[A]. - WANTED: pvp'rs

Small group of friends who enjoy PVP are searching for 1 or 2 people who are pvp driven and enjoy team minded winning. All 4 of us have been playing since Vanilla, raiding and pvp'd through all the xpacs. Mature players.
What we currently have:
-Arms/Prot(FC) Warrior
-Disc/Shadow priest
-Fire/Frost mage
-Resto druid

What we're looking for : 1 or 2 players who are skilled/mature and have gear similar to ours, doesn't have to be outstanding and top tier. If you get online and are tired of BG'ing by yourself we're the people to come to.

IF you're a boss and you wanna come own it up look us up, you don't have to leave your arena team or guild just come to play hard.

IM us in game : Unblockable/Legday/Czechmated

any of us will add you

Look forward to speaking with anyone interested in gearing up next season and going for pvp achievements and fun nights in the BGs!!!
Hit us up!
You guys should have come to Kore :)
lol ewwwwwww TenX ewwww KORE!!! :P
wait u guys should come to ganksters pair of dice ;)
Or, they could just stay on alliance. Horde doesn't need anymore diseases.

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