Can I queue LFR as DPS while in Guardian spec

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As far as LFR is concerned, I'm pretty much done with Resto and Boomkin drops, so I thought it'd be fun to start working on a Guardian set. My current +agi set is pretty bad, but I don't want to be respeccing between feral and guardian over and over (I'm not gonna dual-spec them since my guild needs my heals). Can I spec as a guardian so I can practice on guild runs on heroics, but queue for LFR as DPS? I'm not about to subject LFR runs to my tanking, but I don't feel so bad subjecting them to poor DPS (especially since I queue with guildies who bring tank+heals+Top 3 DPS to LFR).
why not, did LFR last week and a shadow priest queued as a healer but continued to dps in shadowform.
Well, my question may be a bit different. Basically, will the Guardian spec give me the option for checking a DPS box? (But I think you've answered my question, the more I think about it)
I've queued for a dps spot before in my blood spec. So long as you fulfill the role you selected and don't piss of the raid by taking aggro, you should be fine.

Even though you queued as a DPS you'll still get tank gear
Excellent. Thank you both for the answers.
02/15/2013 02:06 PMPosted by Pwnjuice
Even though you queued as a DPS you'll still get tank gear

...not that there's much difference in this case. I think a few trinkets might be different, but almost all the gear is going to be the same drops for Guardian as it is for Feral.
He's asking whether it's possible to select 'Damage' in the queue interface if you're only spec'd for tanking and healing (I think)

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