Call to Arms: Krasarang Wilds [RP-PvP]

The missive rested in front of her, its elegant and bold call to battle scrolled in neat lines across its face. The broken seal, signifying that the missive officially came from one within the Council of the Resolute, rested beside it on the polished wooden desk. Her chambers were, for the moment, silent and austere. Senator Terrison and her excitable and mischievous pet, Mr. Chilly, had left Aerana in peace after dutifully cleaning up the mess that resulted from their latest cooking escapade. The Empress shook her head slightly at the thought before returning her attention to the letter.

Aerana read over the missive once more, sapphire eyes carefully noting each word. Her expression was pensive as she finished scanning the final line. The words were passionate and valiant – a call to arms to remember and honor Theramore and to throw the yoke of the warmongering Horde off of the shores of Pandaria. Indeed, the words managed to stir within her own heart the urge to call forth the Military of the Empire to heed the Council’s call. And yet, she took a long moment to think past the words and to the repercussions that such an action would have.

The Senate had discussed Garrosh’s offensive in the Krasarang Wilds at length. Over time, the leading body of the Empire had come to the realization that, in order to manifest the Empire’s vision of peace, war would once more be required. The Empire had no place in a world where Garrosh’s hatred ran rampant. And so, the Soldiers of the Empire would heed the call of the Council and march forth with their allies. They would fight against those Horde who served Garrosh’s tyranny. Such a decision was never easily made, and yet all who sat upon the Senate agreed that it was necessary.

After receiving the missive, Aerana had penned a letter to General Larmont. Even now, Aerana remembered the carefully crafted words she had chosen to convey both the Council’s desire and the Senate’s agreement to this course of action.


General Larmont,

It is with a heavy heart and yet a clear vision that I write this. It is never easy to send those who stand beneath our banner forth to do war. And yet, as the Senate and the Council know well, there are times that we must. Please see to it that sufficient forces stand with the forces of the Council at the appointed time so that we might go forth with our allies to rid Pandaria's shores of those Horde who harbor Garrosh's hatred in their hearts and will, therefore, never allow peace to flourish. Only in this way might we serve our vision. Our Military must show its willingness in this, both for the sake of the vision and our alliance with the Council.

Forever in service to the Empire,
Empress Aerana Dantay


The appointed hour drew close. With a soft sigh, Aerana stood from her desk and slowly made her way to the window in her chambers. Clothed in her ceremonial white robes hemmed in golden thread, the Empress stared unseeingly over the rooftops below her. She reached a delicate hand to the opaque white guildstone that hung at her neck.

“General Larmont, I wish to speak with you when you have a moment to spare.”

She waited in silence for the General’s response. In her mind, Aerana could already hear the words that she had spoken so many times before when informing the Military of her impending actions.

'I cannot ask those in the Empire to do that which I would not do myself.' The Generals of the past would always try to convince her to refrain from such rash actions. And yet...

She would stand with the Council this night.
(( Hello everyone!

The Council of the Resolute is working on stirring up some more World PvP. To that end, we're trying to get our members together weekly for some fun in Krasarang Wilds. Last week, I heard that there weren't many Horde around, so I thought I'd advertise it a bit! Feel free to come out and join us. If we severely outnumber the Horde, we'll try to make it interesting by diverting our forces. Or maybe we'll send patrols off into other parts of the land.

There are no preordained objectives for this PvP, although we might come up with some ICly once we all gather together.

We're looking at roaming the Wilds around 9:30pm server time, tonight (and hopefully all Saturday evenings!). All we ask is that people come to have fun, prepare for a fight, and be okay dying (on both sides!). Good sportsmanship is important for events like these so that people have fun. We're not declaring Alliance dominance or anything like that - we're just some RPers that want to have fun together PvP'ing.

It should be noted that, unless specified by the individual RPers, no player-character will actually die in these events. Just thought I would clear that up beforehand!

We'd love to see some Horde resistance there tonight!

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! ))
((I have no PvP gear, but I was called there by friends. I saw names I knew, and fired off some /love's. Hope we gave you guys something to do. I had fun, and my Guild will definitely be up for more skirmishes in the future should you need willing targets.))
(( I'm so glad you had a good time, Alkaid! That was the goal! We would love to see you and your guild out there for more skirmishes. It provided a great RP opportunity for the Council and I hope that you guys had a chance to RP too. And don't worry about the gear. I'm not in the best gear either >.<!

Also, for future reference, when we outnumber the Horde, I'll try to get people to sit out. During some of the battles, I tried to remain hovering. I also didn't realize that Krasarang apparently has a bug of some sort (?). Maybe we can find ways to work around it! As always with large groups, it's hard to coordinate things perfectly, but we will learn!

Thank you again for participating. We all had a great time too! ))
((As far as I know all the bugs have been fixed, unless you are referring to the towers...those are intentional. It's scaled on server wide pop, rather then zone pop.))
(Was great fun, even if we did get beaten down a bit. Was nice to see your organization on the docks. It's been a long time since I've seen a wpvp event where it doesn't just look like a massive brawl.

...that rare elite hits hard, though. :c )
02/16/2013 10:16 PMPosted by Darethy
((As far as I know all the bugs have been fixed, unless you are referring to the towers...those are intentional. It's scaled on server wide pop, rather then zone pop.))

(( Ah, I had heard that some people were upset about that, but it's good to know that it's not a real bug and is only a mechanic. We'll try to see how we can work on that though so to make things a bit more balanced last time. ))

(Was great fun, even if we did get beaten down a bit. Was nice to see your organization on the docks. It's been a long time since I've seen a wpvp event where it doesn't just look like a massive brawl.

...that rare elite hits hard, though. :c )

(( I'm so glad you had fun! We had gathered at the docks because we wanted to give you guys some time to regroup, so we were RP'ing in the meantime. I think that, in time, we'll really work on our organization and everything. That's part of the fun thing about doing the PvP in an RP manner - it makes it more interesting in some ways.

We really appreciate you guys showing up and, like I said, we'll work on the numbers things a little more. I think someone suggested a little coordination between the factions might help out. I'm definitely open to that. At the same time, I want to keep it as free-flowing as possible because the goal is just to have fun with WPvP and not have it too scripted! ))
Wake up!
We're late, you're late.

((I wish I would have read this post earlier yesterday, I would have made it to the event. Perhaps next time. Thank you for getting this off the ground.))
It's supposed to be a weekly, COTR dust-up. Right now it's 'same time, same place', but we may try to find another location, too.

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