What game got you started?

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The original Phantasy Star for the 8-bit Sega Master System. Alis, Myau, Odin, and Noah... I still fire up the emulator every now and then and play it.
I went out and bought the original NES and three games with it.
One of those games was the first Dragon Warrior. Because I wasnt allowed to play
table top RPGs like Ad&d, I didnt quite get the leveling up part (to this day, my mother
does not like anything that has fantasy stuff in it. All due to a rumor back in the '70's
that D&D was made for and deticated to satan).
I would run around to different towns. But always end up being killed for the first week I
had it. I was begining to think I should have never bought the game.

Then I got home one friday morning from working grave yard shift and decided to sit down
and try something I thought of at work. What if I stayed in the starting area and killed things for awhile? Thus, my RPG love began once I figured it out.

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