39s thread of Devika not exploding

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well i transfered a char to the PTR last nite. downloaded the PTR, but when i log in it does not show the char i transfered but in account info it says successfully transfered. not sure whats going on there. maybe they are not allowing low level chars on the ptr?
I think that might be due to the fact that the PTR is closing soon, if not already. I don't really know, lols.
This last week was my first week in 39s and I must say I think it was the most fun Ive had on twinks in ages. Looking forward to playing more and Your guaranteed to see this paladin in the gulch.

I had so much fun that I decided that I am going to make a DPS class to roll when I see there are way to many heals/FCs (once I get my pally fully geared for both that is) Would love to know people's Opinions. Ive narrowed it down to Hunter (played hunter since I started the game) or Monk (Played it a bit, feel there mobility and dps would be very fun to play) Any Opinions on that matter?

On a side note this move from 19s to 39s has sparked a writing muse. I have posted a few things on twinkinfo and going to continue to post. If anyone would like to make Guest Appearance I would really love to write in some 39s into the story to help the story move along. Anyone interested feel free to add my Battletag Khaos#1278 thanks
Smackdown 39 twink dueling show Episode 1 has been released on twinking.net! Be sure to check it out!

Those players looking to get involved in the show, this is a link to the sign up thread on Twinkinfo.com

The Show is really awesome! Really like the concept
1v1 Going to be dominated by hybrids, boomkin or priest going to win it all
Who is to say this show doesnt branch of theres always things like "Royal Rumbles" (Free for all Guru/Nagrand) and "Tag Team" (2v2, 3v3)
would have made more sense to me to start it out as 2v2, anyone that watches those 1v1's is going to roll a hybrid
Honestly i think alot of classes can do very well, or at very worst hold their own! Even classes like rogues and mages with no huge self heals can do pretty well!
My new transmog is quite lovely I would say.
I like it :) Works really well with the Valor BoAs, Built mine completely off the Pally Resil Shoulders
02/17/2013 05:48 PMPosted by Cashmunyx
My new transmog is quite lovely I would say.

Pretty Schmexy
oh rate the transmog above you!

killer cloth, i was wondering what robes matched that helm.
Not being able to mog my shoulders drives me nuts!
02/17/2013 07:55 PMPosted by Proctastic
Not being able to mog my shoulders drives me nuts!

sacrifice a bit of armor and go with leather or cloth boa shoulders
Looks like a solid mog everything matches, I wouldn't have picked it but still looks like something a hunter would wear. Over all great mog :)
02/17/2013 07:55 PMPosted by Proctastic
Not being able to mog my shoulders drives me nuts!

revelosh shoulders of eagle

Wish I had access to his boots, they look way better with this set than the ones I have, imo.
you can buy them right? is the druid/rogue restriction also for xmogging into them?

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