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I hear a lot of ppl complainging that Spyro and Crash are not in Playstation All Stars Battle Royal but I think there are two ppl who should be allowed in. Dart from Legend of Dragoon and Alex Mercer from Prototype

First Legend of Dragoon was one of the games that helped Playstation reach its glory days. Dart is one of the founding fathers of the PS saga and has a place alongside types like PaRappa and Sir Daniel. As such he should be allowed in the game

Prototype is not PS exclusive but neither is Bioshock. Besides Alex Mercer would be perfect in a fighting game. He has the brute force to stand up against powerhouses like Kratos and Big Daddy but at the same time he is fast enough to keep up with Raden and Cole
(We can also answer the age old question on who would win in a fight between Mercer and Cole)

here is my idea of the movesets for each


Dart will be mainly around combos pressing a button at the right time will boost the AP production of the strike

Tier 1 super: Shana appears and fires a single arrow that kills the first foe it hits

Tier 2 Super: Dart Tranforms into the fire Dragoon and flys whichever way he is facing, killing any foe he touches, until he hits a wall

Tier 3 super: Dart is infused with the Power of the Divine Dragon. He can then move feely aorund the stage klling foes with his sword, the Divine Dragon Gun, and the Divine Dragon Canon

Alex Mercer

Alex mercer is all about adapting. He can switch between his virus powers at will each one bringing a whole new playstyle to the table For example his claws will be fast weak attacks while his hammerfists will be slow but powerfult AOE attacks

Tier one super: Dashes forward, grabs a foe, and consumes him

Tier two super: Mercer summons a Brawler to the stage, Mercer is then free to move while the Brawler runs around insta killing people

Tier 3 super: Mercer uses a Devistator to kill all foes on screen.

Dart and Mecer would also make perfect rivals

1 they are both centered around the color red

2 both are average Joes who are gratned a great power

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