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I think that for those of us who really enjoy running old raids and trying to attain those low chance Transmog drops Blizzard should implement a system to help promote and reward those who participate in doing this.

They should have a system that could would award say "Raid Unlock Tokens" similar to the Elder Charm of Good Fortune, but with some variations.
1.) Instead of doing dailies to gain these "Raid Unlock Tokens", they can be given to players every time they either Kill an Old World Boss (Pre-MoP) or complete an Old World Raid. A player would gather say 15-20 of lesser tokens and turn them in for an elder token.
2.) Have it be a once per week turn in, but unlike Elder Charm of Good Fortune, these Raid Unlock Tokens allow for you to reset 1 Old World Raid per week.

This way players who are pining after certain items for Transmog among these Old World Raids a chance at a raid of their choice twice per week instead of once. By implementing the system of having to kill X many old world bosses it would promote players to experience more old content.
Blizzard has already promoted old world raiding a few ways:

1. Transmog. Where before you won something and then only really got to wear it while hanging out in town, you can now look like that all the time.
2. Battle Pets from raid bosses.
3. Solo entry of raids, and some retuning of raid encounters.
The whole 'adding pets to old raids' thing was meant to encourage exactly this....

Your suggestion may not be needed in the sense that while it may speed up the process of farming these raids, may not necessarily push more people to do so.

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