 2 tanks 1 heals 2 deeps that we can get thru 25's ( plz correct me if im wrong )
the rewards are worth it imo.
all i want is the tabard the rest of the gear ( mount, dwarf trinky, music box ,dal port ) can be divided amongst ourselves either by slash rolls or an agreement.
im more than happy to grind this one out solo and get it a year from now but im willing to compromise to get things sped up .
message me if ur keen in game.
it will be a weekly run so dont bother if you cant be arsed. cheers all.

p.s dont start on my speeling and grammar its 3 in the morning i just got home from work and im wrecked.

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