What game got you started?

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By that I mean, what game was it that when you played you thought "Yep, this is gonna be my life from now on". I can fondly remember that moment for me. It was X-mas of 1998 for me, and I had received two games for Playstation 1: Spyro the Dragon and King's Field 2. Two games firmly in the Fantasy genre, but of different subcategories. The second I started playing them, I knew I was hooked. From then on, if it was even remotely of a Fantasy-RPG type; I played it. Still play those two games to this day; not a single regret.

What's your tale?
Ah yes, FF8. I used to watch a friend of mine play it (he was a master of Fantasy RPGs), then I went and got my own copy and that was it. Now I'm up to my neck in Final Fantasy titles for several platforms...
Halls of the Things on the 48K Speccy back in 1988. Dem 8bit gfx:

Age of Empires 2 got me into PC gaming
N64 Ocarina of Time.. still play it to this day!

As far as MMOs go i got hooked on EQ1 for years, probably wouldn't have started playing WoW if not for RL friends.
I had some rather large breaks at times but my video game progression is as follows lol

Sega Master System> Mega drive> Super Nintendo (omg Zelda) Nintendo 64> Xbox(Fable) then someone told me wow was like playing Zelda but with lots of real people so i got my first personal computer and a copy of vanilla(late 2005 i think) got a Xbox 360 sometime after that but got red ring of death and never bothered getting it fixed because i thought any gaming time i had should be spent on WoW

These days i just use wow to chat to people and run around collecting mounts and pets, very casual no set schedule very much looking forward to next gen consoles looking forward to trading in my office chair for my sofa and a HD LED LCD.
Super mario allstars and a link to the past both on snes. Pretty much all the big titles for snes got me onto gaming.
Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World on the SNES.

I have also played every generation of the main series Pokemon games, all the way from Blue and Red.
The pokemon games were a big one for me as well. Probably what got me into turn based rpgs like that.
I wouldn't say that playing video games is my life, more like a hobby.

But the first game I really got into was Doom. Started playing it in 1995 or so.
Pokémon Yellow was one of the first games I had, I think.

That's where it all started.
Hehe, I've got more Pokemon games (for different handhelds) than I think I should admit here :P
Mario 64. I still have fond memories of hanging out with my cousins when I was really young at my Grandma's, and I remember when one of my cousins brought his n64 when it was really new. I was 5 at the time, and thought it was the most amazing thing ever; I got an n64 that christmas, and that was that.
Mega Man on the NES. Such great memories playing with my dad. I'll never forget the time we spent together.
I was originally gifted an NES when I was 4 (this was in 1994, so the SNES was already way out), but later that year, I was gifted an SNES. Needless to say, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was the game that got me into gaming in general, with the Pokemon series solidifying my stay.
pretty much command & conquer red alert. and then pokemon of course.
Breakout, on the system that came before the Atari 2600. In 1977. At age 4.

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