Warrior LFG HOF or MSV

I'm looking for a group for my 484 Fury Warrior this week. I know all normal fights in msv and hof. Need a fresh group for HOF or at least 3/6 down in MSV. My warrior's name is sunderella, tired of screening trade chat so i'm posting here.
Discarded Virtues is a heroic 10man progression guild. We have transferred to Arthas from Maelstrom and our previous guild, Right on Red. We are looking for recruits for our core raid. Our progression is 5/6H- MSV, 2/6H HoF, 4/4 ToES ToT 2/12. Raid times are Tue/Thurs/Mon from 8PM to 12AM server and use Mumble exclusively. Currently, we are in high need of:

Warrior with a good prot os
Monk with a good brewmaster os
All exceptional PLayers
As this is for HEROIC progression, you must be ready and on time for every raid. You must be prepared to bash your face against a boss until cleared. We expect fights to be researched, videos watched--whatever it takes for you to be ready for each fight. We do not want people who are easily burnt out. Please make sure you will be available for raid nights. We understand that real-world situations come up (most of us have real-world jobs), so if that happens, let someone know ahead of time. We want players who respect each other and their time.

On a lighter note, we are a close group of friends that work well together and have been raiding for years. We want to find those last few raiders that enjoy raiding as much as we do. We maintain a positive guild environment with fun and laid back players. Players are on all times of the day (not just on raid nights). Outside of raiding, we also do dailies, old raids, challenge modes, etc.

If you think you'd be a good fit, feel free to contact Buthayna, Beatriix, Resin, Lephty, or Anzze for more information.

or add my Battletag - Lephty#1797

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