[Holy] So I'm 90... now what?

Hey guys, I took a break from WoW since mid-Cataclysm. This is my first 90, and I'm finding a lot of conflicting information on the internet regarding where and how to gear up (rep wise).

Heroics-- that's obvious, but what are some of the essential factions to rep first? Keep in mind I'll have an epic head piece from engineering, so that's not an issue. Thanks!
Well, you HAVE to grind the Golden Lotus rep to unlock Shado-Pan and Golden Lotus, but with 5.2 coming out soon with a new LFR and new reps I wouldn't bother too much.
I agree Golden Lotus is nice but it isn't so much a big deal now with the patch about to come out.

You can do shieldwall because they give I think a belt & ring I wanna say that is ilvl 496 which is higher then the other rep stuff.

But when the patch comes out this month you will be able to get ilvl 522 with valor.

So i would just focus on farming valor through heroics, golden lotus, shieldwall & maybe klaxxi since while killing in those zones u can get rep with the black prince quest line as well.
Golden lotus gives you a decent BP, and a Neck (489) item as a reward for completing the storyline. Klaxxi gives a ring (489) for getting exalted.

Once you get revered with GL, it opens Shado Pan & August Celestials. Both of which open up mounts (at exalted), if that is your thing.

GL, Klaxxi, and Tillers have the largest daily hubs for Valor generation, which in turn makes it easier to grab gear while you are building up ilvl.

Additionally, doing the Kras wilds quests, you can hit up the PVP rares for the trinkets down there, while building up Black Prince rep as well.

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